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Last Updated on 8/13/2015 7:16:58 PM

Technical Sessions: Area 4

TS4a: Experience in Stakeholder Engagement and Decision Making 


Stakeholder Engagement: The UK Experience. T Bandle, J Croft 

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Early Stakeholder Involvement in Environmental Rulemaking for Uranium. M Boyd 

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Activities of the Moroccan Association of Radiation Protection as one African Experience in the Field of Associative Work. A Choukri

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Fukushima Facts: Science, Journalism and the Way Events are Perceived. A Margetic

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TS4b: Processes, Methodologies and Tools in Stakeholder Engagement



Public Participation in Decision Making on Nuclear Installations. C Turcanu 

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Comparison Between Two Local-National Forums for Emergency and Recovery Strategies. I Eikelmann 



Maximizing Public Engagement in Radiological Monitoring as a Means of Furthering Public Understanding of Ionizing Radiation. W Hartwell 

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Stakeholder-Managed Independent Review: A Local Committee’s Initiative to Assess the Radiological Impact of the Soulaines LILW Disposal Facility. P Dallemagne 



Moral Emotions and Risky Technologies: Including Moral Emotions In Risk:Communication And Political Decision Making. S Kaliarnta 



Tools and Techniques for Effective Message Mapping and Radiological Risk Communications with the Public During Radiological Emergencies. P Milligan

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