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IRPA 9 Vienna, April 1996

April 1996, Vienna, Austria


 V4-363 606 kb 2012-11-06
 Early radiation protection - the Austrian contribution (605 Kb)  M. Tschurlovits
 V4-362 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Management and training aspects of the emergency plan (172 Kb)  J.R.A. Lakey
 V4-361 202 kb 2012-11-06
 RCA-A regional approach to radiation protection (201 Kb)  R.V. Griffith
 V4-360 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioisotope methodology course-radioprotection aspects (168 Kb)  R.M. Bergoc, C. Menosi, R. Caro
 V4-359 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment and evaluation of nurses training program on radiation (126 Kb)  Y. Bessho, T. Kusama
 V4-358 224 kb 2012-11-06
 The changing role of health physicists as reflected by changes in professional health physics training courses (223 Kb)  L.D. Brown
 V4-357 210 kb 2012-11-06
 A university safety program for use of RAMS (210 Kb)  W.J. Fields
 V4-356 146 kb 2012-11-06
 A health & safety primer for the practicing health physicist (146 Kb)  J. Hylko, L. Ross, M. Bradshaw, M. Brennan, C. Pomatto, F. Shelly
 V4-355 41 kb 2012-11-06
 The CEFRI and radiological protection certification of French companies and training organizations (40 Kb)  C. Jacquin
 V4-354 190 kb 2012-11-06
 The regulatory evaluation of radiation protection training programmes at Canadian nuclear power plants (189 Kb)  M. Legare, D. Tennant
 V4-353 226 kb 2012-11-06
 A brief history of federal support for health physics education and training in the United States (225 Kb)  P.L. Ziemer
 V4-352 200 kb 2012-11-06
 Information for health professionals at Electricite de France (199 Kb)  C. Gallin-Martel, J. Lallemand, C. Vrousos, H. Kolodie, H. Pons, M. Durr
 V4-351 164 kb 2012-11-06
 The need of education of biotechnical specialists in the field of radiation protection (163 Kb)  R. Kljajic, Z. Masic, R. Mitrovic, B. Petrovic
 V4-350 179 kb 2012-11-06
 The concept of radiology education in Belarus (179 Kb)  A. Lutsko, V. Gurachevsky, A. Milutin, A. Timoshchenko, V. Figurin
 V4-349 76 kb 2012-11-06
 System of regional centres of first aid in cases of radiation accidents in Germany (76 Kb)  F. Fehringer, G. Seitz
 V4-348 90 kb 2012-11-06
 The role of Information, education and training in reducing doses (90 Kb)  J. Lecoz, C. Thezee, J. Abras
 V4-347 97 kb 2012-11-06
 Training courses for border guards organized by the Institute of Atomic Energy in Swierk, Poland (96 Kb)  J. Janeczek, B. Filipiak, N. Golnik, Z. Haratym
 V4-346 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Remember when science was fun? Encountering ''nuclear fallout in your wood stove'' and other mysteries at the Northwestern New Mexico Regional and Science and Engeneering Fairs (158 Kb)  J.M. Hylko, M.L. Miller
 V4-345 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Health physics education and training in Iran (167 Kb)  M. Sohrabi
 V4-344 196 kb 2012-11-06
 Risk comparison and communication In research and policy (196 Kb)  J.E.T. Moen, B.J.M. Ale
 V4-343 96 kb 2012-11-06
 The white paper on radiation protection at Electricits de France (95 Kb)  P. Rollin
 V4-342 53 kb 2012-11-06
 The HPS position on radon health risks (52 Kb)  R.H. Johnson
 V4-341 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Fuzzy measure analysis of public attitude towards the use of nuclear energy (131 Kb)  Y. Nishiwaki, C. Preyssl, T. Onisawa, S. Mokuya, H. Kawai, H. Morishima, T. Koga, T. Tsuruta, T. Hijima
 V4-340 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon: a case for public persuasion (129 Kb)  B.M.R. Green
 V4-339 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Responses to radon remediation advice (136 Kb)  E.J. Bradley
 V4-338 46 kb 2012-11-06
 The ''G.R.R.I.N.S'' and the information of health professions (46 Kb)  J.C. Artus, D. Batt Sanson, G. Broglia, H. Frossard, R. Garcia, J.M. Gelas, R. Granier, C. Mayer, J. Mercier, J. Riou, J.M. Vinot
 V4-337 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Some ethical problems ín radiation protection (158 Kb)  L. Persson
 V4-336 40 kb 2012-11-06
 Preliminary study of risk comparison and risk perceptions on selected population groups in Yugoslavia (39 Kb)  S. Milanovic, S. Pavlovic
 V4-335 225 kb 2012-11-06
 Perception of radiation risk from a cross cultural perspective (224 Kb)  J. Brenot, A. Hessler, W. Joussen, L. Sjoberg
 V4-334 219 kb 2012-11-06
 Human radiation experimentation: a health physics perspective (219 Kb)  R.L. Kathren
 V4-333 189 kb 2012-11-06
 The ethical dilemma posed by overly conservative environmental standard (188 Kb)  A.J. Ahlquist, T.M. Gerusky
 V4-332 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Is ionising radiation a fact of life? (50 Kb)  M.D. Rudelli
 V4-331 97 kb 2012-11-06
 Revision of NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2345 ''Evaluation and Control of Personnel Exposure to Radio Frequency Fields' (97 Kb)  J. Klauenberg, J.H. Merritt, R. Gardner
 V4-329 224 kb 2012-11-06
 From regulations towards radiation protection culture (224 Kb)  M.C. Boehler
 V4-328 125 kb 2012-11-06
 The Russian state system for quality assurance of radiation measurements (125 Kb)  Y.V. Tarbeyev, V.I. Fominykh, I.A. Kharitonov
 V4-330 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Incoherences of Brazilian labour laws face to present radioprotection concepts (154 Kb)  J.C. Borges
 V4-327 175 kb 2012-11-06
 Regulatory functions and medical exposure (174 Kb)  C.F. Arias
 V4-326 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Legislating for occupational exposure to sources of natural radiation - the UK approach (53 Kb)  P. Kemball, W. Bines
 V4-325 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Becquerel century: Good and bad in radiation field (146 Kb)  P. Sandru
 V4-324 215 kb 2012-11-06
 Transition effects in the implementation of the new recommendations-BSS (214 Kb)  P. Sandru
 V4-323 144 kb 2012-11-06
 The IAEA radiation safety standards (144 Kb)  G.A.M. Webb
 V4-322 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Updating radiation protection regulations in Egypt (122 Kb)  M.A. Gomaa, A.M. EI-Naggar
 V4-321 156 kb 2012-11-06
 The IAEA radioactive waste safety standards (155 Kb)  E. Warnecke, G.A.M. Webb
 V4-320 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Bringing UK national legislation into line with ICRP 60 - the process (48 Kb)  W. Bines
 V4-319 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Principles for the regulation of radioactive waste disposal facilities in the United Kingdom (192 Kb)  J. McHugh, R.E. Smith, S.M. Stearn, A. Martin
 V4-318 38 kb 2012-11-06
 Regulatory activities in Latin America (38 Kb)  E. Medina Girozini
 V4-317 48 kb 2012-11-06
 The Implementation of IAEA basic safety standards and 1991 ICRP recommendations in the new Yugoslav radiation protection act (47 Kb)  S. Pavlovic, M. Orlic, R. Pavlovic
 V4-316 54 kb 2012-11-06
 Recommendations of the AIRP-SEPR-SFPR working group. Radiological passport - dosimetry data base (54 Kb)  Litido, Busuoli, Pellicioni, Inguez, R. Dollo
 V4-315 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Regulatory requirements for the use of consumer products containing radioactive substances (133 Kb)  G.C. Mason
 V4-314 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Criteria for the release of patients administered radioactive material (132 Kb)  S.A. McGuire, S. Schneider, J.E. Glenn
 V4-313 216 kb 2012-11-06
 Possible impact of ICRP 60 recommendations on medical practice (215 Kb)  L.D. Brown
 V4-312 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation monitoring system for astronauts (156 Kb)  I. Thomson, G. MacKay, A. Ng
 V4-311 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Progress towards a convention on the safe management of radioactive waste (137 Kb)  G.A.M. Webb, O. Jankowitsch
 V4-310 219 kb 2012-11-06
 How to demonstrate adequacy of protection against a core melt (218 Kb)  R. Hock
 V4-308 52 kb 2012-11-06
 On the problem of effectiveness estimation for countermeasures, intervention levels and decision making (51 Kb)  B. Yatsalo, O.A. Mirzeabassov
 V4-309 130 kb 2012-11-06
 The protection from potential exposure in the Brazilian legislation (129 Kb)  G.M.A.A Sordi
 V4-307 116 kb 2012-11-06
 The methods, models and information support on administrative decisions on meolicosanitary maintenance of population of Ukraine in the after Chernobyl accident period (115 Kb)  V.F. Torbin, A.A. Babich, Y.N. Onopchuk
 V4-306 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization guidance to post-accident intervention: a specific case (97 Kb)  J. Garcia-Ramirez, M. Reyes-Sanchez
 V4-305 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Comments on interpretation of intervention principles and levels for protection of the public in the event of a nuclear accident (42 Kb)  Y.O. Konstantinov
 V4-304 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental radioactive analysis involving public in the neighbourhood of a I-131 production facility (114 Kb)  A.M.P.L Gordon, G.M.A.A Sordi
 V4-303 119 kb 2012-11-06
 The management of change in BNFL's UK group with particular reference to the restructuring of the health and safety functions (119 Kb)  A.R. Brandwood, J.A. Coote
 V4-302 193 kb 2012-11-06
 The recording level in the 1990s (193 Kb)  P.J. Gilvin, D.T. Bartlett, R.J. Tanner
 V4-301 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Is this remediation necessary? Comparing cost versus risk abatement with other risk reduction measures (195 Kb)  A. Karam
 V4-300 43 kb 2012-11-06
 The use of the willingness to pay approach for the determination of monetary values of the man-Sievert (42 Kb)  T. Schneider, G. Leblanc, C. Schieber
 V4-299 50 kb 2012-11-06
 HSE's central index of dose information (50 Kb)  M. Williams, W. Bines
 V4-298 188 kb 2012-11-06
 The standard for justification of radiation practice (187 Kb)  S. Osaki
 V4-297 51 kb 2012-11-06
 A model for the determination of monetary values of the man-Sievert (50 Kb)  J. Lochard, C. Lefaure, C. Schieber, T. Schneider
 V4-296 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Hot cell optimization used in production and distribution of Sm-153 (165 Kb)  A. Sahyun, G.M.A.A Sordi, M.P. Sanches, D.L. Rodrigues, C.R. Romero
 V4-295 42 kb 2012-11-06
 New relationships in basic dosimetry (42 Kb)  F. Rebigan
 V4-294 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Hazard assessment of long-lived radionuclides (50 Kb)  J. Cohen, C.F.
