Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association

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Enhanced Topic Sessions (ETS):

  1. Advance in Human Phantom Technology
  2. Units and Measurement Quantities: Implications of Recommendations by ICRP and ICRU
  3. Eye Lens Exposure
  4. Safety/Security Interface Issues in Facilities and Source Control
  5. NORM in Industry
  6. Ethics and Culture in Medicine
  7. Recovery and Legacy Management
  8. Occupational Exposure


Code Paper Title Authors
T1.1.O342 Current progress and future challenges of Thyroid Ultrasound Examination
Program in Fukushima: The Fukushima Health Management Survey
Hiroki Shimura, Kenji Kamiya
T1.2-O0050 Adhesion molecules expression: Beta 1 integrin and ICAM-1 as potential markers of cutaneous radiation injuries induced by ionizing radiation overexposures Lendoiro N, de la Vega S, Portas M, Dubner D, Rossini A.
T1.2-O0176 Preclinical Model of Stereotactic Ablative Lung Irradiation Using Arc Delivery in the Mouse: Effect of Beam Size Changes and Dose Effect at Constant Collimation Annaïg Bertho, PhD, Morgane Dos Santos, PhD, Valérie Buard, BS, Vincent Paget, PhD, Olivier Guipaud, PhD, Georges Tarlet, BS,
Fabien Milliat, PhD, and Agne`s François, PhD
T1.4-P0736 Complementary laboratory and field studies demonstrate synergistic fitness costs of parasitism and radiation exposure to bumblebees Katherine Raines
T2.1-O0051 Proposed Guideline for dose assessment after exposure to I-131 in an accidental situation Lendoiro N, Cabitto M, Puerta Yepes N and Vázquez M.
T2.1-O0066 Neutron-gamma mixed field measurements in Hp(10) by means of a TLD600-TLD700 dosemeter pair SOSA VERA, Cristian; GUARIN CABRERA, Luis; ANDRES, Pablo
T2.1-O0244 Assessment of radiation dose to eye lens during RapidArc treatment of Head and Neck cancer patients Gourav Kumar Jain, Rajni Verma, Arun Chougule, Swati Kumari
T2.1-O0375 Internal dose assessment in occupational unexpected exposure to Xe-133 and Xe-
N. Puerta Yepes, M. Cabitto, N. Lendoiro, A. Chesini, S., Poletti and L. Bertelli
T2.1-O0545 Considerations on Potential Regulatory Actions for Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy: Monitoring Unwanted Radiation Exposure Abel Julio González
T2.1-O0628 Introduction of Mobile Dosimetry Laboratory in KHNP Seung Jin Choi, Hoon Choi, Seo Kon Kang, Jeong-In Kim
T2.1-O0970 Implementation of a triage monitoring program for internal exposure to short-lived radionuclides in Israel - Challenges and recommendations R. H. Shukrun, L. Epstein, J. Koch, D. Benmaman, L. Buchbinder, S. Cohen, M. Veinguer, H. Datz
T2.1-P0779 Comparative study of natural radionuclides measurements and radiation dose assessment using vehicle-borne and laboratory gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques in Thailand Chutima Kranrod, Supitcha Chanyotha, Phongphaegh Pengvanich, Rawiwan Kritsananuwat, Thamaborn Ploykrathok, Phongyut Sriploy, Masahiro Hosoda and Shinji Tokonami
T2.1-P0946 A systematic review of occupational radiation individual dose monitoring among healthcare workers exposed in Africa Arnaud A Gbetchedji, Gilles D Houndetoungan, Hubert C Hounsossou, Neige Journy, Nadia Haddy, Carole Rubino, Olivier Biaou, Daton Medenou, Kuassi M Amoussou-Guenou, Florent de Vathaire and Rodrigue S Allodji
T2.1-P1080 Radiation Survey of Tc-99m Occupational Exposure in a Tertiary Hospital in the Philippines Annette Regina T. Barizo and John Paul O. Bustillo
T2.1-P1093 Estimation of the skin exposure of the hands of workers handling selected radiopharmaceuticals using a finger dosimeter by applying a correction factor Hudzietzová, J, Fülöp, M, Sabol, J, Nikodemová, D, Povinec, P, Vondrák, A, Bacek, D, Vlk, P, and Foltínová, L.
