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IRPA 4 Paris, April 1977

April 1977, Paris, France


 J2-41 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Spark Counting Technique With an Aluminium Oxide Film (136 Kb)  Kawai H. Koga T. Morishima H. Nishiwaki Y. Niwa T.
 P4-48 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Cancer pulonaires induits chez le rat par irradiation interne alpha; cellules cibles et cellules sensibles. (209 Kb)  CHAMEAUD J. FRITSCH P. LAFUMA J. MASSE R. METIVIER H. MORIN M. NOLISE D PERRAUD R.
 P4-53 129 kb 2012-11-06
 A Newly Established Course in Radiation Protection for Veterinary and Agricultural Post-Graduates (129 Kb)  MIDDELBOE V.
 P4-65 662 kb 2012-11-06
 The Time Factor in Carcinogenesis (661 Kb)  MAYNEORD W. V.
 P4-64 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Estimations for radioactive cis-Dichlorodiammine Platium (195m) II - A New Radiopharmaceutical (155 Kb)  MANAKA R.C. SCHLESINGER T. WOLF W.
 P4-63 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Early Clearance of Inhaled Radiocobalt (166 Kb)  JARVELA G.L. RICHMOND J.S. RIEL G.
 P4-62 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Estimations for Individual Human Organs (169 Kb)  PACYNA J.M.
 P4-61 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence des caractéristiques granulométriques sur l'évolution théorique des excrétions urinaire et fécale du plutonium inhalé. (111 Kb)  BEAU P. MENOUX B. NENOT J.C
 P4-60 209 kb 2012-11-06
 The In Vivo Solubility of Plutonium-239 Produced in Plutonium-Sodium Aerosols (209 Kb)  HAM G.J. LOVELESS B.W. SMITH H. STRADLING G.N.
 P4-59 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Observation directe du dépot des aérosols marqués dans l'arbre respiratoire du rat. (129 Kb)  DUPORT Ph PEYRAUD C. RENOUX A.
 P4-58 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Factors Which Alter the Parameters for Evaluating Internal Exposure (146 Kb)  MAEDA K. MATSUBARA J.
 P4-57 142 kb 2012-11-06
 A Comprehensive Model for Retention of Exotic Nuclides (142 Kb)  KATOH K. MATSUBARA J.
 P4-56 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Improvements in Deposition Models for Estimating Dose Distribution from Inhaled Aerosols (166 Kb)  BELL K. MARTONEN T.B. PHALEN R.F. RAABE O.G.
 P4-55 270 kb 2012-11-06
 L'énergie nucléaire et l'opinion publique : Emergence d'un mythe (270 Kb)  AGRAFIOTIS D. DELARMINAT E. MORLAT G. PAGES J.P.
 P4-54 246 kb 2012-11-06
 Information Services in Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Controversies (246 Kb)  GAINES M.J. RICHINGS L.D.G.
 P4-52 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Formation du personnel des centrales nucléaires en radioprotection (141 Kb)  BROSSON M. LAMBINON Y.
 P4-51 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Health Physics Assistant - A Special Training in Health Physics in the Federal Republic of Germany (116 Kb)  KIEFER H. KOELZER W.
 P4-50 205 kb 2012-11-06
 The System of Training and Further Education Radiation Protection in the GDR. (204 Kb)  NEUMEISTER K. SITZLACK G.
 P4-49 252 kb 2012-11-06
 Training in Radiological Protection in the United Kingdom. (251 Kb)  BENNELLICK E.J. RICHINGS L.D.G.
 P4-47 210 kb 2012-11-06
  Cancer pulonaires induits chez le rat par irradiation interne alpha; cellules cibles et cellules sensibles. (209 Kb)  CHAMEAUD J. FRITSCH P. LAFUMA J. MASSE R. METIVIER H. MORIN M. NOLISE D PERRAUD R.
 P4-46 597 kb 2012-11-06
 Respiratory Tract Carcinogenesis in Large and Small Experimental Following Daily Inhalation of Radon Daugthers and Uranium Ore Dust. (596 Kb)  DAGLE G.E. FILIPY R.E. MC DONALD K.E. STUART B.O. PALMER R.F.
 P4-45 230 kb 2012-11-06
 The Role of Animal Toxicity Sutdies in the Evaluation of Human Health Risks from Internally Deposited Transuranics (230 Kb)  THOMPSON R.C.
 P4-44 194 kb 2012-11-06
 Effet de l'état immunitaire sur les cancers pulmonaires induits par l'oxyde de plutonium. (194 Kb)  LAFUMA J. MASSE R. METIVIER H. NOLISE D.
 P4-43 280 kb 2012-11-06
 Etude expérimentale des différents effets observés après inhalation de radioéléments émétteurs alpha. Relation Dose - Effet. (279 Kb)  LAFUMA J MASSE R. METIVIER H. MORIN M. NENOT J.C. NOLISE D. PONCY J.L.
 P4-42 130 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effect of Chemical Protection on the Postirradiation Recovery of Systems Responsable for ''Marrow'' or ''Intestinal'' Syndromes in Mammals (129 Kb)  PLOTNIKOVA C.D.
 P4-41 100 kb 2012-11-06
 Modification of Radiosensitivity of DNA-Membrane Complexex in Mammalian Cells by Means of Protectors. (99 Kb)  CHIZHOV A.Y. RONIN M.Y. STRAZHEVSKAYA N.B. STRELKOV R.B. STRUCHKOV V.A.
 P4-40 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Prospective Effect of High Concentrations of Vitamin C on the Radiation Response of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells. (141 Kb)  MALONE J.F. MORIARTY M. MULGREW S. O'CONNOR M.K.
 P4-39 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Chromosome Damages Induced by Low Radiation Doses. Protection and Sensibilization (112 Kb)  GANASSI E.E.
 P4-38 102 kb 2012-11-06
 To the Action Mechanisms of Bioprotectors (102 Kb)  AKOEV I.G. ALEKSEEVA L.V. KUDRYAVTZEVA A.A. TYAZHELOVA V.G.
