Spanish Society of Radiological Protection


The Spanish Society of Radiological Protection (Sociedad Española de Protección Radiológica, SEPR) is a scientific and technical association whose function is the scientific promotion and the disclosure of radiological protection.

Founded in 1980, it aims to bring together all professionals in this field and offer a space for dialogue, information and participation among its members, society as a whole and companies and institutions, public and private, related to the peaceful use of ionizing radiation.

The SEPR is affiliated with the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and participates actively in its activities, as well as in its governing bodies. In addition, it maintains a close relationship with twin companies in other countries and with the most relevant international organizations in the field, such as ICRP, IAEA, WHO, NEA-OECD.

The SEPR is an independent, non-profit organization that does not represent economic or other interests, except of a strictly scientific and professional nature. It is characterized by a high degree of multidisciplinarity, reflected in the distribution by sectors of its partners.

Members of the Governing Body

President: Maria Antonia Lopez
Immediate-Past-President: Eduardo Gallego
Vice-President: Fernando Sierra
Secretary: Roci­o Escudero

General Assembly Delegates

2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Borja Bravo
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Antonio Gil
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Merce Ginjaume
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Paloma Marchena
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Teresa Ortiz
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Eduardo Sollet