 V4-293 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Rational system of radiation dosimetry (123 Kb)  K. Katoh, J. Tada
 V4-292 47 kb 2012-11-06
 A case for applying temporary dose limits (47 Kb)  A. Curti, F. Spano, E. Palacios
 V4-291 40 kb 2012-11-06
 Limitation of radioactive discharges from NPP based on radionuclide specific monitoring (40 Kb)  I. Bucina, I. Malatova, J. Vidlakova
 V4-290 108 kb 2012-11-06
 A possible approach to assess compliance with a limit by measurements (107 Kb)  M. Tschurlovits
 V4-289 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Implementation of dose constraints: analysis of the regulatory environment (44 Kb)  P. Hubert, A. Sugier, J. Lochard
 V4-288 97 kb 2012-11-06
 Departure from ICRP-60 in Canadian radiation protection - regulations (97 Kb)  R.M Chatterjee, M.P. Measures
 V4-287 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Strategies developed to control sources in Peru from 1982-1994 (45 Kb)  R.Q. Ramirez
 V4-286 162 kb 2012-11-06
 The national central registries of occupational and medical exposures in the Czech Republic (161 Kb)  K. Petrova, Z. Prouza
 V4-285 40 kb 2012-11-06
 International reporting system of unusual events (RADEV) (39 Kb)  P. Ortiz, R. Jarrett
 V4-284 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Exposure to radon in caves and abandonded mines (142 Kb)  D.W. Dixon
 V4-283 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Exclusion, exemption and clearance - a clarification of concepts (32 Kb)  A. Gonzalez, G. Linsley
 V4-282 200 kb 2012-11-06
 The application of exemption values to transport of radioactive materials (199 Kb)  P. Francois, J.S. Hughes, J. Lombard, D. Raffestin, T. Schneider, K.B. Shaw
 V4-281 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of the new neutron quality factor (ICRP 60) on the transport of radioactive material (31 Kb)  J.-Y. Reculeau, P. Malesys
 V4-280 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Qualification of radium source packaging by the measurement of the radon escape rate (97 Kb)  M.C. Robe, V. Labed, P. Richon, A. Beneito
 V4-279 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of U.V. and gamma radiation on Rn222 permeation through polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Application to the packaging of Radium sources for the purpose of storage (157 Kb)  V. Labed, E. Tomasella, N. Bonnet, D. Klein, M.C. Robe,
 V4-278 28 kb 2012-11-06
 A radiation protection perspective on the 1996 revision of the IAEA regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material (28 Kb)  R.R. Rawl, J.H. Mairs
 V4-277 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational exposure assessment in China (40 Kb)  Z. Pan
 V4-276 76 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation environmental inspection in Russia (75 Kb)  J. Rastsvetalov, T. Eremeeva, V. Forminich, G. Krupny, A. Kuznetsov, S. Sukhych
 V4-275 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Strategy for the assessment of the radiation exposure at workplaces due to radon and radon decay products (153 Kb)  R. Czarwinski, R. Lehmann
 V4-274 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection at workplaces. The French Institute Curie experience 1958 -1994 (47 Kb)  J.M. Cosset, B. Perdereau, B. Dubray, F. Campana, H. Jammet
 V4-273 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Improvement of radon suppressing aerosol monitoring techniques (132 Kb)  T. Ibach, R. Scheuer, P. Guglhor
 V4-272 178 kb 2012-11-06
 Reentrainment of 239PuO2 particles captured on HEPA filter fibers (178 Kb)  Y. Yamada, A. Koizumi, K. Miyamoto
 V4-271 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Mass optimization studies of gamma shield materials for space nuclear reactors (43 Kb)  V. Banjac, W.F. Lyon
 V4-270 175 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of occupational exposures in the Czech Republic  (175 Kb)  Z. Prouza, K. Petrova
 V4-269 193 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection in the radioactive installations of the autonomous University of Barcelona (193 Kb)  C. Baixeras, J. Molero, F. Perez
 V4-268 141 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive contamination control programs in radioactive installations of biological research (140 Kb)  A. Sanchez, F. Usera, R. Pina, E. Rodriguez, R. Gamo, M. Rua, M.T. Macias
 V4-267 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Methodology for risk assessment for workers handling unsealed radioactive sources (165 Kb)  T. Klaver, Y. Franken, Chr.J. Huyskens
 V4-266 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection at radwaste treatment and storage facility in the Netherlands (146 Kb)  J. Welbergen
 V4-265 34 kb 2012-11-06
 The on-line operational dosimetry of workers as a key issue for neutron radioprotection optimisation (33 Kb)  J.Y. Herve, J.M. Eschenbrenner, P. Valier, J. Chevallier
 V4-264 110 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the environmental dose and the I-131 concentration in a laboratory of radioactive materials production (109 Kb)  J. Azorin, J. de la Torre
 V4-263 88 kb 2012-11-06
 Classification of workers using open sealed sources of radioactive materials (88 Kb)  A.G. Richards
 V4-262 57 kb 2012-11-06
 Results of decommissioning work undertaken at the radiometallurgy laboratory of the CEA centre in Fontenay aux Roses (57 Kb)  C. Dieudonne, F. Legee
 V4-261 120 kb 2012-11-06
 Levels of radioactivity in grit blasting materials (120 Kb)  B. Heaton, J. Lambley
 V4-260 23 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation safety aspects in the oil and gas production facilities in Egypt (22 Kb)  G.M. Hassib
 V4-259 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection in the offshore petroleum industry (154 Kb)  J. Kvasnicka
 V4-258 267 kb 2012-11-06
 A two year study of NORM levels in the facilities of a major Malaysian oil and gas exploration and production company (267 Kb)  D.A. Bradley
 V4-257 203 kb 2012-11-06
 Thorium exposure during welding and grinding with thoriated tungsten electrodes (203 Kb)  T. Ludwig, G. Seitz
 V4-256 58 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure at TIG welding with thoriated tungsten electrodes (57 Kb)  A. Reichelt
 V4-255 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection and the naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) (155 Kb)  A.S. Paschoa, P. MacDowell
 V4-254 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Problems of accelerator driven system radiation protection (51 Kb)  G.V. Kiselev
 V4-253 34 kb 2012-11-06
 IHEP reference fields in a quality assurance system of radiation control at charged particle accelerators (34 Kb)  V. Fominych, G. Britvich, A. Chumakov, V. Lebedev
 V4-252 30 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation monitors for a real-time radiation monitoring In UNK (29 Kb)  V.S. Lukanin, V.A. Pikalov
 V4-251 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Some aspects of implication to new ICRP recommendations into neutron radiation monitoring at IHEP (154 Kb)  A. G. Alekseev, S. A. Kharlampiev, V.N. Lebedev
 V4-250 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation monitoring system for electron accelerators at the Atominstitute Vienna (111 Kb)  H. Aiginger, E. Unfried, M. Fugger
 V4-249 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Intercomparison of personal dosimeters used in U.S. Department of Energy accelerator facilities (125 Kb)  J. McDonald, G. Akaban, R.M. Loesch, M. Hofert, C. Vaerman
 V4-248 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation and measurement of Fe-55 and Ni-63 in hardwares activated at high energy accelerator facilities (136 Kb)  Y. Oki, T. Suzuki, M. Numajiri, T. Miura, K. Kondo
 V4-247 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Induced radioactivity of copper target irradiated by 3.65 GeV protons (133 Kb)  A.A. Astapov, V.P. Bamblevsky
 V4-246 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Shielding calculation on the ''TESLA''accelerator installation in the institute of nuclear sciences ''Vince'' (164 Kb)  R. Pavlovic, V. Aleinikov, L.J. Beskrovnaia
 V4-245 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Gamma ray and neutron attenuation of pyrite-polymer concrete (109 Kb)  S. Abdul-Majid, A. Alzaydi, W. Abulfaraj
 V4-244 133 kb 2012-11-06
 About the radiation environment and shielding on the heavy ion accelerators (132 Kb)  L.G. Beskrovnaia, M.M. Komochkov
 V4-243 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Shielding design calculation for SPring-8 insertion device beamline (144 Kb)  Y. Asano, N. Sasamoto
 V4-242 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Variation of radiation doses estimated on time resolved photon energy spectra of pulsed radiation fields (141 Kb)  I. Urabe, M. Nagayasu, T. Tsujimoto, K. Kobayashi, T. Yoshimoto, Y. Nakashima, K. Oda
 V4-241 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of low-pressure tissue-equivalent proportional counter in IHEP radiation protection (48 Kb)  A.G. Alekseev
 V4-240 27 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison between calculated and measured equivalent doses caused by heavy ions (26 Kb)  J.G. Festag
 V4-239 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Reduction of exposures to cyclotron personnel involved in the manufacture of radiopharmaceutical products (148 Kb)  M.A. Doruff, R.W. Davies
 V4-238 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Transmission factors for the neutrons from some radioisotope production reactions for PET (134 Kb)  D.G. Hernandez, J.A. Cruzate
 V4-237 32 kb 2012-11-06
 IHEP's set of neutron reference fields (31 Kb)  A.A. Tchoumakov, A.V. Antipov, G.I. Britvich, Y.N. Kostin, S.I. Kouptsov
 V4-236 61 kb 2012-11-06
 Multisphere neutron spectrometry measurements in a high energy neutron beam (61 Kb)  L.S. Walker, R.L. Mundis, P.A. Staples, A.J. Miller, W.H. Casson, M.A. Duran, V.R. Harris
 V4-235 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Recombination index of radiation quality of high energy neutron beams (43 Kb)  S. Shvidkij, E. Cherevatenko
 V4-234 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Partial kerma factors for high-energy hadron absorbed dose calculations (44 Kb)  D.V. Gorbatkov, V.P. Kryuchkov, O.V. Sumaneev
 V4-233 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Calculation of high-energy radiation attenuation parameters in iron and concrete shielding (46 Kb)  D.V. Gorbatkov, V.P. Kryuchkov
 V4-232 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Precise calculation of the neutron and proton absorbed dose distributions in the tissue-equivalent phantom at energies up to 100 GeV (43 Kb)  D.V. Gorbatkov, V.P. Kryuchkov, V.N. Lebedev, O.V. Sumaneev
 V4-231 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose characteristics of the IHEP reference fields (51 Kb)  S. Kharlampiev
 V4-230 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological consequences of accidents in the nuclear-powered submarines (50 Kb)  Lisovsky, O. Petrov
 V4-229 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Accidental internal exposure of all groups of Chernobyl nuclear power plant employees (139 Kb)  I.A. Goussev, A.A. Moiseev, V.1. Evtichiev
 V4-228 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of the efficiency of personal protective equipment for use in radioactive contaminated environment - recent IPSN contribution (188 Kb)  G. Bruhl, J. Corbiere, J.C. Laborde, J. Vendel
 V4-227 218 kb 2012-11-06
 UK ionising radiations incident database (IRID) (218 Kb)  G.O. Thomas, M. Williams, J.R. Croft
 V4-226 152 kb 2012-11-06
 An integrated approach to plant safety (152 Kb)  T. George
 V4-225 152 kb 2012-11-06
 The development of an effective safety management system (152 Kb)  R.W. Davies
 V4-224 27 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental dosimetry low doses (27 Kb)  M. Espagnan