 P4-37 158 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effect of Radioprotecteurs and Ionizing Radiation on the cAMP System (157 Kb)  CHIRKOV Y.Y. GONCHARENKO E.N. KYDRYASHOV Y.B. OREKHOV A.N. SOBOLEV A.S.
 P4-36 347 kb 2012-11-06
 Automatisation du Caryotype au moyen d'un appareillage spécialisé de traitement d'images. (347 Kb)  DE COSNAC B. KHOCHTINAT N. LE GO R. SAINT-JEAN P.
 P4-35 120 kb 2012-11-06
 Exoemissive Properties of a Mixture of Aluminium Oxydes in Alpha and Beta Phases : Dosimetry Applications (119 Kb)  HOLZAPFEL G. PETEL M.
 P4-34 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Preparation and dosimetric Properties of BeO Discs Using Thermally Stimulated Exoelectron Emission. (137 Kb)  MURTHY K.B.S. SOMAN S.D. SUNTA C.M.
 P4-33 110 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron Dosimetry by the Spak-Replica Counter With and Without Etching (109 Kb)  TOMMASINO L.
 P4-32 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on the Charcateristics of Nuclear Track Spark Counting (130 Kb)  KAWAI H. KOGA T. MORISHIMA H. NISHIWAKI Y. NIWA T.
 P4-31 91 kb 2012-11-06
 Perspectives for Using Lyoluminescence in Photon and Fast Neutron Fields (91 Kb)  PUITE K.J.
 P4-30 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Lyoluminescence Dosimetry With sensitizers (125 Kb)  BUCHAN G. ETTINGER K.V. MALLARD J.R. TAKAVAR A.
 P4-29 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimeters Response of Some Biochemicals Used as Lyoluminescent Dosimeters (170 Kb)  ETTINGER K.V. MALLARD J.R. ROWE R.W. SEPHTON J. TAKAVAR A.
 P4-28 141 kb 2012-11-06
 Thermoluminescent Beta Dosimetry for Routine Personnel Monitoring (140 Kb)  BENKO L. BIRO T. UCHRIN G.Y.
 P4-27 142 kb 2012-11-06
 A Two Temperature Readout of Thermoluminescent Lif, Its Properties and Uses for Personnel Dosimetry (142 Kb)  BUDD T. CHURCHILL W.C. DOUGLAS J.A. MARSHALL M.
 P4-26 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of Doses in the Imrad Range by Means of Lif, Caf2 and CaSo4 Dosimeters and Determination of the Response of Lif and CaF2 (111 Kb)  AIGINGER H. ERATH W. VANA N.
 P4-25 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Stabilité de divers sulfates de calcium RTL destinés aux mesures d'environnement (168 Kb)  LORRAIN S. PIAGGIO-BONSI R. PORTAL G.
 P4-24 161 kb 2012-11-06
 TLD and RPL Dosemeter Performance Criteria for Environmental Monitoring based on type Tests and Long-Term Experience (160 Kb)  BURGHKARDT B. PIESCH E.
 P4-23 104 kb 2012-11-06
 Absorption of X-Rays With Roentgen Diagnostic Energies in Thermoluminescence Dosemeters (103 Kb)  KRAGH P.
 P4-22 123 kb 2012-11-06
 The Response of Some Thermoluminescent Materials to Neutrons (122 Kb)  MEDIONI R. PESCAYRE G. PORTAL G. SPURNY F.
 P4-21 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Preliminary Results on the Use of a High Output Automatic Reader for Personal Radiothermoluminescent Dosimeters (116 Kb)  BLANCHARD Ph. CHENAULT R. PORTAL G. PRIGENT R.
 P4-20 399 kb 2012-11-06
 A Microprocessor Controlled TL Dosimetry System (399 Kb)  CHAMBERLAIN J. SHOFFNER B.M. SHRADER E.F. SZALANCZY A.
 P4-19 110 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of Decontamination Treatment in Prophylaxis of Irradiation at Conditions of Radiocontamination of Normal and Damaged Skin. (109 Kb)  MARKOVIC P. MILIVOJEVIC K. STAJIC J. STOJANOVIC D. ZIVANOVIC A.
 P4-9 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Decorporation of 241Am and 252Cf by Ca-DTPA from Rat, Syrian and Chinese Hamster (126 Kb)  SEIDEL A.
 P4-18 103 kb 2012-11-06
 Removal of Plutonium from Rats by Prolonged Administration of Chelating Agents (103 Kb)  GEMENETZIS E. VOLF V.
 P4-17 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Efficiency of Decontamination of 169ybc1 3 by DTPA Adminitered by Various Routes and Methods in Mice (123 Kb)  NAHARIN A.
 P4-16 182 kb 2012-11-06
 IRPA IVth International Congress, Paris, France 1977. DTPA Research at the University of Utah (181 Kb)  BOSEMAN J. CALDER S.E. FISCHER D.R. LLYOD R.D. MAYS C.W. MC FARLAND S.S. TAYLOR G.N.
 P4-15 150 kb 2012-11-06
  Aspects of Chelation Chemistry of Transuranium Elements for Their Removal from Body (150 Kb)  HAFEZ M.B. HAFEZ N. ROUSHDY H.M.
 P4-14 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Early Detection of Radiation-Induced Cell Membrane Alterations by Lectin-Binding (115 Kb)  CSAKY L. KOTELES G.J. KUBASOVA T. SZTANYIK L.B. VARGA L.
 P4-13 157 kb 2012-11-06
  Utilisation des analyses chromosoniques pour l'estimation d'une dose d'irradiation accidentelle chez l'homme   (156 Kb)  BOURGUIGNON M. DOLOY M.T. DUCATEZ G. LE GO R. LE PETIT J.
 P4-12 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Chromosal Aberration in Persons Occupationally Exposed to X-Rays (127 Kb)  KILIBARDA M. MARKOVIC B. PANOV D.
 P4-11 236 kb 2012-11-06
 Clinical Examinations of the Human Skin Exposed to Low-Level Irradiation (235 Kb)  LENZ U. SCHUTTMANN W.
 P4-10 438 kb 2012-11-06
 Medical Modification of Human Acute Radiation Injury (437 Kb)  WALD N. WATSON K.A.
 P4-8 112 kb 2012-11-06
  Essais de traitement des irradiations abdominales aigues chez le porc. (111 Kb)  DABURON F.