T2.1-P1102 Exposure optimization caused by handling of radiopharmaceuticals M. Fülöp, M., J. Hudzietzová, J. Sabol, P. Povinec, A. Vondrák, A., P. Ragan, L. Foltínová
T2.1-P1106 Evaluation of the Effect of Filters on Reconstructed Image Quality from Cone Beam CT System B. N. Ha, B. T. Hung, T. T. Duong, T. K. Tuan, T. N. Toan
T2.1-P1167 Screening procedure and criteria for tritium, gross alpha, and gross beta counting in urine samples for radiation emergency Seokwon Yoon, Young-Woo Jin
T2.1-P1193 The 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association
(Multi-dimensional clustering of alpha particle-induced DNA double-strand breaks)
Ali Abu Shqair, and Eun-Hee Kim
T2.1-P1254 Emerging Challenges for the International System of Radiation Protection
Quantities and Units
Abel Julio González
T2.2-O0259 Monte Carlo simulations of a CZT detector for post accidental dosimetry Anna Selivanova, Jirí Hulka, Tomáš Vrba, and Irena Cešpírová
T2.2-O0297 IDAC-Radon, an internal dosimetry code for radon and its progenies using the new ICRP biokinetic models and specific absorbed fractions Martin Andersson, Rich Leggett, Anja Almén and Sören Mattsson
T2.2-O0684 Experimental validation of TG-43 brachytherapy dose calculation formalism for High Dose Rate Cobalt-60 brachytherapy source Rajni Verma, Arun Chougle, Gourav Kumar Jain, Golam Abu Zakaria
T2.2-P1063 VRdose-COSSAN Coupling for Uncertainty Management of Radiological Simulations Lucy Murray, Qasim Kapasi, and Bruno Merk
T2.2-P1155 Study of Atmospheric Dispersion Factors for Radiological Analysis at
Seung-Chan LEE
T2.2-P1156 Study of Iodine Spiking Phenomena in Pressurized Water Reactor in
Seung-Chan LEE1, and Tae-Woo KIM
T2.2-P1216 Individual dose assessment in 99m Tc GSA hepatic scintigraphy using a nine compartment biokinetic model K.D. Pham, K. Yamazaki , R. Nishii , K. Tani, O. Kurihara , K. Inoue , M. Fukushi, T. Higashi
T2.3-O0225 Development of innovative methods in radionuclide metrology for applications in natural resources and life sciences Hannah Wiedner
T2.3-O0279 A Novel Approach of Gamma Spectrum Anomaly Detection Base on Machine Learning Ri ZHAO, Liye LIU
T2.3-O0323 In-Situ Sample Analysis with Portable Gamma Spectrometers Willy Kaye, Michael Streicher, and Feng Zhang
T2.3-O0592 Development of Alpha Particle Detectors for Detecting Radiological Contamination Yuki Morishita1, Kenji Izaki, Junichi H. Kaneko, Mikio Higuchi, Ken Tamura, Hiroshi Usami, Hiroyuki Kikuchi, Wataru Utsugi, Shiro Takahira, and TatsuoTorii
T2.3-O0607 Activity standardization of 134Cs and 137Cs by 4πβ(LS)-γ coincidence counting method Agung Agusbudiman, Kyoung Beom Lee, Jong Man Lee, Sang Hoon Hwang
T2.3-O0623 Development of radioactivity measurement using isothermal calorimetric system by comparing with TDCR counter Young Jin Park, K.B. Lee, J.M.Lee, S.H. Hwang, D.H. Heo, B.J. Kim