 V4-223 180 kb 2012-11-06
 An improved safety system of a radiation facility for industrial sterilization (179 Kb)  V. Drndarevic, D. Djuric, A. Koturovic, M. Arandjelovic, R. Mikic
 V4-222 252 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring gaseous effluents at Bruce ''A'' nuclear generating station (252 Kb)  N. Sion
 V4-221 240 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation priotection experience during active commissioning of the THORP reprocessing plant (240 Kb)  K. Spour, E. Hutton
 V4-220 185 kb 2012-11-06
 Safety culture aspects of managing for safety-experience of a large nuclear reprocessing site (184 Kb)  J.A. Coote, H.S. Rycraft
 V4-219 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience on statistical analyses of occupational dose distribution In NPP Ebo Jaslovske Bohunice (98 Kb)  M. Vladar, D. Nikodemova, J. Hutta, S. Mocko
 V4-218 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Radionuclide correlation in aerosol effluents from NPP V1 Jaslovske Bohunice in Slovakia (49 Kb)  P. Rulik, I. Bucina, D. Drabova, P. Kuca, I. Malatova
 V4-217 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of neutron dose measured by albedo TLD and etched tracks detector at PNC plutonium fuel facilities (124 Kb)  N. Tsujimura, T. Momose, K. Shinohara, H. Ishiguro
 V4-216 117 kb 2012-11-06
 DOSIMO - A national computerized system for monitoring operational radiation exposure (116 Kb)  A.D. Canipelle
 V4-215 198 kb 2012-11-06
 Field measurements of beta-ray spectra inside nuclear generating stations using a silicon detector coincidence telescope (197 Kb)  Y.S. Horowitz, Y. Weizman, C.R. Hirining
 V4-214 26 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of ICRP 60 and its impact on dose regulation in NPP of the Slovak Republic (26 Kb)  D. Viktory, J. Hutta
 V4-213 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Trend of collective dose and dose reduction measures of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation workers in nuclear power plants (127 Kb)  Y. Yamato, T. Nakayama, F. Shimokawa, T. Yamamoto
 V4-212 196 kb 2012-11-06
 Computer aided radiation protection system at Tokai reprocessing plant (195 Kb)  J. Ishida
 V4-211 87 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection in TVO after year 2000 (86 Kb)  R. Sundell
 V4-210 31 kb 2012-11-06
 Lifetime doses of nuclear power plant workers in Finland (31 Kb)  R. Paltemaa, H. Hyvonen
 V4-209 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of internal contamination of nuclear power plant workers in Finland (129 Kb)  T. Rahola, M. Suomela, E. Illukka, S. Pusa
 V4-208 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Swedish nuclear power - doses, releases, policies (165 Kb)  J. Valentin, P. Hofvander, C. Hagg, C.-M. Larsson, L. Malmqvist, B.A. Persson
 V4-207 162 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of action to turn the trend of increasing collective doses in Swedish LWR's (161 Kb)  L.A: Malmqvist, T. Godas
 V4-206 63 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimizing radiological protection in steam generator replacements principales and results (62 Kb)  O. Jurion, J.M. Willemenot
 V4-205 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Organisation of nuclear facilities for an ALARA management of exposures during operation and maintenance: a system approach (50 Kb)  C. Schieber
 V4-204 40 kb 2012-11-06
 PANTHERE V1 software: a tool dedicated to the prevision of the dose rates (40 Kb)  P. Ridoux
 V4-203 140 kb 2012-11-06
 ALARA project (139 Kb)  J. Potoczek, C. Thezee, J.M. Teisset
 V4-202 108 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric optimisation of worksite involving the installation of VATS containing highly active effluent (107 Kb)  F. Legee, A. Madigand, J. Pailloux
 V4-201 230 kb 2012-11-06
 Computerised dosimetry management systems within EDF (230 Kb)  G. Daubert, C. Thezee
 V4-200 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Requirements and recommendations for cold shutdowns of nuclear power plants (152 Kb)  A. Caramel, A. Rocher
 V4-199 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization of radiological protection at the design stage of nuclear installations: Recent experiences with ALARA tools (52 Kb)  P. Crouail, J.P. Degrange
 V4-198 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Safety culture aspects of managing for safety - experience of a large nuclear reprocessing site (47 Kb)  J.A. Coote, H. Rycraft
 V4-197 192 kb 2012-11-06
 The practical achievement of radiological design criteria through cost effective design (192 Kb)  M.J. Hobson, D.D. Winstanley, S.P. Erhardt
 V4-196 92 kb 2012-11-06
 Alara application in Spanish NPP's: New approach (92 Kb)  P. O'Donnell, T. Labarta, I. Amor
 V4-195 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational exposure evolution in Spanish NPP'S (159 Kb)  P. O'Donnell, T. Labarta, I. Amor
 V4-194 137 kb 2012-11-06
 The International ISOE Programme ISOE IAEA Technical Centre Activities (137 Kb)  M. Gustafsson
 V4-193 160 kb 2012-11-06
 The international ISOE programme ISOE European Technical Centre activities (160 Kb)  L. D'Ascenzo, P. Crouail, F. Levy, P. Livolsi, C. Schieber, C. Lefaure
 V4-192 53 kb 2012-11-06
 The International ISOE Programme ISOE North American Technical Centre Activities (52 Kb)  D. Miller
 V4-191 79 kb 2012-11-06
 The International ISOE Programme ISOE Asian Regional Technical Centre Activities (78 Kb)  H. Kawaguchi, Y. Shibata, N. Aiyoshi
 V4-190 191 kb 2012-11-06
 The International System on Occupational Exposure, ISOE Status and Results for 1995 (191 Kb)  T. Lazo
 V4-189 175 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection in the decomissioning of a post accident reactor (175 Kb)  A. Rankine, J.L. Wilkinson, J. Dalto)
 V4-188 158 kb 2012-11-06
 A genetic algorithm approach to the optimization for the radiological worker allocation problem (158 Kb)  Y. Chen, M. Narit, M. Tsuji, S. Sa
 V4-187 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Standpoint of the EDF operator of nuclear power plants (184 Kb)  B. Monnier, M. Carre, J. Pot
 V4-186 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring uranium dust concentration in a mining concentrate conversion plant into UF4 and UF6 (43 Kb)  Pellisier-Tanon
 V4-185 69 kb 2012-11-06
 Reconstruction of the complex job-exposure-matrix (JEM) for ionising radiation in the uranium mines (68 Kb)  F. Lehmann, J. Renner, G. Seitz, T. Ludwig
 V4-184 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure in the wismut mines (140 Kb)  G. Seitz, D. Bauer, F. Lehmann, T. Ludwig
 V4-183 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Polish active dosimeter for measurement of individual exposure of miners to radioactive radon daughter products (114 Kb)  J. Olszewski, W. Chruscielewski, H. Skalski
 V4-182 95 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of different measuring methods applied in evaluation of individual exposure of miners to radon daughters (95 Kb)  J. Olszewski, W. Chruscielewski
 V4-181 91 kb 2012-11-06
 Searching for a lost radioactive source in a mining-milling facility (91 Kb)  J.O. Nardelli Monteiro de Castro, M. Senne, M.A.G. De Carvalho
 V4-180 216 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation dose control in the mining of high grade uranium ores (215 Kb)  S.T. Webster, L.D. Brown
 V4-179 42 kb 2012-11-06
 Subjectives factors in the occupational exposure monitoring (uranium miners in Romania) (42 Kb)  M.C. Stan Nedelcu Tudor
 V4-178 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection implications for the North Ranger Mine (144 Kb)  R. Auty, V. Leach, G. Mitchell
 V4-177 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of occupational radon daughter dose assessment strategies (37 Kb)  J. Hondros
 V4-174 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection surveillance of occupational exposure to radon progeny (43 Kb)  W. Ullmann
 V4-176 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational and environmental radiation monitoring programmes at an Australian underground copper and uranium mine (44 Kb)  J. Hondros
 V4-175 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational radiation exposure in some Egyptian phosphate mines (111 Kb)  A. Hussein, M.I. Hussein, M.L.A. EL-Hady
 V4-174 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection surveillance of occupational exposure to radon progeny (43 Kb)  W. Ullmann
 V4-173 54 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of X-ray phosphor used for the visualization of ionizing radiation (53 Kb)  M. Ignatovich, A. Eremenko, V. Ogenko, A. Chuiko
 V4-172 34 kb 2012-11-06
 ESR dosimetry on lyoluminescence materials (34 Kb)  D. Georg, U. Haverkamp, C. Wiezorek, H. Aiginger
 V4-171 61 kb 2012-11-06
 Molecular oxygen as the radiation protection of the plastic scintillators (60 Kb)  V.K. Milinchuk, V.B. Taraban, I.P. Shelokov, G.S. Zhdanov, N.J. Voronkina, E.R. Klinshpont
 V4-170 27 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative study of computerised glow curve analysis in routine dosimetry (26 Kb)  D. Mebhah, F.Z. Dehimi
 V4-169 35 kb 2012-11-06
 The investigation of LIF: Mg, Cu, P thermoluminescent detectors: The dose response to gamma radiation (34 Kb)  M.J. Ramlo, N.A. Karpov
 V4-168 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Fiber-optic-coupled dosimeter for remote optical sensing of radiation (154 Kb)  B.L. Justus, A. L. Huston
 V4-167 54 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation damage and protection of plastic scintillators with a base of polystyrene and epoxypolymers (53 Kb)  N. Barashkov, F. Markley, A. Pla-Dalmau, G. Foster, M. Rivard
 V4-166 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Performance of radioactive measurements by gamma spectrometry with semiconductor detectors using biphasic samples (152 Kb)  J.M. Lumbreras, G.M. Fernandez, A.J. Aller, G. Fernandez
 V4-165 118 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of low pressure tissue equivalent proportional counter for IHEP radiation protection (118 Kb)  A.G. Alekseev
 V4-164 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Three-dimensional absorbed dose determinations by N.M.R. analysis of phantom-dosimeters (189 Kb)  G. Gambarini, C. Birattari, M. Fumagali, A. Vai, D. Monti, P. Salvadori, L. Facchielli, A.E. Sichirollo
 V4-163 180 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of bubble detectors for the dosimetry of cold neutrons (179 Kb)  D. Delacroix, V. Juhasz, L. Bourgois, J.E. Noyes
 V4-162 106 kb 2012-11-06
 Bubble detectors in Individual neutron dosimetry (105 Kb)  F. Spumy, I. Votockova
 V4-161 47 kb 2012-11-06
 High sensitivity, reusable superheated liquid neutron sensor (46 Kb)  S.G. Vaijapurkar, R.T. Paturkar, P.K. Atul Dev Bhatnagar, S.C. Roy
 V4-160 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Track-etch dosemeter response to neutrons up to 300 MeV (130 Kb)  R.T. Devine, S. Walker, P. Staples, R. Mundis, J. Miller, M. Duran
 V4-159 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of high dose neutron irradiated CR-39 using coherent light scattering (150 Kb)  J. Groetz, A. Lacourt, A. Chambaudet
 V4-158 31 kb 2012-11-06
 A method for calculation of the neutron response function of an electrochemically etched Cr-39 SSNTD up to 65 MEV (31 Kb)  A. Fenyvesi, N.A. Greenhouse
 V4-157 30 kb 2012-11-06
 Electrochemical etching of CR-39 detectors at low temperature (29 Kb)  G. Dajko
 V4-156 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative study of different LIF TLDS for neutron dosimetry (127 Kb)  A.G. Alekseev, V.N. Kustarjov, N.A. Karpov
 V4-155 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD) exposed to high fluxes of gamma radiation, thermal neutrons and protons (189 Kb)  G. Gambarini, M. Martini, F. Meinardi, C. Raffaglio, P. Salvadori, A. Scacco, A.E. Sichirollo