 P4-7 181 kb 2012-11-06
 Etude au moyen des spectres cellulaires de réparation érythrocytaire et du remodalage des réticulocytes après irradiation totale. (181 Kb)  GENEST L. LE GO A. LE GO R. MALARBET J.L. PRUDHOMME J.
 P4-6 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiobiological Effects of Joint Action ofF Alpha Radiation/Po210/and Quartz Dust in the Rats Respiratory and Renal System (143 Kb)  KILIBARDA M. NOVAK L.J. PANOV D. VISNJIC V.
 P4-5 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Protective Aspect of Mitotic Division Delay (122 Kb)  AKOEV I.G. TYAZHELOVA V.G.
 P4-4 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Evolution au long cours de la reprise immunitaire chez le rat irradié à dose moyenne et forte. (124 Kb)  CASTELNAU L. GENEST L. LE GO R. MALARBET J.L. PRUDHOMME J. VEYRAT M.
 P4-3 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Etudes des effets d'irradiation gamma chronique et continue à faible débit de dose sur la longévité des souris nues athymiques et hétérozygotes (172 Kb)  LAFUMA J. MASSE R. METIVIER H. NOLISE D. PORTAL G.
 P4-2 392 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose-Effect Relationships for Life Shortening, Tumorigenesis, and Systemic Injuries in Mice Irradiated With Fission Neutron of 60Co Gamma Radiation (392 Kb)  AINSWORTH E.J. BORAK T.B. BRENNAN P.C. CROUSE D.A. FRY R.J.M. RUST J.H. S
 P4-1 343 kb 2012-11-06
 Basic Principles for the Limitation of Releases of Radioactive Substances Into the Environment (343 Kb)  LINDELL B.
 P3-98 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Patient Doses in Paediatric radiology (33 Kb)  CHRISPIN A.R. FITZGERALD M. RIOCREUX M.
 P3-97 128 kb 2012-11-06
  Measurement of the Gonad Dose of Infants During X-Ray Examination of the Hip (127 Kb)  HARRANEK Ch. KREPLER P. VANA N.
 P3-96 107 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection of the Human embryo in X-Ray Examinations (107 Kb)  HERSTEL W.
 P3-95 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioprotection of Patients in Radiotherapy : The Gonadal Doses Resulting from Treatments at Electron Accelerators (158 Kb)  HASSENSTEIN E. NUESSLIN F.
 P3-94 113 kb 2012-11-06
 New Results Regarding Gonadal Exposure in Urologic X-Ray Diagnostics (113 Kb)  BARKE R.
 P3-93 74 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Method to Assess the Gonadal Doses in Women During Radiation treatment (73 Kb)  AGRAWAL M.S. PANT G.C.
 P3-92 173 kb 2012-11-06
  The Mean Active Bone Marrow Dose to the Adult Population of the United States from Diagnostic Radiology (172 Kb)  JOHNSON D.W. SHLEIEN B. TUCKER T.T.
 P3-91 155 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Concept of Estimation of Doses Received by Patients During X-Ray Examinations (155 Kb)  JANKOWSKI J.
 P3-90 67 kb 2012-11-06
 Patient Dose in Diagnostic X-Ray Examinations : Use of the Rando Phantom and a Desk-Top Computer (67 Kb)  ARCHER B.R. BUSHONG S.C. GLAZE S.A.
 P3-89 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Absorbed Dose to the Patient by Computerized Whole Body X-Ray Tomography (140 Kb)  KRAUSS 0. SCHUMACHER H.
 P3-88 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Organ Doses and Integral Doses in X-Ray Diagnosis of the Chest and of the Head (129 Kb)  HASL G. PAULY H. SCHMIDT Th.
 P3-87 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Nationwide Evaluation of Trends in X-Ray Exposure of Medical Patients in Israel (151 Kb)  DONAGI A. LESER Y. LICHTER A. NAVE M.
 P3-86 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Exposure of the Italian Population Due to Medical Diagnostic Examinations in 1975 (155 Kb)  BENASSAI S. CURATOLO M. DOBICI F. INDOVINA P.L. PUGLIANI L. SALVADORI P.
 P3-85 228 kb 2012-11-06
 Patient Exposures in Swedish Diagnostic Radiology (227 Kb)  ABERG L. BENGTSSON G. BERGMAN K. BLOMGREN P.G.
 P3-84 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Mass Health Physics Survey Techniques for Reduction of Population Exposure Through Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology (178 Kb)  DALE E. HOWLAND W.J. HYKES D.L. JOHNSON R.G. STARCHMAN D.E.
 P3-83 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Two Successful Action Programs for Dose Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology (169 Kb)  GROSS R.E.
 P3-82 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Quality Control Workshops in Nuclear Medicine (175 Kb)  HAMILTON D.R. PARAS P. VAN TUINEN R.
 P3-76 119 kb 2012-11-06
 Population Dose Due to Terrestrial Radiation and Due to Natural Radionuclides in Phosphate Fertilizers in the Urban Region of Erlangen/FRG (118 Kb)  PAULY H. PFISTER H.PHILIPP G.
 P3-81 150 kb 2012-11-06
 The Radiological Testing of Products Which Irradiate the Public (150 Kb)  HILL M.D. WRIXON A.D.
 P3-80 119 kb 2012-11-06
 Concentration of Radon (RN-222), Thoron (RN-220) and Their Decay-Products Inside Buildings - Measuring Devices and Preliminary Results (118 Kb)  PORSTENDORFER J. SCHEIBEL H.G. SCHRAUB A. WICKE A.
 P3-79 206 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Controls for Construction Materials (205 Kb)  HUNT G.J. O'RIORDAN M.C.
 P3-78 211 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Exposures in the Florida Phosphate Industry (210 Kb)  GUIMOND R.J. MILLS W.A. WINDHAM S.T.
 P3-77 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation de la dose à l'homme résultant de la présence de radionucléides. Naturels dans les engrais phosphates d'origine Minérale. (151 Kb)  BOULENGER R. COLARD J. KIRSCHMANN R. LAFONTAINE A.