T2.3-P0764 Comparison of experimental and MCNP6 results for a LUPIN-II neutron REM-meter at the UPM neutronics hall Roberto García-Baonza, Gonzalo F. García-Fernández, Eduardo Gallego, Lenin E. Cevallos-Robalino, Alfredo Lorente, Sviatoslav Ibáñez, and Hector R. Vega-Carrillo
T2.3-P0814 Monitoring and Analysis of Dose Rate and Gaseous Effluent Released from Radioactive Waste Installation in Indonesia A. Wijayanto, I. P. Susila
T2.3-P1227 Considerations of Calibration Interval of Radiation Survey Meters for Keeping the Accurate Detection Ability UkJae Lee, Hee Hoon Kim, Oryun Bae, Hee-Seock Lee
T2.4-O0107 Local Diagnostic Reference Levels for Digital Mammography: Two Hospitals Study in Northwest Nigeria B.S Hussain, I. Garba, F. Bello, K.S Nuhu, S. Mohammed, Y. Mansur, Y. Lawal
T2.5-O0298 The thoron issue: exhalation rate and interference with radon
measurements performed with passive radon dosemeters
Mauro Magnoni, Enrico Chiaberto, Massimo Faure Ragani
T2.5-O0358 Novel platform for detection of contaminants in the environment with high reliable spectroscopic measurements Massimo Venaruzzo, Matteo Corbo, Massimo Morichi and Francesco Rogo
T2.5-P0772 Airborne Be-7 and artificial Cs-137 radionuclides in mosses of Armenia Nona Movsisyan, Gevorg Tepanosyan, Lilit Sahakyan, Konstantin Pyuskyulyan, Garri Demirtchyan, Olga Belyaeva, Armen Saghatelyan
T2.5-P1211 Reporting absorbed dose rate in air from Southern part of Ibaraki prefecture related to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident Hiroshi Tsurouka, Kazumasa Inoue, Nimelan Veerasamy, Makato Fujisawa and Masahiro Fukushi
T2.5-P1223 Methods for improving the detection capabilities of environmental radioactivity measurements in the light of increased atmospheric radioactivity levels in 2020 Dorottya Jakab, Zsuzsa G. Endrödi, Tamás Pázmándi and Péter Zagyvai
T2.5-P1231 A transport of inorganic particulate matter in size-classified aerosols attached by 7Be in the atmosphere in Osaka, Japan Noithong Pannipa, Hisakazu Muramatsu, Tatsuhide Hamasaki, Chantaraprachoom Nanthapong, Rittirong Anawat, and Ryuta Hazama
T2.5-P1252 Estimation of thoron exhalation rate using LR-115 based passive technique. N.Chitra, S. Bala Sundar, V.Subramanian, R.Venkatesan, M.T. Jose, and B. Venkatraman
T3.1-O0124 Development of Guidelines on Radiation Protection for the Lens of the Eye in Japan Sumi Yokoyama, Satoshi Iwai, Norio Tsujimura, Makoto Hashimoto, Hiroshi Yoshitomi, Masahiro Kato, Tadahiro Kurosawa, Hideo Tatsuzaki, Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Yasuhiro Koguchi, Koji Ono, Masahumi Akiyoshi, Naoki Kunugita, Masahiro Natsuhori, Yoshinori Natsume, Kuniaki Nabatame, Tsunenori Kawashima, Shunji Takagi and Kazuko Ohno
T3.1-O0197 Issues to be Discussed Regarding Application of Conformity Assessment Using Upper Confidence Level of Measurement to Radiological Safety Regulations Takatoshi Hattori
T3.1-O0386 Operational indications and self-assessment checklist for internal audits in cyclotron
facilities – an Italian experience
Contessa G.M., D’Avanzo M.A., Cocomello G., Mattozzi M., Pacilio M., Sandri S., Campanella F.