 V4-154 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Factors affecting polyamide prototypes design of albedo dosimeters (112 Kb)  M. Marques Martins, C.L.P. Mauricio, E.S. Fonseca
 V4-153 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of TLD albedo response on various calibration phantoms (166 Kb)  T. Momose, N. Tsujimura, K. Shinchara, H. Ishiguro, T. Nakamura
 V4-152 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose measurements in mixed (n,gamma)- radiation fields with TLD's under consideration of the peak height ratio (49 Kb)  M. Noll, N. Vana, W. Schoner, M. Fugger, F. Cecil
 V4-151 103 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the fast neutron dose equivalent using the thermal neutron response of lithium fluoride TLD. (102 Kb)  C. Turcus, C. Craciun, A. Stochioiu
 V4-150 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative study of different LIF TLDs for neutron dosimetry (43 Kb)  V. Kustarjov
 V4-149 148 kb 2012-11-06
 A study on neutron and gamma-ray responses of laboratory made LIF:Mg,TI single crystal TLD (148 Kb)  S.A. Mollah, N. Vana, M. Fugger, G.U. Ahmad
 V4-148 59 kb 2012-11-06
 The thermoluminescence criticality dosimetry at COGEMA (59 Kb)  M. Espagnan, R. Prevot, H. Truffert, X. Lechaftois, P.L. Douillárd, P. Chatenet
 V4-147 185 kb 2012-11-06
 A moderator type neutron dosemeter based on silicon diodes (185 Kb)  T. Moiseev
 V4-146 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Semiconductor dosimeters for selective determination of the components in mixed gamma and neutron fields (175 Kb)  P.G. Litovchenko, L.I. Barabash, V.I Kutz, V.1. Khivrich, I.A. Marusan, M.B. Pinkovska
 V4-145 113 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of neutron monitoring system in n-gamma mixed field with a twin-type 10BF3-11BF3 ionization chamber (112 Kb)  T. Yamamoto, H. Yamanishi, Y. Sakuma, T. Uda, H. Miyake, T. Yoshimoto, T. Tsujimoto
 V4-144 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of a dual type ionization chamber system for burst n-X mixed fields (143 Kb)  H. Yamanishi, H. Hirabayashi, J. Kodaira, H. Miyake, H. Obayashi, Y. Sakuma, T. Uda, T. Yamamoto
 V4-143 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Electronic neutron sensor based on coincidence detection (133 Kb)  B. Barelaud, J.L. Decossas, F. Mokhtari, J.C. Vareille
 V4-142 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose characteristics of the IHEP neutron reference fields (155 Kb)  A. Alekseev, S.A. Kharlampiev
 V4-141 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron spectrometry for radiaton protection at the JINR (167 Kb)  G.N. Timoshenko, V.E. Aleinikov
 V4-140 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Progress in the characteristics of realistic neutron spectra facility (RNSF) (46 Kb)  J.L. Chartier, D. Paul, J. Kurkdjan, J. McDonald, M. Espagnan
 V4-139 89 kb 2012-11-06
 Real time neutron dosimeter response calculations (89 Kb)  A. Seghour, F. Z. Dehimi
 V4-138 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of reaction rate distributions in phantom irradiated by intermediate energy neutrons for effective dose evaluation (127 Kb)  Y. Nakane, H. Nakashima, Y. Sakamoto, S. Tanaka
 V4-137 101 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron dosimetry in French nuclear power plants problems and their solutions in 1995 (100 Kb)  Y. Guibbaud, R. Dollo
 V4-136 111 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of electron and gamma radiation with DL-alanine (110 Kb)  Z.M. Costa, L.L. Campos, L. Leticia
 V4-135 79 kb 2012-11-06
 Extremity dosimeter by 1_1213407 (Cu) and its response to beta rays (78 Kb)  Y. Yasuno, N. Soramasu, S. Baba
 V4-134 173 kb 2012-11-06
 The features of radiation damages in L-Alanine crystals (173 Kb)  V.R. Zaitov, V.A. Onischiuk
 V4-133 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of radiation-induced doping of polyaniline film to measure integrated gamma-ray dose (142 Kb)  Y. Oki, T. Suzuki, M. Numajiri, T. Miura, K. Kondo
 V4-132 219 kb 2012-11-06
 A new laser thermoluminescence dosimetry system for the determination of the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and the irradiation conditions. (218 Kb)  K. Ritzenhoff, M. Jordan, G. Hilgers, J. Bohm, P. Ambrosi, P. Braunlich, W. Tetz
 V4-131 48 kb 2012-11-06
 The influence of TL dosimetry systems on some high sensitive solid TL detectors (47 Kb)  G. Kitis, C. Furetta, M. Prokic, J.W.N. Tuyn
 V4-130 187 kb 2012-11-06
 A new approach to screening abnormal glow curves (187 Kb)  J.E. Rotunda, R.A. Tawil, K.J. Velbeck, Y. Tan
 V4-129 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Characterization of the new Harshaw 4500 TLD reader (42 Kb)  J. Rundo, J. Fellinger, R.A. Tawil, K.J. Velbeck, J.E. Rotunda
 V4-128 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Graphite mixed CaS04:Dy for beta dose measurement (123 Kb)  G. Uchrin, M. Prokic
 V4-127 136 kb 2012-11-06
 The influence of time-temperature profiles on the behavior of TLD-100 as personal dosemeters (136 Kb)  R.A. Vasilache, M.J. Vasilache, C. Vajdea
 V4-126 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Perfectly tissue-equivalent TLD phosphor Li2B407: (Cu,Pb) (196 Kb)  Y. Yasuno, N. Soramasu
 V4-125 141 kb 2012-11-06
 TL dosimetric method for energy discrimination in extremity irradiation monitoring (140 Kb)  E. Zucchi, A. Pilot
 V4-124 141 kb 2012-11-06
 LIF thermoluminescent dosimeter-to measure the whole glow curve, Peak 5 alone, or Peak (4+5)? (141 Kb)  B. Ben-Shachar
 V4-123 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Preliminary results on sintered CaSO4 pellets for X- radiation dosimetry using the TSEE technique (108 Kb)  F.D.G. Rocha, L.V.E. Caldas
 V4-122 115 kb 2012-11-06
 The influence of the annealing procedure on the thermoluminescence reader calibration of a personal dosimetry service (115 Kb)  V. Klamert
 V4-121 43 kb 2012-11-06
 The dosimetric characteristics of the new Harshaw high sensitivity, copper dopes lithium fluoride (42 Kb)  R.A. Tawil, M. Ramlo, N. Karpov, K.J. Velbeck
 V4-120 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization of magnesium borate thermoluminescent material for radiation protection dosimetry (157 Kb)  M. Prokic
 V4-119 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Computerised glow curve deconvolution: application to thermoluminescence dosimetry (152 Kb)  Y.S. Horowitz, D. Yossian
 V4-118 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Calibration of portable HP Go spectrometer for indoor dose rate estimations (192 Kb)  A. Clouvas, M. Antonopoulos-Domis, S. Xantho
 V4-117 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Improvement of the sensitivity of CdTo semiconductor detector in the high energy region (160 Kb)  H. Nishizawa, K. Ikegami, T. Usami, T. Yamamoto
 V4-116 47 kb 2012-11-06
 The use of common photodiodes for depth dose measurements in photon and electron fields (46 Kb)  H.J. Khoury, C.A. Hazin, P. Mascarenhas, F.J. Lopes Filho
 V4-115 103 kb 2012-11-06
 Properties In high radiation fields of high purity silicon detectors (103 Kb)  P.G. Litovchenko, F. Lemeileur, L.I. Barabash, S.V. Berdnichenko, V.I. Khivrich, T.I. Kibkalo, V.I. Kutz, V.F. Lastovetsky, G.P. Voevoda
 V4-114 110 kb 2012-11-06
 Silicon strip detectors for determination of radionuclides in various substances. (109 Kb)  P.G. Litovchenko, V.M. Pugach, L.I. Barabash, O.S. Zinets
 V4-113 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Improvement of a beta/gamma dose rate meter for measuring H(10) and H'(0,07) (144 Kb)  J. Pillath, S. Colak, H. Dederichs, M. Heinzelmann, G. Opladen
 V4-112 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of a new methodology for dose calculation in photogrphic dosimetry (48 Kb)  T.F.L. Daltro, L. Campos
 V4-111 168 kb 2012-11-06
 The evaluation of multi-element personal dosemeters using the linear programming method (168 Kb)  P. Kragh, K. Ritzenhoff, M. Jordan, P. Ambrosi, J. BOhm, G. Hilgers
 V4-110 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Conversion coefficients relating air kerma to Hp(10) and Hp (0.07) for ISO X-ray narrow spectrum series using a PMMA slab phantom (115 Kb)  M. Ginjaume, X. Ortega, N. De la Corte
 V4-109 158 kb 2012-11-06
 A new film badge for the measurement of the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) using the gilding-shadow method (158 Kb)  K. Ritzenhoff, M. Jordan, G. Hilgers, J. BOhm, P. Ambrosi
 V4-108 161 kb 2012-11-06
 A photon spectometer to investigate the energy spectrum and the angular distribution of photon radiation incident on a personal dosemeter. (161 Kb)  P. Ambrosi, J. Bohm, G. Hilgers, M. Jordan, K. Ritzenhoff
 V4-107 222 kb 2012-11-06
 Performance of a direct Ion storage (DIS) dosemeter for individual monitoring (222 Kb)  C. Wernli, J. Kahilainen
 V4-106 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Theoretical calculation of gamma dose conversion factors for personnel extremity dosimeter (117 Kb)  S.C. Yoon, Y.C. Yoon, J.S. Kim, W.K. Lee, K.P. Kim
 V4-105 56 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of low energy photons in the range of 6 to 15 keV (55 Kb)  J.L. Chartier, P. Christensen, B. Grosswendt, D. Cutarella, C. Itie, J. Bo
 V4-104 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of glass dosimeter response for low energy photon using synchotron radiation (163 Kb)  Y. Asano, N. Sasamoto, Y. Nakane, H. Nakashima, Y. Sakamoto, S. Tanaka, Y. Namito, S. Ban, H. Hirayma, N. Nariyama
 V4-103 92 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry characteristics of glasses for gamma high doses (91 Kb)  V.A.C. Quezada, L.V.E. Caldas
 V4-102 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation voice monitors (98 Kb)  S. Suzuki
 V4-101 100 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium detection with Be0 Tí02 ceramic TL detectors (99 Kb)  I. Milman, V. Kortov, A. Slesarev, V. Fominych, S. Fedina
 V4-100 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Separation of Sr/Y-90 and T1-204 beta particles with modified Teledyne P-300-AS badge to meet the revised ANSI N13.11(1993) requirements (132 Kb)  J. Kim, S. Chang, B. Kim
 V4-99 30 kb 2012-11-06
 Spectral distributions of ambient dose equivalent for environmental radiation fields (30 Kb)  F. Pernicka
 V4-98 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the W-value of various gases including He-3 and H-2 using tritium beta particuler (136 Kb)  Y. Sakuma, H. Sato
 V4-97 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Calculation of photon dose from positron sources (138 Kb)  K.A. Nahdi, M. Tschurlovits
 V4-96 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Monte Carlo simulations of development of electron avalanches in proportional counters at high E/N values (41 Kb)  H. Pruchova, B. Franek, D. Regulla
 V4-95 202 kb 2012-11-06
 A microdosimetric interpretation of LET dependent radiation effects (201 Kb)  W. Schoner, N. Vana, M. Fugger, E. Pohn
 V4-94 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose calculations by electron transport Monte Carlo simulation using ELSIM computer codes package (40 Kb)  L.M. Popescu
 V4-93 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Results on Sr-90 + Y-90 applicators dosimetry using extrapolation chambers (114 Kb)  S.K. Dias, L.V.E. Caldas
 V4-92 154 kb 2012-11-06
 New dosimetric instruments based on a recombination chamber (154 Kb)  M. Zielczynski, N. Golnik, Z. Rusinowski, S. Shvidkij
 V4-91 129 kb 2012-11-06
 On the determination of the optimal sample size in radiation control (128 Kb)  L.P. Pashchenko
 V4-90 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Gamma radiation streaming through triple bent labyrinth (111 Kb)  T. Kosako, A.A. Stroganov, N. Sugiura, H. Eguchi, T. Kawanashi
 V4-89 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of scattered radiation spectral distribution of exposure in gamma calibration fields (138 Kb)  F. Takahashi, S Shimizu