 P3-75 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Radium in Vegetable Gardens (147 Kb)  HOLLINS J.G.
 P3-74 209 kb 2012-11-06
 High Natural Radioactivity of Bored Wells as a Radiation Hygienic Problem in Finland (208 Kb)  ANNANMAKI M. ASIKAINEN M. CASTREN 0. STENSTRAND K.
 P3-73 163 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effects of Uranium Mining on Environmental Gamma Ray Exposures (163 Kb)  CASKEY B.W. COOK L.M. WUKASCH M.C.
 P3-72 141 kb 2012-11-06
 Mesure de radium dans les tissus biologiques dans le site radioactif de Ramsar (Iran) (140 Kb)  KHADEMI B. LEVAIN C.
 P3-71 118 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Levels from Natural Sources in the Adult Population of Baghdad (118 Kb)  AL-BANNA N.S. AL-HASHIMI S.A.M.
 P3-70 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Variations de la dose due à l'irradiation naturelle dans la région parisienne (160 Kb)  BOUVILLE A. GUEZENGAR J.M. MADELMONT C.
 P3-69 246 kb 2012-11-06
 External Radiation Exposure of the Public (245 Kb)  MEHL J.
 P3-68 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation des risques présentés par les transports de matière radioactives - Cas de l'UF6 (125 Kb)  MAITRE P. MESLIN T. PAGES P. RAGGENBASS A.
 P3-67 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Ground Contamination Following an Accidental Release (139 Kb)  CORBETT J.O.
 P3-66 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Derived ERLs for Inhalation of Alpha-Emitting Aerosols (160 Kb)  MACDONALD H.F.
 P3-65 151 kb 2012-11-06
 The Value of Reconstruction of Radiation Incidents (151 Kb)  HARRISON N.T. JARDINE G.C.
 P3-64 454 kb 2012-11-06
 A Case of Felonious Use of Radioactive Materials (453 Kb)  BAILEY E.D. WUKASCH M.C
 P3-63 170 kb 2012-11-06
 A Radiation Contamination Incident Involving Strontium 90 in a Private Home (170 Kb)  BUTTON J.C.E. FLEISCHMANN A.W.
 P3-62 109 kb 2012-11-06
 A propos d'un cas de contamination par inhalation accidentelle d'oxyde de 239Pu = Analyse de l'épuration pulmonaire (108 Kb)  BEAU P. FROSSARD H. HARDUIN J.C. NENOT J.C.
 P3-61 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Etude d'un cas de contamination par un mélange de radionucléides (160 Kb)  BALLADA J. BEAU P. CAPPELLINI L. DABURON M.L. FROSSARD H. GARCET M. GROS R. HARDUIN J.C. JEANMAIRE L. NENOT J.C. ODILON G. PATTI F.
 P3-60 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation injury from Analytical X-Ray Equipment (146 Kb)  IYER P.S. KANNAN A. SUBRAHMANIAN G. SUNDARA RAO I.S. ZAPARDE S.P.
 P3-59 291 kb 2012-11-06
  Intérêt de l'association des méthodes physiques et biologiques pour l'évaluation de la dose et de sa répartition dans les cas d'irradiation globale aiguë accidentelle (291 Kb)  GONGORA R. JAMMET H. NENOT J.C. STRAMBI
 P3-58 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Caractéristiques des grandes régions naturelles de l'Iran en vue de la mise en place d'un programme nucléaire. (158 Kb)  MOGHIMI D.J. ROUHANIZADEH N.
 P3-57 32 kb 2012-11-06
 A Pratical Guide for Radiological Surveillance of the Environment at Federally-Owned Nuclear Sites in the USA (31 Kb)  CORLEY J.P. WAITE D.A.
 P3-56 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Global Impact of Carbon-14 from Nuclear Power Reactors (189 Kb)  MOGHISSI A.A. CARTER M.W.
 P3-55 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Production and Emission of Carbon-14 from Nuclear Power Stations and Reprocessing Plants and its Radioecological Significance (179 Kb)  BONKA H. BRUSSERMANN K. SCHWARZ G. WILLRODT U.
 P3-54 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Essais in situ des pièges à iode (152 Kb)  SCHNEPF R.
 P3-53 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation des doses collectives et comparaison des doses individuelles moyennes et maximales résultant des risques d'ingestion de lait frais originaire d'une région soumise à l'influence de rejets atmosphériques contenus. (153 Kb) &
 P3-52 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Effluents radioactifs et environnement des centrales nucléaires (164 Kb)  MARTIN J.J. ROLLIN Ph .
 P3-51 228 kb 2012-11-06
 Collective Population Radiation Exposure from Waste Disposal from a Fuel Reprocessing Plant (227 Kb)  HETHERINGTON J.A. JEFFERIES D.F. MITCHELL N.T.
 P3-50 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimated Radiological Effects of the Normal Discharge of Radioactivity from Nuclear Power Plants in the Netherlands with a Total Capacity of 3500 MWe (178 Kb)  VAN DER LUGT G. WIJKER H.
 P3-49 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Concepts for the Calculation of Radiation Exposure in the Environment of Nuclear Plants for Planning and Surveillance Purposes (160 Kb)  BRENK H.D. BRUSSERMANN K. SCHWARZ G. VOGT K.J.
 P3-48 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Implications of Collective Dose Evaluation to Limiting Reactor Releases (182 Kb)  BUDD T.
 P3-47 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Limitation of Radiactive Emissions from Reprocessing Plants (149 Kb)  BONKA H. EDELHAUSER H. HESEL D. SCHMIDTLEIN P. SCHWARZ G. WAGNER 0.
 P3-46 381 kb 2012-11-06
 The Problems of Radiation Safety of Population and Environmental Protection Relative to Operation of Nuclear Power Stations (381 Kb)  GUSEV D.I. GUSEV N.G. TURKIN A.D. TUROVSKI V.D.
 P3-45 270 kb 2012-11-06
 P3-44 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Risk Estimation of radiation Exposure in Early Pregnancy (171 Kb)  NEUMEISTER K. WASSER S.
 P3-43 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of radiation doses from Radiactive Drugs (194 Kb)  GROVE G. HALPERIN J.A.