T3.1-O0597 Protection against ionizing radiation vis-à-vis Protection against non-ionizing radiation: Different approaches Rodolfo Touzet and Abel Julio González
T3.1-P1048 Current Status of Recommendations for International Radiation Protection in Republic of Korea Minkyung Kim, Bokhyoung Lee, Hyunwoo Kim, Kwangho Lee, Younjin Par1, Jeongsoo Kang
T3.2-O0559 Knowledge and Practice of Justification of Medical Exposures Amont Medical and Dental Practitioners in Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria Joseph Dlama .Z .,Abdullahi, O. Jelila., Garba Idris and Flavious Nkubli
T3.3-O0632 Quality assurance as a tool for optimization of radiation protection in diagnostic radiology in two tertiary hospitals in low-middle income country Moi A.S, Nzotta C.C, Joseph D.Z, Nkubli B.F, Abubakar M.G, Nwobi I.C
T3.6-O0182 Case Studies on the Regulation and Management of Radioactivity in Drinking Water Thato Molokwe1, Margaret Mkhosi, and Ian Korir
T3.7-O0172 Radiation safety issues regarding X-ray emittable devices below 10 kV applied voltage Ichiro Yamaguchi, Koji Ono, and Naoki Kunugita
T3.8-O0083 Education and Training of RPOs in the Netherlands – beyond EU 2013/59 Hielke Freerk Boersma, Arjo Bunskoeke and André Zandvoort
T3.8-O0151 Radiation Protection in Suriname – report on a mission by the Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS) Hielke Freerk Boersma, Whitney Coulor, Gert Jonkers and Bas Vianen
T3.8-P0728 Radiation Sources Fabricated from Tea Leaf and Educational Trial Takao KAWANO, Hiromi KOIKE and Takeshi IIMOTO
T3.8-P1035 7th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection (ETRAP): ONLINE, 23 – 26 March 2021 Hielke Freerk Boersma en Arjo Bunskoeke
T3.A-O0532 Radiation Protection and Climate Ethics, and the Case for New Nuclear Build Projects Troy Fielder, and Peter Bryant
T3.B-O0214 Bo Lindell's History of Radiation, Radioactivity and Radiological Protection Jack Valentin, Christopher H Clement
T3.B-O0590 The Society for Radiological Protection (UK) Workstreams on Communicating Radiation Risk - Developing tools and guidance for the profession Amber Bannon and Peter Bryant
T3.B-O0596 Argentine Radiation Protection Young Professionals Network (RedSARJoven) Engaging the New Generation Cinthia Papp, Nora Mohamad, Marina Di Giorgio and Ana María Bomben
T3.C-O0380 Radiation Protection Practitioners – Influencing the future Mary Allan
T3.D-P1040 The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan of the Spanish Society of Radiological Protection (SEPR) P. Carmena, M. Ginjaume, M. Herranz, J. Tenajas, and R. Torres
T4.1-O0688 How radiation protection issues influence the design of a clinical facility for accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Chiara Magni
T4.2-O0089 Molecular changes in population occupationally exposed to low-dose ionizing radiation: interventional radiology unit teams Marko Geric, Jelena Popic, Goran Gajski and Vera Garaj-Vrhovac
T4.2-O0461 Design of radiological area monitoring in compact proton therapy centers (CPTC) (Operational Radiation Protection in CPTC) Gonzalo F. García-Fernandez, Eduardo Gallego, José Mª Gómez-Ros, Héctor R. Vega-Carrillo, Karen A. Guzman-García, Roberto García-Baonza, Lenin E. Cevallos-Robalino, Eduardo Fuentes Hernández
T4.2-P0763 Impact on dosimetry of occupationally exposed individuals on the patientmanagement for PET/MRI studies: a comparison study with dosimetry on PET/CT Emerson N. Itikawa, Heber S. Videira, Uysha S. Fonda, Priscila S. Pires, Ivani Bortoleti, Maria Inês C. C. Guimarães, Carlos A. Buchpiguel