 V4-88 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Standardization of an irradiation field using Co-60 and Cs-137 sources (204 Kb)  Y. Yamaguchi, J. Yamamoto, T. Nomura, J. Yamashita, T. Yamamoto
 V4-87 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparisons inhomogenity of photon fields and backscatter factors for PMMA and water slab phantoms (135 Kb)  S. Stankovic, M. Kovacevic, M. Vukcevic, I. Avramovic
 V4-86 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Establishment of standard X-rays using a tandem system of ionization chambers (35 Kb)  E.P. Galhardo, L.V.E. Caldas
 V4-85 79 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring survey instruments behaviour in standard low energy X-rays (78 Kb)  L.V.E. Caldas, E.C. Oliveira
 V4-84 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of a testing and calibration service for protection level test instrumentation (45 Kb)  S. Green, D. Peach, J. Palethorpe, A. Nightingale, D. Bradley
 V4-83 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Seven years of individual monitoring service in Cuba (163 Kb)  R. Cruz Suárez, E. Diaz Bernal, G. Lopez Bejerano, L. Jova Sed
 V4-82 91 kb 2012-11-06
 The current status of national radiation metrology laboratory in Taiwan (90 Kb)  S.J. Su, M.F. Su
 V4-81 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Personnel monitoring at JINR (126 Kb)  Y.V. Mokrov, M.M. Komochkov
 V4-80 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection optimization at different working conditions (35 Kb)  D. Delacroix, M. Guelin, C. Lyron
 V4-79 177 kb 2012-11-06
 New IAEA compendium of neutron dose conversion coefficients, spectra, and detector responses for radiation protection (176 Kb)  B. Siebert, J. Palfalvi, R.V. Griffith
 V4-78 223 kb 2012-11-06
 The Russian state system for quality assurance of radiation measurements (222 Kb)  Y.V. Tarbeyev, V.I. Fominykh, I.A. Kharitonov
 V4-77 155 kb 2012-11-06
 New IAEA recommendations on the calibration of radiation protection monitoring instruments (155 Kb)  J. Bohm, I. Thompson, R. Griffiths
 V4-76 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Morphological peculiarities of chronic gastrities in children and adolescents of Belarus under conditions of low-dose radiation chemical exposure (127 Kb)  N.A. Gres, T.I. Polyakova, T.S. Mozozevitch
 V4-75 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Changes of erythrocytic in iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in children on the background of combined effect of radiation and other unfavorable factors in the Republic of Belarus (53 Kb)  E. Slobozhanina, T.I. Kozaresova, N.A. Gres,
 V4-74 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Features of infringement of respiratory blood function at persons, damaged after Chernobyl accident (146 Kb)  Y.N. Onopchuk, N.V. Guzhovskaya, I.V. Stepanenko, G.M. Yakhnenko
 V4-73 54 kb 2012-11-06
 The metabolic effects of influence of ionizing radiation at patients with postirradiation encephalopathy (54 Kb)  I.V. Stepanenko, A.R. Vinnitsky, N.V. Guzhovskaya, G.M. Yakhnenko, T.S. Bondar
 V4-72 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Autoimmune responses to the brain antigens in patients with postchernobyl cerebrasthenic syndrome (48 Kb)  L.A. Kryzhanovskaya, N.I. Lisyany, L.D. Liubich
 V4-71 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Hormonal homeostasis in liquidators of the Chernobyl accident who have doses of less the 1 Gy (34 Kb)  A. Kovalenko
 V4-70 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Immunobiology and hematological aspects of health - 10 years after Chernobyl disaster (172 Kb)  V.G. Bebeshko, A. Romanenko, A.A. Chumak, D.A. Bazyka, E.M. Bruslova
 V4-69 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Principles of stage by stage rehabilitation in patients who suffered from acute radiation syndrome (46 Kb)  V.G. Bebeshko, A.N. Kovalenko, I.G. Khalavka, D.A. Belyi
 V4-68 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Sum of 10-year monitoring of health state in patients who suffered from acute radiation syndrome as the result of Chernobyl accident (50 Kb)  V.G. Bebeshko, A.N. Kovalenko, D.A. Belyi
 V4-67 122 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of cytogenetic after-effects of the Chernobyl explosion in Belarus (121 Kb)  N.A. Kartel, K.G. Yeliseeva, L.S. Mikhalevich, R.I. Goncharova, E.N. Makeeva)
 V4-66 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of the health effects in persons who participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident (37 Kb)  A. Romanenko, V.G. Bebeshko, A. Noshchenko, A. Nosovsky
 V4-65 60 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of clinical consequences of occupational chronical exposure (59 Kb)  N. Okladnikova, V. Pesternikova, V.S. Sumina, Z.B. Tokarskaya, N.V. Petrushkina, A.V. Kurbatov, I.A. Vologodskaya, O.B. Musatkova, L.E. Burak, Z.D. Bel
 V4-64 192 kb 2012-11-06
  The prognosis and pharmacological prophylacsis of radiogenic malignant tumours (191 Kb)  K. Muksinova, E.N. Kirillova, E.I. Rabinovich, G.S. Mushkacheva, V.S. Revina, M.E. Sokolnikov
 V4-63 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience on the studies of medical and biological effects of radiation incidents in the Urals (157 Kb)  A.V. Akleyev
 V4-62 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Preventive treatment of combined radiation injuries (177 Kb)  R. Boudagov, L. Uljanova, G. Makarov
 V4-61 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Integral protection index (1P1) as an universal criterion of comparative estimate of radioprotector efficiency (44 Kb)  A.E. Antushevich, R.B. Zholus, V.N. Boyko
 V4-60 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Conditional protection coefficient (CPC) is a new index of radioprotectors efficiency (42 Kb)  R.B. Zholus, A.E. Antushevich, V.N. Boyko
 V4-59 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Therapeutic potential of ex vivo expansion of haematopoietic precursors for the treatment of accidental irradiation- induced aplasia (155 Kb)  D. Thierry, J. Vettilard, T.M.A. Nguyen, C. Parmentier, J.C. Nenot
 V4-59 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Therapeutic potential of ex vivo expansion of haematopoietic precursors for the treatment of accidental irradiation- induced aplasia (155 Kb)  D. Thierry, J. Vettilard, T.M.A. Nguyen, C. Parmentier, J.C. Nenot
 V4-58 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of flow cytometric reticulocyte maturity index (RMI) as a diagnostic and prognostic indicator in accidential total body Irradiation (174 Kb)  D. Dubner, P. Gisone, M.R. Perez, M.E. Barboza, R. Alba, E. Reyes, A. Robinson
 V4-57A 64 kb 2012-11-06
 Adaptive response for radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations on Portugese uranium miners workers (64 Kb)  J.H. Pereira Luis
 V4-57 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Proliferating ability of the bone marrow cells of human in late periods after chronic radiation influence (124 Kb)  V. Pesternikova
 V4-56 62 kb 2012-11-06
 A recalculation of the age dependent dose-effect relationship of the life span study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (62 Kb)  M. Kottbauer, C.M. Fleck, H. Schollnberger
 V4-55 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Microvascular alterations and cytogenetic changes in medical personnel occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation sources (157 Kb)  V. Brumen, l. Prlic, R. Zeljko, H. Durda, H. Cerovac,
 V4-54 52 kb 2012-11-06
  Perspectives of using low doses of thyroid hormones for increasing antioxidant and reparogenic potential in persons with irradiated thyroid gland (52 Kb)  E. Antipenko, A. Cheban, M. Pilinskaya, L. Owsyannikova, A. Antipenko
 V4-53 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Genome state In somatic cells of atomic enterprise workers and their children and grandchildren (108 Kb)  N.D. Okladnikova, L.E. Burak, O.B. Musatkova
 V4-52 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Changes of 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced porphyrines accumulation in thyroid gland cells under irradiation of animals (52 Kb)  E. Lobanok, N.A. Shukanova
 V4-51 89 kb 2012-11-06
 Antiradiation effectiveness of the chlorine C (89 Kb)  O.M. Bubnova, 1.1. Grechka, V.V. Znamensky
 V4-50 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of an antiradiation activity of acidi glutaminici and its derivates (35 Kb)  V.V. Znamensky, R.A. Shchegoleva, N.I. Lisina
 V4-49 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Experimental development of combined treatment for acute radiation sickness (174 Kb)  K.S. Chertkov, I.E. Andrianova, V.A. Andrushchenko, L.A. Vernigorova
 V4-48 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Melanin decreases remote consequences of long-term irradiation (108 Kb)  I.B. Mosse, B.V. Dubovic, T. Vilchock
 V4-47 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Functional approach to the study of animals populations (rodents-adaptations to harmful factors) (150 Kb)  E. Grigorkina, G. Olenev)
 V4-46 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of interleukin-13 on the state of hemopoiesis in irradiated mice and dogs (54 Kb)  N.G. Chigareva, N.V. Petkevich, V.I. Legeza
 V4-45 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimate of antiradiation activity of radioprotectors belonging to different pharmacological groups with the help of integral protection index (IPI) (44 Kb)  V.N. Boyko, R.B. Zholus, A.E. Antushevich
 V4-44 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioprotective effects of lectins (51 Kb)  V.N. Boyko, A.S. Petrov, S.M. Smimova, Y.S. Turlakov, N.L. Kalinin
 V4-43 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioprotective and radiotherapeutic properties of the biotechnological agent MD2 (188 Kb)  C.V. Sobol, Y.T. Sobol, V.E. Komar
 V4-42 100 kb 2012-11-06
 The effect of selenium and green alga momotaru E-25 on radiation carcinogenesis and leukemia in rats exposed to ionizing radiation (100 Kb)  V.A. Knizhnikov, N.K. Shandala, V.A. Komleva
 V4-41 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of supplementation with selenous yeast on radioprotection (51 Kb)  O. Jazanov-Stankov, I. Djujic, M. Demajo, Z. Prijovic
 V4-40 62 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of dietary selenium intake on radiation induced oxidative stress in erythrocites (61 Kb)  I. Dujic, O. Jazanov Stankov, M. Demajo
 V4-39 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Ways of pharmacologic prophylaxis of stochastic and deterministic effects of chronical radiation exposure (184 Kb)  E.N. Kirillova, K.N. Muksinova, V.S. Revina, D.G. Smimov, M.E. Sokolnikov, T.V. Lukiyanova
 V4-38 74 kb 2012-11-06
 Beta-carotin and vitamin protection of mouse thymus against radiation effects (74 Kb)  V.A. Khorokhorina, B.P. Ivannik, R.V. Sinkova, N.I. Ryabchenko
 V4-37 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Changes of structural and functional parameters of blood and blood-forming organs cells membrane under irradiation of organism (54 Kb)  N.A. Shukanova, E.S. Lobanok
 V4-36 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation-induced alterations of cell membranes and blood cells: The physiological consequences and diagnostic benefit (53 Kb)  I.D. Volotovski, A.V. Vorobey
 V4-35 94 kb 2012-11-06
 Proliferative activity of cultured rat glial cells after irradiation of progenitors or multiplying and differentiating filial cells (93 Kb)  H. Coffigny, A.M. Ormiere, L.A. Court
 V4-34 86 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of gamma irradiation on a gastrointestinal peptide: neurotensin (85 Kb)  C. Linard, V. Esposito, J. Aigueperse, P. Gourmelon