 P3-42 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Mesure par thermoluminescence de la dose gamma délivrée à l'utérus in vivo dans une thérapeutique à l'iode 131 de la maladie de Basedow (126 Kb)  BRIERE J. PHILIPPON B.
 P3-41 202 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Aspects of 131-I Treatment. (202 Kb)  VAN DER POL P.C.
 P3-40 186 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of Radiation doses in Diagnostic Applications of TC-99m. (186 Kb)  FRISCHAUF H. KLETTER K. NOWOTNY R
 P3-39 346 kb 2012-11-06
 Medical Exposure : Growth With Restraints (346 Kb)  ELLIS R.E.
 P3-38 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Plutonium Contents in the Coastal Environment of Japan (144 Kb)  KINOSHITA M. KUROKAWA Y. YAMATO A.
 P3-37 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Plutonium and Americium in the Foochain Lichen-Reindeer-Man (167 Kb)  HAKANEN M. JAAKKOLA T. KEINONEN M. MIETTINEN J.K. MUSSALO H.
 P3-36 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Plutonium in Baltic Sediments (160 Kb)  JAAKKOLA T. MIETTINEN J.K. NIEMISTO L. SIMOLA K. VOIPIO A.
 P3-35 93 kb 2012-11-06
 Fall-Out Plutonium in Austrian Soil Samples (93 Kb)  STEGER F. IRLWECK K.
 P3-34 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Monitoring for Some Transuranium Elements (166 Kb)  GOLCHERT N.W. SEDLET J.
 P3-33 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Pu-241 and Am-241 in the Environment (151 Kb)  HOLM E. PERSSON R.B.R.
 P3-32 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative Studies of Plutonium in Soils and Marine Sediments (165 Kb)  AARKROG A.
 P3-31 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Spectrométrie neutronique par scintillation liquide : Problèmes posés par l'interprétation du spectre expérimental. (134 Kb)  BROERSE J.J. CHEMTOB M. HOGEWEG B. LAVIGNE B. NGUYEN V.D. SOULIE R.
 P3-30 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements and Calculations of Neutron Spectra for Irradiation of a Phantom (135 Kb)  ALEINIKOV V.E. BAMBLEVSKY V.P. DORSCHEL B. KOMOCHKOV M.M. PROKERT K. SCHURICHT V. STREUBEL G.
 P3-29 211 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron Spectra from a Sagittaire Medical accelerator (210 Kb)  FRIEDMAN L.F. HOLEMAN G.R. NATH R. PRICE K.W.
 P3-28 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Regularities of Formation of the Neutron Spectra Outside the Shielding of Proton Accelerators (150 Kb)  ALEINIKOV V.E. GERDT V.P. KOMOCHKOV M.M.
 P3-27 242 kb 2012-11-06
 Instrumental Method for Measurement of 131I in Milk (241 Kb)  CORDOVA H.I. COVELL D.F. LOVE D.L. RIEL G.K.
 P3-26 82 kb 2012-11-06
 Moniteur pour la détection en continu du tritium dans les effluents liquides (82 Kb)  DESCOURS S. GUERIN P. HADDAD A.
 P3-25 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium Contamination Measurement - A Simple and Satisfactory Method (173 Kb)  WHITLOCK G.D.
 P3-24 165 kb 2012-11-06
 A Transportable Monitor for Tritiated Water Vapour (165 Kb)  COVEART A.S. OSBORNE R.V.
 P3-23 208 kb 2012-11-06
 A Five Channel Area Monitor for Gamma Rays (208 Kb)  JONES A.R.
 P3-22 221 kb 2012-11-06
 Requirements for Tritium Monitoring (220 Kb)  CARTER M.W. MOGHISSI A.A.
 P3-21 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of Natural Radioactivity and Emanation Power of Coal-Fueled Power Plant Wastes Used in Building Undustry (190 Kb)  PENSKO J. STPICZYNSKA Z.
 P3-20 137 kb 2012-11-06
 In Situ Measurements With a Ge (Li)- Spectrometer Around a Nuclear Power Station. (136 Kb)  FINCK R.R. LIDEN K. PERSSON R.B.R.
 P3-19 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of Environmental Gamma-radiation and Estimation of Dose Equivalent Rate (169 Kb)  ITAKURA N. NAKASHIMA Y. KATSURAYAMA K. OKAMOTO K. TSUJIMOTO T. URABE I. YAMASAKI K. YOSIIIMOTO T.
 P3-18 118 kb 2012-11-06
 Le déclassement des installations nucléaires (117 Kb)  CREGUT A. JACQUEMIN M.
 P3-17 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Aspect de radioprotection lors de l'exploitation et du démantèlement des installations utilisées lors de la production d'actinium en provenance de radium irradié (114 Kb)  DEWORM J.P. DUMONT G. FIEUW G. MARLEIN J. SPRIET H.
 P3-16 175 kb 2012-11-06
  Particle size and Solubility Characteristics of Aerosols in Pu Processing Areas and in BWR Type Power Reactors (174 Kb)  BHAT I.S. KOTRAPPA P. SURYANARAYANAN C.
 P3-15 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Dix ans d'expérience dans la fabrication des éléments combustibles au plutonium. (182 Kb)  BAILLY H. GANIVET M. GUILLET H. MAGAUD G. VIALARD J.L. PAJOT J.
 P3-14 218 kb 2012-11-06
 Conformité des choix de projet avec les objectifs de protection radiologique pour une usine de fabrication de combustibles à plutonium. (218 Kb)  CARDINALE A. OTTATI P.
 P3-13 144 kb 2012-11-06
 210Pb and 210Po Urine Concentration in Subjects Working in Radon SPA (143 Kb)  BREUER F. CLEMENTE G.F. RENZETTI A. SANTORI G
 P3-12 179 kb 2012-11-06
 External Gamma-Radiation and Operator Protection in the Mining and treatment of High-Grade Uranium Ore (179 Kb)  WENK G.J.
 P3-11 123 kb 2012-11-06
 L'aerage et les caractéristiques de l'atmosphère d'une mine d'uranium laboratoire (122 Kb)  CHANDRAMOULI S. VASHI V.D.
