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Last Updated on 8/14/2015 3:04:24 PM

Technical Sessions: Area 8

TS8a: Waste Management: Policy/Strategy & Standards, Pre-disposal, Clearance & Exemption 


ICRP Recommendations on Radiological Protection in Geological Disposal of Long-lived Solid Radioactive Waste. W Weiss 






Radiological Assessments in Support of the UK Review of Exemption Orders for Radioactive Waste. K Jones 

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Comparison of Provisions for Exclusion and Exemption of NORM Radionuclides Associated with the Oil and Gas Industry in the North Sea. A Stackhouse 



Optimization of Management of Liquid Radioactive Waste Generated in Research and Education Centers. F Usera 

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TS8b: Waste Management: Discharges & Public Exposure Assessment, Waste Storage & Waste Disposal Facilities



The Importance And Uncertainties Of Parameters Related To The Radiological Analysis Of NORM For Use In Public Dose Assessments. D De Villiers 



Doses to Public Arising From the Use of Radioisotopes in Radionuclide Laboratories and Hospitals in Finland. S Hellsten 

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Radiological Protection Challenges of Retrieval of Legacy Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW) at the Solid Waste Plant B462 RSRL Harwell. A Carey

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Disposal Activities Within The IAEA Division Of Radiation, Transport And Waste Safety. G Bruno 



Radiological Impact Assessment in the LLWR’s 2011 Environmental Safety Case. R Cummings 

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