 V4-33 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Modification of rat intestinal muscarinic cholinergic receptors by ionising radiation (148 Kb)  F. Lebrun, A. Francois, M. Vergnet, J. Aigueperse, P. Gourmelon, N.M. Griffiths
 V4-32 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiosensitivity of the guinea-pig oocyte at different stages of follicular development (155 Kb)  P. Jacquet, L. De Saint-Georges, J. Buset, J. Vankerkom, L. Baugnet-Mahieu
 V4-31 38 kb 2012-11-06
 Red-pigment-producing monascus ruber strains obtained by radiomutagenesis (37 Kb)  M. Ferdes, O. Ferdes
 V4-30 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of radioactive phosphorus P-32 on calcium, phosphorus and magnesium concentration and alkaline phosphatase activity in blood plasma of chickens (47 Kb)  M. Simpraga, P. Kraljevic
 V4-29 58 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of ionizing radiation and early treatment agents on hepatic regeneration (58 Kb)  N.G. Chigareva, Y.A. Abdul, V.I. Legeza
 V4-28 122 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose estimation of enriched uranium in tests on induction of dominant lethality and skeletal abnormalities (122 Kb)  S. Zhu, LM Ming-yue
 V4-27 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of Pu-239 on foetal haemopoietic cells (50 Kb)  A.C. Milner, B.E. Lambert
 V4-26 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Enhanced frequency of abnormal spermatozoa after combined X-Rays exposure (51 Kb)  M. Dobrzynska, A.K. Gajewski
 V4-25 164 kb 2012-11-06
 A new concept on the basic mechanism of effects of prenatal exposure in the developing nervous system of a new organism (164 Kb)  I.V. Filyushkin, A.N. Ignatov
 V4-24 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Neuroregulatory processes in the CNS structures after chronic exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation and lead and correction of the disorders (33 Kb)  V. Gourine, T.V. Dudina, A.I. Yelkina, T.S. Kandybo
 V4-23 24 kb 2012-11-06
 Mechanisms of neuro-endocrine regulation in the conditions of small irradiation doses and post-Chernobyl radiation situation (24 Kb)  E.F. Konoplya
 V4-22 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Nitric oxide and radioinduced damage in the developing brain (44 Kb)  M. Perez, B. Boccanera, D. Dubner, P. Gisone
 V4-21 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Autoimmune process in CNS under Cs-137 inner irradiation (138 Kb)  N.I. Lisyany, L.D. Liubich
 V4-20 56 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of radioprotection effects of a drug in Ukraine by mathematical theory of experiments (56 Kb)  V.N. Boyko, I.V. Voltchek, A.S. Petrov, V.P..Busnov
 V4-19 102 kb 2012-11-06
 Manifestations of radiation syndrome in pigs (101 Kb)  R. Kljajic, Z. Masic, B. Petrovic, P. Ciganovic
 V4-18 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation-induced chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells leading to acute myeloid leukemia in mouse (131 Kb)  N. Ban, T. Kusama
 V4-17 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Osteosarcoma induction in mice by the alpha-emitting nuclides, plutonium-239, americium-241 and uranium-233 (182 Kb)  M. Ellender, J.D. Harrison, H.E. Pottinger, J.M. Thomas
 V4-16 106 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of Radon - 222 and its daughter inhalation on reproduction in rats exposed under natural conditions (106 Kb)  S. Rambolu, E. Bordas, A. Olinic
 V4-15 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Early effects of radon progeny exposure in animals (155 Kb)  C.G. Collier, S.T. Baker, T.M. Eldred, J.C. Strong
 V4-14 31 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of treatment potentialities of skin radiation lesions by the aid of hyperbaric oxigenation (30 Kb)  E.N. Salin, E.V. Znamenskaya
 V4-13 238 kb 2012-11-06
 Acute skin lesions due to localized ''Hot Particle'' radiation exposures (238 Kb)  J.W. Baum, A.L. Carsten, D.G.L. Kaurin, C.W. Schaefer
 V4-12A 42 kb 2012-11-06
 Recombinant plasmids carrying mutant loci gam increase resistance of escherichia coil wild type cells to ionizing radiation (41 Kb)  V.N. Verbenko, H.P. Krupjan, L.V. Kuznetsova, V.L. Kalinin
 V4-10 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelling the comparative behaviour of some enzymes at gamma-ray and e-beam irradiation (41 Kb)  O. Ferdes, M. Ferdes
 V4-12 42 kb 2012-11-06
 Natural plasmid pSD89 (Cmr) from salmonella derby K89 enhances repair in gamma-irradiated escherichia koli K-12 strains (41 Kb)  V.N. Verbenko, K.G. Isakhanova, L.V. Kuznetsova, V.L. Kalinin
 V4-11 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of free 5-bromodeoxyuridine on SCE induction in human lymphocytes irradiated at the presynthetic stage. (129 Kb)  T.V. Kondrashova, N.V. Luchnik
 V4-10 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelling the comparative behaviour of some enzymes at gamma-ray and e-beam irradiation (41 Kb)  O. Ferdes, M. Ferdes
 V4-9 101 kb 2012-11-06
 Fast neutron irradiation effects on liver chromatin structure (101 Kb)  B. Constantinescu, L. Radu
 V4-8 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Synthesis stress proteins under action different stress (36 Kb)  A. Prohknersky, B.V. Sorochinsky
 V4-7 258 kb 2012-11-06
 The radioprotective role of tyastime on chlorospasts of Phaseolus vulgaris L (258 Kb)  D. Rodica, D. Popescu
 V4-6 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Plausible molecular mechanisms of morphological abnormalities in coniferous species after the Chernobyl accident (55 Kb)  M.V. Ruchko, A.I. Prokhevsky, B.V. Sorochinsky
 V4-5 208 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium radiobiology (207 Kb)  K.N. Muksinova, G.S. Mushkachova, G.G. Rusinova, V.B. Shorohova, V.S. Voronin, E.N. Kirillova, T.I. Uryadnitskaya, V.S. Revina
 V4-4 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Biophysical analysis of radiation-induced chromatid and chromosome aberrations at low doses and dose rates (144 Kb)  W. Hofmann, M. Nasterer, P. Eckl, J. Pohl-Ruling
 V4-3 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of gamma-quanta in the 0.1-50 cGy dose range on the conformation of chromatin in mammalian cells (52 Kb)  I Belyaev, M. Harms-Ringdahl
 V4-2 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Relation between radio-adaptive response and cell to cell communication (127 Kb)  K. Ishii
 V4-1 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Characterization of human normal and tumor cells irradiated with repeated low doses of gamma rays (50 Kb)  M. Osmak, S. Miljanic, S. Kapitanovic
 V3-267 211 kb 2012-11-06
 Non-ionising radiation: experience of communicating the hazards (211 Kb)  R. Hill
 V3-266 58 kb 2012-11-06
 Modification of radiation-induced membrane and cell damages by halogen-containing compounds (HCC) (57 Kb)  A.V. Vorobey, S.V. Pinchuk, N.A. Shukanova
 V3-265 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Quantitative risk assessment - an alternative approach to laser safety? (161 Kb)  R. Gardner, P.A. Smith
 V3-264 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological responses of NIH 3T3 to 193 NM excimer laser irradiation. Comparison with 254 NM irradiation (210 Kb)  C. Naudy, D. Courant, J.-C. Perot, J. Garcia, L. Court, D. Dormont
 V3-263 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Secondary optical radiation of high power laser beam welding (46 Kb)  K. Schulmeister, Ch. Schmitzer, K. Duftschmid, G. Liedl, K. Schroder, H. Brusl, N. Winker
 V3-262 487 kb 2012-11-06
 Laser: study by confocal and electronic microscopy of retinal damages induced by multiple piosecond pulses (487 Kb)  D. Courant, P. Fritsch, C. Naudy, H. Le Naour, J.-C. Perot, L. Court
 V3-261 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Combined TL-ESR MgO detectors for UV radiation (122 Kb)  V. Kortov, I. Milman, A. Monachov
 V3-260 91 kb 2012-11-06
 The study of phototransfer thermoluminescence in CaSo4: Dy using laser and ultraviolet non-ionizing radiation (91 Kb)  A. Potiens, L.L. Campos
 V3-259 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of hazard evaluation meters and spectroradiometers for the measurement of short wavelength light sources (44 Kb)  H. Brusl, N. Winter, K. Schulmeister, K. Duftschmid
 V3-258 97 kb 2012-11-06
 The influence of dose distributions on the result of UV-biodosimentry (97 Kb)  A. Cabaj, R. Sommer, M. Kundi
 V3-257 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Exposure to UVR: Risk quantification for non-melanoma skin cancer (155 Kb)  C.R. Roy, W.A. Cornelius, H.P. Gies
 V3-256 166 kb 2012-11-06
 UV-radiation induced UDS in human lymphocytes exposed in vitro to low levels of ionising radiation (165 Kb)  M.N. Mohankumar, R.K. Jeevanram
 V3-255 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Protection from solar ultraviolet radiation in Hong Kong (167 Kb)  J.K.C. Leung, W.K. Ho, M.Y.W. Tso
 V3-254 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Laser: experimental determination of retinal damages thresholds induced by multiple picosecond pulses (164 Kb)  D. Courant, C. Naudy, J.-C. Perot, J. Garcia, L. Court
 V3-253 192 kb 2012-11-06
 National and international standards on the measurement of electromagnetic fields and state-of-the-art measurement instruments (191 Kb)  H.-J. Forster
 V3-252 42 kb 2012-11-06
 Clinical and epidemiological studies of biological effects of SHF-radiation (41 Kb)  M.G. Shandala, Y.P. Paltsev, I.M. Suvorov
 V3-251 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Specific features of psychological reactivity in professional exposure to pulsed microwaves (124 Kb)  G. Balaceanu, R. Danulescu
 V3-250 56 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of radar occupational exposure on the male fertility (56 Kb)  E. Danulescu, R. Danulescu, D. Popa
 V3-249 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Broad band sensors calibration by a GTEM cell (141 Kb)  G. Licitra, M. Pocai, F. Francia
 V3-248 242 kb 2012-11-06
 Design and construction of a broadband electric field probe (241 Kb)  A. Bahrami, M. Sohrabi, D. Farvadin
 V3-247 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Pulsed radiofrequency microwave fields around a quadrupole particle accelerator: measurement and safety evaluation (109 Kb)  R.N. Sachdev, G. Swarup, K.K. Rajan, L. Joseph
 V3-246 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of complex microwaves occupational exposure in radar maintenance activity (149 Kb)  R. Danulescu
 V3-245 30 kb 2012-11-06
 RF induced body currents: practical measurements (30 Kb)  D.A. Baron
 V3-244 177 kb 2012-11-06
 The european pre-standard ENV 50166 "human exposure to electromagnetic field" (177 Kb)  B. Kunsch
 V3-243 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Magnetic resonance safety bioeffects of gradient magnetic fields (159 Kb)  S.A.A. Cenzano V
 V3-242 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Radio and TV broadcasting in Italy: A national project for health and environment impact analysis (134 Kb)  P. Vecchia, G. Inversini, V. Lepori, A. Polichetti
 V3-241 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of threshold values of electromagnetic near-fields for patients with implanted pacemakers in the frequency range 30Hz - 50MHz (166 Kb)  X. Xu, V. Hansen
 V3-240 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of 415 MHz frequency on human lymphocyte genome (160 Kb)  V. Garaj-Vrhovac, A. Fucic, S. Vojvodic
 V3-239 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Radar occupational exposure: Interferences with the function of the nervous system (169 Kb)  R. Danulescu, V. Borza, G. Balaceanu, D. Popa, E. Danulescu
 V3-238 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational exposure to radiofrequency radiation from (4-7 MHz) RF dialectic heat sealers (139 Kb)  S.Y. Acram, M.J. Smit