 P3-10 223 kb 2012-11-06
 L'optimisation de la radioprotection dans les mines d'uranium (222 Kb)  FAGNANI F. MAITRE P. MESLIN T. PAGES P.
 P3-9 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Exemples théoriques et expérimentaux d'effets non monotonés (190 Kb)  DELFORGE J.
 P3-6 103 kb 2012-11-06
 Head and Neck Tumors and Impaired Mental Function Following Scalp Irradiation (103 Kb)  MODAN B. RON E. WERNER A. YAAR I.
 P3-8 164 kb 2012-11-06
 The Evaluation of the High-Energy Proton Radiation Effects on the Human Blood-Forming Organs (BFO) With Self-Shielding Taken Into Account (163 Kb)  KHORTSEV A.V. PETROV V.M. SMIRENNY L.N.
 P3-7 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Survey of Case Reports of Radiation-Induced Cancer (116 Kb)  KUSAMA T. YOSHIZAWA Y.
 P3-6 103 kb 2012-11-06
  Head and Neck Tumors and Impaired Mental Function Following Scalp Irradiation (103 Kb)  MODAN B. RON E. WERNER A. YAAR I.
 P3-5 194 kb 2012-11-06
  Cancer Risk Estimates and Neutron RBE Based on Human Exposures (194 Kb)  BAUM J.W.
 P3-4 209 kb 2012-11-06
 An Analysis of Leukemia Data from Studies of Atomic-Bomb Survivors Based on Estimates of Absorbed Dose to Active Bone Marrow. (208 Kb)  AUXIER J.A. HWANG J.M.L. JONES T.D. KERR G.D. MILLER F.L.
 P3-3 185 kb 2012-11-06
 A Case of Lung Cancer in a Miner - An Estimation of Radon Exposure and Discussion of Probable Causes (184 Kb)  SNIHS J.O. WALINDER G.
 P3-2 432 kb 2012-11-06
 Current Status of the Hot Particle Issue ( a Review of Relevant Experimental and Theoretical Approaches) (432 Kb)  BAIR W.J.
 P3-1 343 kb 2012-11-06
 Collective Doses from Practices Involving Radiation Exposures (343 Kb)  BENINSON D.
 P2-101 264 kb 2012-11-06
 Round table on S.I. units (264 Kb)  WYCKOFF H.O.
 P2-100 121 kb 2012-11-06
 Contribution industrielle à la réduction des irradiations du personnel d'installations nucléaires par décontamination chimique. Exemples et résultats obtenus. (120 Kb)  LECERF J. ROMBAUX J.P. SOUMILLION D.
 P2-99 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Hazards and Protection From Tritium Produced in an Experimental Reactor Loop (142 Kb)  OSBORNE R.V.
 P2-98 98 kb 2012-11-06
  Analysis of Occupational Radiation Exposure received at Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Station, and its Implications on the Design of Current and Future Power Plants (98 Kb)  EICKELPASCH N. PETER H. PFEIFFER K.
 P2-97 136 kb 2012-11-06
 10 Years Operational Health Physics at the Beznau Nuclear Power Plants (136 Kb)  SAMUEL T.
 P2-96 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Regulatory Practice for the Protection of Radiation Workers in U.S. Nuclear Power Plants (172 Kb)  KREGER W.E.
 P2-95 326 kb 2012-11-06
 Efforts de radioprotection du personnel pour un programme électro-nucléaire (325 Kb)  BAILET P. BUREAU M. JEANSON P. REYX C.
 P2-94 180 kb 2012-11-06
 Bioaccumulation, Distribution, and Dose of 241Am, 244Cm, and 238Pu in Developing Fish Embryos (180 Kb)  FRANK M.L. TILL J.E.
 P2-93 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on Radioecological Concentrations Processes in the Aquatic Environments - Uptake and Retention of Am-241 by Fish- (171 Kb)  HONDA Y. KIMURA Y. KOBAYASHI A. NISHIWAKI Y. SAKANOUE M.
 P2-92 198 kb 2012-11-06
 The Prediction of the Behaviour of Long-Lived radionuclides Through a Saturated Sandy Layer (198 Kb)  FUKUI M. KATSURAYAMA K.
 P2-91 156 kb 2012-11-06
  Contamination du lait en 90Sr et 137Cs résultant des retombées atmosphériques : Variations régionales des coefficients de transfert (156 Kb)  BECKOLS R. BOUVILLE A. COULON R. MADELMONT C.
 P2-90 244 kb 2012-11-06
 Internationally Co-Ordinated Research in Radioecology and Environmental Monitoring (243 Kb)  KOTELES G.J.
 P2-89 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Rapport entre le comportement du tritium des eaux d'irrigation dans les cultures et l'évaluation de la dose reçue par l'homme. (117 Kb)  ATHALYE V. DELMAS J. GRAUBY A. KIRSCHMANN R. KOCH G. VAN BRUWAENE R.
 P2-88 217 kb 2012-11-06
 A Case of Tritium Contamination of Ground Water (216 Kb)  KONIG L.A. SCHULER H. WINTER M.
 P2-87 341 kb 2012-11-06
 Relationships Existing between Tritium Releases from Different Sources and the Contamination of Air, Water and Plants (340 Kb)  KONIG L.A. TACHLINSKI W. WINTER M.
 P2-86 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Une méthode d'évaluation des transferts atmosphériques à grandes distances (100 - 1000 km) (143 Kb)  DESPRES A. LE GRAND J.
 P2-85 160 kb 2012-11-06
  Atmospheric Dispersal of Radioactive Pollutants Over Long Distances and the Calculation of Collective Dose (159 Kb)  APSIMON H.M. GODDARD A.J.H.
 P2-84 70 kb 2012-11-06
 On the Use of Trajectory Models for Evaluation of the Dispersion of Airborne Radioactivity in Nuclear Power Plant Accident Situations (69 Kb)  NORDLUND G.G.  
 P2-83 106 kb 2012-11-06
 Parametric Study of the Influence of the Atmospheric Diffusion Parameters on the Short and Long-Term Exposure Estimation (106 Kb)  CHAKRABORTY S.