T4.2-P0873 Analysis of scattering rays and shielding efficiency through lead shielding for 0.511 MeV gamma rays DG. Jang., S-O. Yang
T4.2-P1255 Considerations on Potential Regulatory Actions for Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy: Monitoring Unwanted Radiation Exposure Abel Julio González
T4.4-O0221 Three Four Years of Experience Treating Patients with Lutathera®
(Lutetium, Lu-177, dotatate)
Kendall Berry, MSPH, CMLSO, Bryan Edwards, BS, and Jessica Kendrick, MS
T4.4-O0585 Radiation protection study in Intraoperative Radiotherapy: calculation of peripheral dose around a Mobetron using Monte Carlo simulations Belén Cabañero, Belén Juste, Rafael Miró, Gumersindo Verdú
T4.4-P1015 Release Criteria of Treated Animals with Radionuclides Sang Hyun Park, Jiyoung Kim, Min Chul Song
T4.B-P0956 Radiological risk perception in medicine: current issues and challenges found in a national survey Pablo ANDRES, Cristian SOSA VERA, Fiorela MERMA VELASCO, Alexis MELANO CHÁVEZ, and Astrid BENGTSSON
T4.D-O0023 A holistic approach for risk analysis in therapeutic nuclear medicine in Cuba Zayda Haydeé Amador Balbona, Antonio Torres Valle, and Teresa Alejandra Fundora Sarraf
T4.D-O0097 Clinical Indication Based Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLci) for Contrast Radiography Examinations: A Guide for Radiation Safety culture and good clinical practice Joseph, Dlama Zira, Nkubli, Flavious Boboin, Moi ,Silas Alhamdu, Nzotta and Chukwuemeka Christian
T5.1-P0774 Quick-Erect Stopping System (QESS) for Miners to Prevent High Radon Exposures Jörg Dehnert, Jens Stopp, Peter Windisch, and Bernd Schönherr
T5.2-O0242 Identification and Assessment of the Hazards in a Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility H.A.ELSAYED
T5.3-O0078 Preventive Checking of Nuclear Fuel Rods J.L.T.M. Moret, H.J. van Doorn, and W.J.C. Okx
T5.3-P1149 Dose Assessment for OPR1000 during Loss of Spent-fuel-pool cooling KYUNGHO NAM Seung Chan LEE
T5.3-P1249 A framework to understand and model the dynamics of safety management in the operation of a nuclear reactor. Gregorio Acuña, Marcelo Oscar Giménez, Marcelo Caputo, Marisa Sánchez
T5.4-O0431 The radiological source terms in a nuclear fusion experimental facility Sandri S., Contessa G.M., Guardati M., Mariano G., Villari R.
T5.4-P0045 Dose Assessment to Workers from Accidents in Industrial Gamma Radiography Mujuni Rweyemamu and Juyoul Kim
T5.4-P1191 Analysis of the Status of the Facilities Used for Radiographic Testing in KOREA Jin Ho Park, Sang In Bak, Inchang Choi, and Sang Min Lee
T5.4-P1256 Radioactivity in Goods Supplied for Public Consumption or Use: Towards an Internationally Harmonized Regulatory Framework Abel Julio González
T5.5-O0019 Holistic approach for radiological risk assessment in the transport of radioactive material in Cuba Zayda Haydeé Amador Balbona, Antonio Torres Valle, and Niurka González Rodríguez
T5.6-O0497 Comparative dose rate assessment for VVR-S Nuclear Research Reactor Hot Cells decontamination C. Tuca, A. Pavelescu A. Zorliu and M. Dragusin
T5.6-P1082 Radioactivity Monitoring for the Structure of Kori Unit 1 Hong Joo AHN, Tack-Jin Kim, Sung Bin PARK, Jae-Kwang LEE, and Jongtae JEONG
T5.7-O0140 On Permanent Geologic Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel: What can UAE Geology Offer? Waddah T. Alhanai
