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Stories in the media demonstrate that the general public has a poor understanding of radiation risk. IRPA believes that one of the responsibilities of the Associate Societies of IRPA is to inform the public about radiation risk. IRPA encourages the Associate Societies of IRPA to develop effective means of enhancing public understanding of radiation risk in their regions of the world through the sharing of good practices, ideas and resource material.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a library of good practice activities on public understanding of radiation risk. These activities are developed by the Associate Societies themselves and shared here to serve as examples for each other and to provide a point of contact for each identified good practice. Each of the links below contains information on how to contact the host Associate Society for each identified good practice. IRPA Associate Societies are strongly encouraged to develop websites or materials on their own webpage aimed at increasing public understanding of radiation risk.  This webpage is intended to be a living document and will be continually edited and updated. As Associate Societies develop their own materials to enhance the public understanding of radiation risk, they are encouraged to share their materials with other Associate Societies through this webpage by sending the subject title and URL link to Richard Vetter (


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