 P2-82 144 kb 2012-11-06
 A Composite Dose calculation Model for Local, Regional and Global Atmospheric Dispersion (144 Kb)  BERGMAN R. GYLLANDER C. KARLBERG 0. SANDSTROM A.
 P2-81 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Meteorological Diffusion Models for a Computer Program for Instationary and Inhomogeneous Dispersion of Radioactive Pollutants (149 Kb)  SCHULTZ H. VOELZ E. WUNEKE C.D.
 P2-80 161 kb 2012-11-06
 A Computer Code for Calculating the Atmospheric Transport of Radioactive Pollutants Under Inhomogeneous and Instationary Conditions (160 Kb)  SCHULTZ H. VOELZ E. WUNEKE C.D.
 P2-79 104 kb 2012-11-06
 Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates of the Gaseous Radionuclides from the Taiwan Research Reactor (103 Kb)  CHOU D.P. LIN C.Y. TSAI C.M.
 P2-78 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Individual and Collective Doses due to 41Ar Based on Measured Discharge Rates from CEGB Reactors (161 Kb)  CLARKE R.H. WILSON R.
 P2-77 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive Plumes (192 Kb)  KAISER G.D.
 P2-76 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Measures of Gamma-Doses and Gaseous Dispersion Factors in the Environment of a Nuclear Facility in a Typical Middle-European Site (142 Kb)  NAGEL E.
 P2-75 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Données récentes sur les valeurs de W, énergie moyenne correspondant à la création d'une paire d'ions (163 Kb)  CHARY J. CHEMTOB M. LAVIGNE B. NOEL J.P.
 P2-74 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Modified Target Theory - Dosimetric Implications (135 Kb)  WATT D.E.
 P2-73 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Energy Dependence Measurements of Remmeters and Albedo Neutron Dosimeters at Neutron Energies of Thermal and Between 2 keV and 5.67 meV (196 Kb)  NANKINS D.E.
 P2-72 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of Image Detector to External Counting of Low Energy Gamma-Emitters in Lungs (145 Kb)  FUJITA M. SHIROTANI T.
 P2-71 193 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on In Vivo Calibration of a Plutonium Lung Monitor (192 Kb)  EHANTI D.P. GARG S.P. HARIDASAN T.K. KOTRAPPA P. PIMPALE N.S. SHARMA R.C. SOMASUNDARAM S. SURENDRAN T.
 P2-70 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Criteria for Evaluation of Performance of Whole Body Counting Systems (146 Kb)  BHOLA G.C. GUPTA M.M KAPOOR K.K. MEHTA S.C. NAGARATNAM A. RAWAT B.S.
 P2-69 221 kb 2012-11-06
 Design and Performance of Major Body Monitoring Facilities (220 Kb)  FRY F.A. KNIGHT A. O'RIORDAN M.C. WHETMATH P.D.J.
 P2-68 130 kb 2012-11-06
 The New Austrian Dosimetry Standard Laboratory (130 Kb)  DUFTSCHMID K.E.
 P2-67 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Recent Advances in Radiation Monitoring Systems for Nuclear Power Stations (152 Kb)  JOHNSON W.S.
 P2-66 199 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative Responses of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters in Environmental Monitoring Situations (198 Kb)  PARIS R.D. TOOMBS G.L.
 P2-65 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Hazards Analysis of Laser Fusion Targets Containing Tritium (134 Kb)  POWELL T.J.
 P2-64 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Two Investigations Concerning the Release of Tritium (151 Kb)  BERGMAN C. WESSLEN E.
 P2-63 203 kb 2012-11-06
 A Review of the Problems of Safety Control in X-Ray Diffraction and Spectrometry (203 Kb)  LINSLEY G.S.
 P2-62 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Lifetime Dose of Persons Working in Radiogynaecological Departments (183 Kb)  BOZOKY L. PREDMERSZKI T.
 P2-61 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of age and Mode of Radioiodine Exposure on Thyroidal Radiologic Dose (164 Kb)  BOOK S.A.
 P2-60 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Calculations for Infants and Youths Due to the Inhalation of Radon and its Decay Products in the Normal Environment (146 Kb)  HOFMANN W. STEINHAUSLER F.
 P2-59 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Experimental Evaluation of Organ Doses from Exposure to Tc-99m, I-123 and I-131 (135 Kb)  GRONBERG T. STRAND S.E.
 P2-58 122 kb 2012-11-06
 Microdosimetry of 129I in the Human Thyroid (121 Kb)  FEIGE Y. KUSHELEVSKY A.P.
 P2-57 127 kb 2012-11-06
 The Choise of a Biological Model in Assessing Internal Dose Equivalent (126 Kb)  ERRE N. PARODO A.
 P2-56 182 kb 2012-11-06
 Pregnant Woman Model for Absorbed Fraction Calculations (181 Kb)  CLOUTIER R.J. SNYDER W.S. WATSON E.E.
 P2-55 210 kb 2012-11-06
  A Realistic Chest Phantom for the Assessment of Low Energy Photon Emitters in Human Lungs (210 Kb)  FRY F.A. GREEN B M.R. KNIGHT A. WHITE D.R.
 P2-54 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Monte-Carlo Simulated Dose to the Human Body Due to Neutrons Emitted in Laser Fusion (116 Kb)  COHEN M.O. GILEADI A.E.
 P2-53 101 kb 2012-11-06
  Distribution of Dose Withing the Body from a Photon Emitter Present in an Organ (101 Kb)  FORD M.R. SNYDER W.S. WERNER G.G.
 P2-52 189 kb 2012-11-06
 A Computational Method for Organ Doses in Radioloy (189 Kb)  ROSENSTEIN M.
 P2-51 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Photon & Electron Interaction Properties of ICRP Reference Man (159 Kb)  FITZGERALD M. INGRAM D. WHITE D.R.
 P2-50 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Modèle de combinaison des doses absorbées dans l'organisme (125 Kb)  LERCH P. VALLEY J.F.
 P2-49 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Planning of Combined External Irradiation and Internal Contamination to Reduce Dose in Nuclear Power Plant Operations (149 Kb)  WIJKER H., KEMA N.V.
 P2-48 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Experiences With Using a Concept of Organ-Dose Combination as a Basis for Pracrtical Measures in Radiation Protection (156 Kb)  WERNLI Ch.