T5.7-O0357 An innovative platform allowing digitization of operative Radioprotection measurements and to characterize NORM, TENORM and nuclear waste Massimo Venaruzzo, Andrea Pepperosa, Massimo Morichi and Francesco Rogo
T5.7-P0822 A Review of Transfer Parameters of I, Cs and Pu (2) -Concentration Ratios in Freshwater and Marine Fish- Makoto Hirayama, Yukiko Fukaya, Sun Syi, Takeshi Sugiyama, Keiko Tagami, and Shigeo Uchida
T5.7-P0825 A Review of Transfer Parameters of I, Cs and Pu (3) -Concentration Ratios of I and Pu in Marine Biota- Keiko Tagami, Makoto Hirayama, Yukiko Fukaya, and Shigeo Uchida
T5.7-P0831 A Review of Transfer Parameters of I, Cs and Pu (1) -Feed Transfer Coefficients in Cow’s Milk- Yukiko Fukaya, Siyi Sun, Makoto Hirayama, Takeshi Sugiyama, Keiko Tagami and Shigeo Uchida
T5.7-P1194 A Preliminary Study on Passive Neutron Emission Tomography to Safeguard PWR Spent Fuels in Dry Storage Wonjong Song, Sungmin Kim, Kyung Taek Lim, and Heejun Chung
T6.1-P0561 The Study on the Quantitative Analysis of the Uranium Oxides Samples using Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Woojin Kim, Jaeyeong Jang
T6.2-O0141 Disaster Management and Control: A Stochastic Process Approach Waddah T. Alhanai
T6.2-O0152 Estimation of external gamma doses from deposited radionuclide on inhabited areas of Korea Hae Sun Jeong, Jo Eun Lee, Cheol Woo Lee, Eun Han Kim, Won Tae Hwang, and Moon Hee Han
T6.2-O0626 On-site Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness of KHNP Seung Jin Choi , Moo Hyun Choi , Young Hoon Song
T6.2-P1168 Dose Reduction Factor of Decontamination for the Use in Dose Assessment after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident Shogo Takahara, Jun Hirouchi and Masatoshi Watanabe
T6.3-P0288 Development of a Radiological Safety and Security Risk Index: Pathway Analysis Example Jason Harris, Emily Bragers
T6.3-P0828 Developing a Remote Mapping Device for Radiation Monitoring and Investigation Myungsoo Kim, Dongyeong Kim, Jihye Seo, Ju Young Jeon, Sungmin Kim, Hyonsock Chang, Baekil Seong, and Heejun Chung
T6.B-O0246 The perception of actual and potential nuclear accidents in France (1986-2018) Ludivine Gilli, Cynthia Réaud
T6.B-P1196 Can correct knowledge ease people’s anxiety about radiation effects on the next generations after the FDNPP accident? Seiko Hirota, Chihiro Nakayama, Shinji Yoshinaga, and Seiji Yasumura
T7.1-O0181 Indoor Radon Research conducted in South Africa from 1980s – To date (2019): A Review Atsile Ocwelwang, Cynthia Sethabela, Manny Mathuthu, Paballo Moshupya
T7.1-O0496 Planned approach for indoor radon mapping in the West Rand Region, South Africa Paballo Moshupya
T7.1-O0633 Application of the Closed Compartment Model (CCM) to a radon source characterization A. Noverques, M. Sancho, B. Juste, G. Verdú
T7.1-P0629 Comparison of different methods of measuring the radon equilibrium factor J.E. Martínez, B. Juste, G. Verdú
T7.1-P0693 Influence of type of activated carbon and water adsorbed by the material on adsorption capacity of radon: preliminary test B. Ruvira, B. Garcia-Fayos, B. Juste, J.M. Arnal and G.Verdú
T7.4-P1215 Assessment of Natural Radioactivity and Chemical Composition of Cement produced in South Korea Kishore B. Dasari, Gwang-Min Sun, and Hana Cho
T7.A-O0471 Applied Ethics and Decision Making: Utilizing Decision Making Models with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund Site as a Case Study Lisa Manglass, and Nicole Martinez