Uruguayan Society of Radioprotection

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The Uruguauan Society of Radioprotection was created on June 6th, 2007 as a non-profit civil society. Its objectives are:
a) To promote and disseminate among its members, knowledge of the basic principles of radiation protection, the safe use of radioactive substances and sources of ionizing radiation, and the protection of man and his environment,
b) To promote among its members the exchange with national and international institutions of knowledge and information in the field of radiation protection and related issues,
c) To promote technical and scientific progress of its members, seeking continuous improvement of the academic level,
d) To organize, sponsor and participate in scientific-technical events related to radiation protection,
e) To promote the publication and dissemination of works of interest to the society in various fields of application of radiation protection
f) To act nationally and internationally as a consultative body, on issues involving aspects of radiological protection
g) To join international agencies and institutions whose aims and objectives are similar to those of this Association.