 P2-47 114 kb 2012-11-06
 The German Radiation Protection Standards (114 Kb)  BECKER K. NEIDER R.
 P2-46 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Design Criteria (155 Kb)  ANDERSEN B.V. CARTER L.A. SELBY J.M. WAITE D.A.
 P2-45 175 kb 2012-11-06
 The U.S. National Voluntary Concensus Nuclear Standards Program in Radiation Protection (ANSI N-13) (175 Kb)  WRENN M.E.
 P2-44 242 kb 2012-11-06
 Le développement d'un programme de protection de l'environnement pour la population basé sur des concepts et des normes inspirés de la radioprotection (241 Kb)  RECHT P.
 P2-43 174 kb 2012-11-06
 The Metabolism and Dosimetry of Carbon-14 Labelled Compounds (174 Kb)  CRAWLEY F.E.H.
 P2-42 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Study on Internal Contamination Due to Tellurium Isotope Mixure (164 Kb)  ANDRASI A. FEHER I.
 P2-41 115 kb 2012-11-06
 A study of the Behaviour of the Primary Particles of Radon Decay Products (115 Kb)  SUBBA RAMU M.C.
 P2-40 147 kb 2012-11-06
 The Significance of Liver in Metabolism of Plutonium-239 (146 Kb)  NETCHEV Ch.
 P2-39 274 kb 2012-11-06
 The Distribution of Plutonium-239 in the Skeleton of the Mouse (274 Kb)  GREEN D. HOWELLS G.R. THORNE M.C. VENNART J.
 P2-38 155 kb 2012-11-06
  Problems of Differential Diagnosis in Evaluation of Pathological Effects of Ionizing Radiation in Medical Supervision of Occupationally Exposed Persons (155 Kb)  ALEKSIC B. DJUKIC Z. STOJANOVIC D. VELJKOVIC D.
 P2-37 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of Skin Dose to the Hands of Technologists Handling Syringes Containing Radiopharmaceuticals (132 Kb)  TRIPATHI A.
 P2-36 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Un nouveau système de fixation et de remplacement pour les boîtes à gants (172 Kb)  FLUHR H. OHLMEYER M. WINDBUHL E.
 P2-35 138 kb 2012-11-06
  Description of a Method of Control for Glass Lenses Used as a Protection Medium Against Radiation (137 Kb)  ALONSO J.Y.S. TORIO P.P.
 P2-34 114 kb 2012-11-06
  About the Calculation of Bremsstrahlung Outside of Accelerator Buildings (114 Kb)  HAHN G. SCHURICHT V. ZAPPE D.
 P2-33 187 kb 2012-11-06
  Spectpa and Dosimetry of Neutrons Interacting With Concrete Shielding (186 Kb)  CROSS W.G. ING H.
 P2-32 107 kb 2012-11-06
 Shielding of Fast Neutrons from Cyclotron Targets (106 Kb)  FRIEDRICH W. KNIEPER J. KOMNICK K. PRINTZ H. SAUERMANN P.F.
 P2-31 133 kb 2012-11-06
 On the Distribution of the Radiation Doses from Thick Targets in High Energy Electron Accelerators (132 Kb)  ESPOSITO A. LUCCI F. PELLICCIONI M.
 P2-30 116 kb 2012-11-06
 A Personal Tritium Intake Monitor (115 Kb)  GRADOWSKI K. PSZONA S.
 P2-29 77 kb 2012-11-06
 Un appareil personnnel pour la dosimétrie des descendants du radon (76 Kb)  DUPORT Ph.
 P2-28 141 kb 2012-11-06
 The North Rhine - Westphalian Factory Inspectorate's Incorporation Monitoring Measures for the Routine Control of Potentially Endangered Radiation Workers and the Results of this Control Compiled Over the Period 1964-1976 (140 Kb) &nbs
 P2-27 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Personnel Monitoring in Israel During 1975 (115 Kb)  DONAGI A. FEIGE Y. ISRAELI M. MALCHI S. PRULOV I. ROSENTAL N.
 P2-26 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Transport Worker Radiation Exposures Handling Air Shipments of Radioactive Materials (163 Kb)  BRADLEY F.J. JONES A. KELLY R.
 P2-25 144 kb 2012-11-06
 The Distribution of Commited dose Equivalents to Workers Exposed to Tritium in the Luminising Industry in the United Kingdom (144 Kb)  HIPKIN J.
 P2-24 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Control of Non- Ionizing radiation Emitting Devices in Canada (144 Kb)  BENWELL D.A. DUTT G.C. GHOSH S.K. REPACHOLI M.H.
 P2-23 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Mutagenic Action of Non-Ionizing Radiations : Its Implication in Radiation Protection (195 Kb)  MADHVANATH U. SANKARANARAYANAN N. SINGH D.R. SUBRAHMANYAM P.
 P2-22 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Monionizing Radiation Exposure in Urban Areas of The United States (153 Kb)  ATHEY T.W. JONES D.E. NANKIN N.N. TELL R.A.
 P2-21 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Leakage Control of a Radiofrequency Industrial System (164 Kb)  GRANDOLFO M. RANGHIASCI C.
 P2-20 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Thermoluminescent Dosimeters for UV Radiations (129 Kb)  BASSI P. BUSUOLI G. RIMONDI O.
 P2-19 25 kb 2012-11-06
 Practical Experience on Measuring the Electric Component of the Em Field in the GDR (24 Kb)  EGGERT S. GOLTZ S. KUPFER J.
 P2-18 205 kb 2012-11-06
 Currents views on Mechanisms of Interaction of Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation With Living Systems (204 Kb)  CZERSKI P.
 P2-17 140 kb 2012-11-06
 The Risk and Benefits to Man from Ultraviolet Radiation (140 Kb)  FABER M.
 P2-16 188 kb 2012-11-06
 Rôle essentiel du laboratoire de radiochimie dans la conduite des traitements d'effluents radioactifs liquides (188 Kb)  CLUCHET J. KOENIG B. LECONNETABLE J. REISS J.
 P2-15 163 kb 2012-11-06
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 P2-14 167 kb 2012-11-06
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