 V3-237 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Numerical evaluation of SAR in pregnant women during MRI examinations (154 Kb)  P. Vecchia, D. Aragno, S. Canino, P.L. Indovina, R. La Torre, A. Polichetti
 V3-236 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Sensors for low frequency electromagnetic radiation (150 Kb)  E. Huber, M. Urban
 V3-235 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Methods of developing an emission cataster for low frequency electric and magnetic fields (204 Kb)  E. Stenzel, O. Frohn, J. Dunker, O. Plotzke
 V3-234 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Non-ionising electromagnetic fields on offshore installations (167 Kb)  G.M. Stark, B. Heaton
 V3-233 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Survey of non-lonizing radiation level in the JRR-3M (142 Kb)  K. Sakae, T. Yamaguchi
 V3-232 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Weak magnetic fields injurious to health, strong magnetic fields harmless? Radiation protection by the present of magnetic fields (194 Kb)  E.L. Huber
 V3-231 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Sickness absence from 1978 to 1992 of Electricité de France (EDF) workers exposed to ELF EMF : the substation group (133 Kb)  M. Souques, A. Chevalier, F. Coing, W. Dab, J. Lambrozo
 V3-230 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (32 Kb)  N. Leitgeb
 V3-229 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Resonance effect of weak ELF electromagnetic field on E. coli cells and its dependence on the genome structure (52 Kb)  I. Belyaev, Y. Alipov, O. Aizenberg, S. Radko
 V3-228 238 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of combined ionizing and non-ionizing irradiations on the expression of the C JUN oncoprotein (238 Kb)  I. Lagroye, J.L. Poncy
 V3-227 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of mutagenic effect of low frequency electromagnetic fields fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) (46 Kb)  J. Garcia-Sagredo, I. Vallcorba, M. Sanchez-Hombre, M. Resino, M. Ferro, C. San Roman
 V3-226 135 kb 2012-11-06
 A review of the possible effects of 50160 Hz electromagnetic fields on melatonin secretion (135 Kb)  J. Lambrozo
 V3-225 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of the mutagenic potential of low power microwaves by direct DNA analysis (195 Kb)  S. Sarkar, S. Ali, B.K. Thelma, J. Behari
 V3-224 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of the exposure of the Swiss population to magnetic fields of 50 Hz power frequency and 16213 Hz in railways (158 Kb)  M. Stratmann, C. Wernli
 V3-223 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Radionuclide production with cyclotrons and radiation protection problems (173 Kb)  E.L. Huber
 V3-222 97 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on radioactivity of the air in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (96 Kb)  M. Bayer, T. Fiat, L. Daraban, N. Matei, M. Rusu
 V3-222 97 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on radioactivity of the air in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (96 Kb)  M. Bayer, T. Fiat, L. Daraban, N. Matei, M. Rusu
 V3-220 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure around patients after administration of Tc-99m-DPD or T1-201-Chloride (125 Kb)  E. Havlik, A. Kurtaran, J. Preitfellner
 V3-219 102 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation dose rates from patient undergoing Gallium-67 citrate study (102 Kb)  K. Ejiri, S. Koga, T. Orito, H. Ohse, T. Nishimura, K. Yokoyama, H. Toyama
 V3-218 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of radiation levels following administration of high doses of radioiodine in thyroid cancer patients (52 Kb)  A.K. Shukla, B.K. Das
 V3-217 51 kb 2012-11-06
 The interest for new dosemeters for operational dosimetry in the medical field (51 Kb)  B. Aubert, A. Lamon
 V3-216 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Type testing of the Harshaw extremity and whole body personal monitoring dosimeters for photon and angular response (44 Kb)  D. Broadhead, D. Rawlings, K. Faulkner
 V3-215 54 kb 2012-11-06
 Leakage radiation from various Co-60 units of theratron type (54 Kb)  W. Binder, H.G. Low, U. Wolff, R. Potter
 V3-214 162 kb 2012-11-06
 Scattered fractions of dose from 18- and 25-MoV X-ray radiotherapy linear accelerators (162 Kb)  J. Shobe, E. Stellman
 V3-213 42 kb 2012-11-06
 The radiation dose survey before and after the shielding improvement of the X-ray tube used for ERCP and angiocardiography (41 Kb)  I.C. Hsu, T.W. Chen
 V3-212 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of doses received by interventional radiology workers in Poland (38 Kb)  J. Jankowski
 V3-211 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Spectroscopy of patient scattered X-rays using Ge detectors (123 Kb)  G. Fehrenbacher, K. Tesfu, W. Panzer, J. David, W. Wahl
 V3-210 31 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational exposure to x-radiation in Poland in the years 1966-1995 (30 Kb)  J. Jankowski, K. Lapinski
 V3-209 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of effective dose and uterus dose for workers in medical radiology (169 Kb)  Chr.J. Huyskens, Y. Franken
 V3-208 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of prompt gamma-ray spectrometry for registration. Spectrometry and dosimetry of neutrons in NCT investigation (52 Kb)  G.I. Borissov, A.M. Demidov
 V3-207 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Cancer incidence after radiotherapy during infancy (140 Kb)  B. Arvidsson, E. Holmberg, P. Karlsson, S. Lindberg, L.M. Lundberg, A. Wallgren
 V3-206 165 kb 2012-11-06
 New results on short-term annealing for clinical TL dosimetry (165 Kb)  U.A. Fill, D. Regulla
 V3-205 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Brain injury in leukemia patients (44 Kb)  F. Todua, M. Beraia
 V3-204 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Brachytherapy dose inhomogeneity correction using I-125 seeds in the management of carcinoma of the nasopharynx (42 Kb)  K.A. Sadeghi, W. Bice, B.R. Prestidge
 V3-203 29 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetrical certification apparatus for brachytherapy as the means of overirradiation protection (29 Kb)  R.V. Stavisky, I. Lebedenko, A.M. Bishaev, A.A. Kokonsev
 V3-202 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of proton beams at the medical facility of the JINR phasotoron in Dubna (128 Kb)  A. Molokanov, G.V. Mytsin, F. Spurny, V.P. Zorin
 V3-202 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of proton beams at the medical facility of the JINR phasotoron in Dubna (128 Kb)  A. Molokanov, G.V. Mytsin, F. Spurny, V.P. Zorin
 V3-201 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Subsidiary neutron dose to patients with proton therapy (174 Kb)  J. Tada, K. Katoh, O. Sato, N. Yoshizawa, Y. Takada, H. Tsuji, H. Tatsuzaki
 V3-200 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of deuterated moderators for D(d,n) He-3 neutron capture therapy (144 Kb)  G. Shani, L. Tsvang, S. Rozin
 V3-199 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron spectra obtained from protons on a Li target for boron neutron capture therapy (171 Kb)  V. Heinzel, M. Sokcic-Kostic, Y. Ronen, I. Tiseanu
 V3-198 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Lessons learned from accidents in radiotherapy (34 Kb)  P. Ortiz, J. Novotny, J. Haywood
 V3-197 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Accident in a linear electron accelerator for medical use (155 Kb)  E. Palacios, J. Kunst, R. Rojkind
 V3-196 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of GafChromic dosimetry film for HDR brachytherapy for quality assurance (49 Kb)  D. Steidley
 V3-195 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Quantification of I-131 uptake in metastases from thyroid carcinoma (46 Kb)  L. Hahn, R. Kloiber, T. Farncombe
 V3-194 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of incorporated high activities with nuclear medicine equipment (204 Kb)  P. Friedel, F. Konig, H. Aiginger, E. Ogris
 V3-193 180 kb 2012-11-06
 National comparison of I-131 solution measurements in Romanian nuclear medicine units (179 Kb)  M. Sahagia, A. Razdolescu, E.L. Grigorescu, C. Ivan, A. Luca
 V3-192 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Effective dose from diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures in Northern Greece (128 Kb)  K. Hatziioannou, A. Hatzigiannaki, E. Molyvda-Athanasopoulou, A. Sioundas, P. Kostaki, K. Psarrakos
 V3-191 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Control of the biodistribution and biokinetics of 166-dysprosium-ferric-hydroxide after the radiation synovectomy using the clinical whole-body-counter in the General Hospital Vienna (157 Kb)  U. Prufert, Ch. Pirich, H. Aiginger,
 V3-190 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation dose to the pediatric population of Slovak Republic from diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures (155 Kb)  S. Ftacnikova, A. Furovia
 V3-189 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of urinary bladder models on radiation risk estimates in Indian patients due to nuclear renal dynamic investigation (113 Kb)  M.M. Gupta, S.C. Jain, A. Nagaratnam
 V3-188 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Internal dosimetry on intakes of various radiopharmaceuticals from external measurement with TLD (165 Kb)  T. Nakamura, Y. Hayashi, H. Watabe, M. Matsumoto, M. Itoh, T. Fujiwara
 V3-187 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of mathematical phantoms for calculating internal doses from radiopharmaceuticals using patients' digital picture of bone scintillation (159 Kb)  K. Akahane, M. Kai, T. Kusama
 V3-186 109 kb 2012-11-06
 I-131-retention measurements and localization by a high-sensitivity whole-body counter (109 Kb)  G. Greifeneder, H. Aiginger, J. Flores, F. Steger
 V3-185 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Effective dose and effective dose equivalent in nuclear medicine (169 Kb)  R.E. Toohey, M.G. Stabin
 V3-184 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Track structure calculation of the dose enhancement in tissue adjacent to implants of high atomic number (143 Kb)  H. Pruchova, D. Regulla
 V3-183 87 kb 2012-11-06
 CT dose measurement (86 Kb)  M. Vukcevic, M. Ateljevic, S. Stankovic, I. Avramovic, M. Kovacevic
 V3-182 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Low-contrast performance of CT units (145 Kb)  A. Servomaa, J. Karppinen, M. Heikkila
 V3-181 141 kb 2012-11-06
 Performance of mammographic units (141 Kb)  T. Parviainen, A. Servomaa
 V3-180 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Niobium filter effect on patient exposure and image quality (124 Kb)  S. Orsini, R. Bambilla, M. Campoleoni, G. Eulisse, G. Raimondi, M. Rozza, L. Vismara
 V3-179 40 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of X-ray effective energy using CaF2: Mn and LIF:Mg, Ti thermoluminescent dosimeters (39 Kb)  S. Miljanic, B. Vekic
 V3-178 108 kb 2012-11-06
 Diagnostic radiology dosimetry using ionization chambers (108 Kb)  M.P. Albuquerque, L.V.E. Caldas
 V3-177 106 kb 2012-11-06
 Automation of TLD dosimetry for simple radiographic procedures using the Harshaw 6600 monitoring system (105 Kb)  D. Broadhead, C.L. Chapple, K. Faulkner
 V3-176 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure and protection of children in X-ray diagnostics of the respiratory tract (49 Kb)  M. Ranogajec-Komor, D. Milkovic
 V3-175 121 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation doses and risks to neonates undergoing common radiographic examinations in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (120 Kb)  B.J. McParland, R. Lee
 V3-174 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Bone marrow and thyroid absorbed doses from mammography (157 Kb)  K. Hatziioannou, E. Molyvda-Athanasopoulou, E. Papanastasiou, J.G. Kitis, K. Psarrakos
