Australasian Radiation Protection Society


About ARPS

The Australian Radiation Protection Society was founded in 1975 and has more than 250 members engaged in radiation protection activities. Members are engaged in a variety of activities designed to ensure the safe use of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for a wide variety of applications, in medicine, pure and applied science, industry and mining.

The Society was renamed the Australasian Radiation Protection Society in 1997 to reflect the increasing involvement of members from outside of Australia, particularly from New Zealand.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the society is to promote the principles, and practice of radiation protection, and to this end it seeks to:

  • Establish, and maintain professional standards of radiation protection practice
  • Encourage co-operation among persons engaged in radiation protection activities
  • Provide for and give support to scientific meetings on topics related to radiation protection
  • Encourage publications in the field of radiation protection.

General Assembly Delegates

2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Brad Cassels
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Jim Hondros
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Tony Hooker
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Cameron Jeffries