 V3-173 110 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of patient dose in mammographic screening examinations (110 Kb)  S. Suzuki, S. Koga, T. Orito, Y. Asada, S. Fujii, H. Shimazaki, S. Inagaki
 V3-172 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Doses received during interventional procedures (129 Kb)  D.A. Broadhead, C.L. Chapple, K. Faulkner, M.L. Davies, H. McCallum
 V3-171 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Doses to patients in interventional radiology (43 Kb)  M.A. Staniszewska, J. Jankowski
 V3-170 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of entrance surface dose (ESD) values in relation to the techniques used in diagnostic radiology (116 Kb)  M. Fernandez Bordes, M. Alonso, L. Arranz, I. Hernando, R. Barquero, M.J. Castaneda,N. Diaz Caneja, A. Garcia Migue
 V3-169 134 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation field sizes and skin exposure in oral radiography (133 Kb)  C.A. Hazin, H.J. Khoury, S.V. Silveira, F.J. Lopes Filho
 V3-168 38 kb 2012-11-06
 Automation registration effective dose irradiation in medical radiological examinations (38 Kb)  R.V. Stavitskiy
 V3-167 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of patient surface dose from computed tomography examinations (55 Kb)  B. Vekic, S. Kovacevic, M. Ranogajec-Komor
 V3-166 134 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of organ and tissue doses from computed tomography examination. (133 Kb)  J. Janeczek
 V3-165 44 kb 2012-11-06
 X-ray diagnostics: dose to patients versus technical exposure parameters (44 Kb)  M.A. Staniszewska
 V3-164 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of parameters required for optimization of X-ray diagnostic procedures (150 Kb)  I. Prlic, Z. Radalj, H. Cerovac, V. Brumen
 V3-163 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Implementation of some dose reduction methods in quality assurance of diagnostic radiology in some hospitals in Iran (189 Kb)  M. Sohrabi, S. Borhanazad, B. Aghahadi
 V3-162 61 kb 2012-11-06
 Practical possibilities for patient dose reduction in diagnostic radiology (61 Kb)  C. Milu
 V3-161 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Reduction of male gonadal exposure doses due to different diagnostic X-ray procedures in Bangladesh (55 Kb)  Q. Huda, B. Alam, F. Miah
 V3-160 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Unnecessary X-ray exposures: spoilt films and their contribution to annual collective dose (154 Kb)  C. Diaconescu, O. lacob, T. Bostaca, C. Cobzeanu, L. Munteanu
 V3-159 155 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of radiation dose and quality assurance in medical X-ray diagnosis (155 Kb)  M. Brostiuc
 V3-158 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Proposal of dose constraints values to the patients in diagnostic radiology (138 Kb)  L. Arranz, J.M. Sastre, G. Madrid, B. Tobarra, E. Guibelalde, N. Ferrer, J.C. De Andres
 V3-157 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Quality assurance program in diagnostic radiology (176 Kb)  A. Yacovenco
 V3-156 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Age as a factor in assessing risks to patients from the use of X-rays (137 Kb)  J.C. Le Heron
 V3-155 85 kb 2012-11-06
 Slovenian national survey of doses to patients undergoing X-Ray examinations (85 Kb)  T. Fortuna
 V3-154 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of radiation load of pediatric patients from diagnostic X-ray examinations in Slovakia (32 Kb)  I. Gomola)
 V3-153 52 kb 2012-11-06
 A national survey of Canadian mammography facilities (51 Kb)  G.R. Symonds
 V3-152 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose distributions of patients from chest fluoroscopy, upper GI-tract radiography and cinematography in Japan (114 Kb)  T. Kusama, K. Ohta, M. Kai
 V3-151 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of radiological detriment from negative radiological examinations (152 Kb)  I. Frometa, S.F. Jerez Vegueria
 V3-150 31 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of diagnostic X-ray units in Poland concerning the exposure of patients to ionizing radiation (30 Kb)  J. Jankowski, A.M. Staniszewska
 V3-149 124 kb 2012-11-06
 A survey of chest medical X-ray doses. (124 Kb)  C.E. De Almeida, M. Lomba, P.G. Da Cunha
 V3-148 214 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure of the German population from X-ray diagnostic procedures (214 Kb)  J.H. Bernhardt, R. Veit, B. Bauer
 V3-147 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Population exposure produced by unnecessary examinations (115 Kb)  E. Tessanu, D. Radulescu, C. Simon
 V3-146 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Medical exposure in Romania (141 Kb)  C. Diaconescu, O. lacob, D. Davidescu
 V3-145 54 kb 2012-11-06
 Effective doses from diagnostic medical exposure in Romania (53 Kb)  O. lacob, C. Diaconescu, C. Milu
 V3-144 247 kb 2012-11-06
 Building strategies for restoration of contaminated areas after a nuclear accident: Implementation of related studies and first orientations (246 Kb)  F. Besnus, J.M. Peres
 V3-143 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Basic principles of federal policy for rehabilitation of territories and population exposed to radiation (illustrated by the situation in the Urals, Russia) (98 Kb)  V.Y. Voznyak, V.V. Panteleyev
 V3-142 175 kb 2012-11-06
 General problems of radiation measurements in decommissioning of nuclear facilities (175 Kb)  Z. Huang, H. Ten
 V3-141 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation monitoring and quality assurance in decommissioning engineering of a nuclear facility (167 Kb)  Z. Huang
 V3-140 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Delicensing of nuclear sites in the UK (162 Kb)  P.H. Burgess, S. Griffiths
 V3-139 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Collimated in-situ gamma spectrometry: a new method for fast clearance measurements of large areas of building structures of nuclear facilities under decommissioning (182 Kb)  L. Hummel, P. Guglhor, K.H. Lehmann
 V3-138 194 kb 2012-11-06
 Leaching and adsorption characteristics of radionuclides in activated concrete waste (193 Kb)  S. Kato, Y. Yanase, T. Honda
 V3-137 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of a single-channel analyzer and sodium iodide detector to resolve quantification difficulties during remediation of a radiumcontaminated site (50 Kb)  A. Lucas, A. Karam, W. Carey
 V3-136 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Characteristics of generated aerosols and estimation of air contamination in decommissioning of the Japan power demonstration reactor (132 Kb)  I. Manabe, H. Tomii
 V3-135 30 kb 2012-11-06
 Radium luminising: the continuing implications (29 Kb)  S. Lloyd
 V3-134 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Research on the disposal methods of uranium-bearing spoils in Eastern China (44 Kb)  H. Zhang, Q. Ling, L. Song, Y. Lu, J. Li, Y. Xu
 V3-133 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Recovery of wastes from an old storage silo (39 Kb)  P. Manson
 V3-131 121 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation protection aspects of the decommissioning of the Linac-Adone storage ring (120 Kb)  A. Esposito, M. Chiti
 V3-132 230 kb 2012-11-06
  Telerobotic decommissioning of the DIDO high activity handling cell at UKAEA Harwell (230 Kb)  S.A. Forbes
 V3-130 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Decommissioning analysis of an university cyclotron (137 Kb)  G. Eggermont, K. Vander Plaetse, A. Hermanne
 V3-129 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Decommissioning of western Europe's oldest reactor "the graphite low energy experimental pile (GLEEP)" at UKAEA Harwell (166 Kb)  I.P. Graham
 V3-128 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation dose control in decommissioning (33 Kb)  P. Manson, D. Pomfret
 V3-127 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Repower instead of retire - A fourth alternative for decommissioning commercial nuclear power stations in the United States (172 Kb)  J.M. Hylko
 V3-126 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Uranium mining and milling by COGEMA environmental impact compared to 1 mSv Livit (148 Kb)  S. Bernhard, J.L. Daroussin, J.P. Pfiffelmann
 V3-125 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Practical difficulties associated with investigation and remediation of contaminated land (157 Kb)  J.P. Fowler
 V3-124 229 kb 2012-11-06
 Transfer process studies through a toarcian argilite (228 Kb)  J.Y. Boisson
 V3-123 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental impact of a very low level waste specific landfill (183 Kb)  C. Brun-Yaba, J.M. Peres, F. Besnus
 V3-122 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Long lived, low level radwaste forecast in Saudi Arabia (49 Kb)  S. Abdul-Majid, I. Kutbi, A. AI-Marshad
 V3-121 60 kb 2012-11-06
 Guidelines on the handling of radioactive material and wast in hospital and biological research centres (60 Kb)  M.T. Macias Dominguez, A. Castell, P. Olivares, M.T. Ortiz, R. Plaza, A. Sanchez, M. Tellez, J.D. Quesada
 V3-120 149 kb 2012-11-06
 A study of BPEO in the context of liquid radioactive waste generated at BNFL Springfields fuel manufactoring plant (148 Kb)  W. Hendrickson, P. Fawcett, K. Brown
 V3-119 222 kb 2012-11-06
 Domestic smoke detectors - a radioactive waste problem? (221 Kb)  M. Carter
 V3-118 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Removal of Ra-226 from waste waters resulted from mining and processing of uranium ores with natural zeotites (149 Kb)  I.C. Dutu, G.N. Sandor, T. Peic, G. Dinca
 V3-117 54 kb 2012-11-06
 A simple and robust precipitation method for treating transuranic waste solutions (54 Kb)  J. Sedlet, S. Aase, C. Conner, S.A. Slater, G.F. Vandegrift
 V3-116 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Production and radioactive-waste disposal: A mathematical model (115 Kb)  G. Testoni, T. Bernardi, R. Zannoli, O. Tubertini
 V3-116 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Production and radioactive-waste disposal: A mathematical model (115 Kb)  G. Testoni, T. Bernardi, R. Zannoli, O. Tubertini
 V3-115 185 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation-hygienic conceptions analysis of handling with reactor compartments of being utilized nuclear-powered submarines (184 Kb)  V. Dovgusha, A. Blekher
 V3-114 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Waste arising from dismantling operations melting contaminated scrap iron (176 Kb)  D. Franquard, J.P. Mercier
 V3-113 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring of moving objects for radioactivity (42 Kb)  B. Krebs
 V3-112 229 kb 2012-11-06
 Planning for unconditional release measurement (228 Kb)  B. Krebs
 V3-111 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive contamination of recycled metals (159 Kb)  J.O. Lubenau, J.G. Yusko, D.A. Cool
 V3-110 226 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of secondary streams in mixed waste treatment (226 Kb)  F.F. Haywood, W.A. Goldsmith, D.F. Allen, L.J. Mezga
 V3-108 126 kb 2012-11-06
 The French centralised low level radwaste treatment center named CENTRACO (126 Kb)  Y. Sixou
 V3-107 93 kb 2012-11-06
 EDF's "DRA" software for the management of radioactive waste (93 Kb)  M. Bordier
 V3-106 107 kb 2012-11-06
 Analytical determination of alpha emitters in waste samples containing a larger number of radionuclides (107 Kb)  R. Biehl, G. Pilwat
 V3-109 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Characterization of Hanford HLW based on core sample analysis (48 Kb)  V. Banjac, A.S.
 V3-105 40 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological criteria for the seletion of a near surface disposal site (40 Kb)  L. Baekelandt, J.P. Minon, Th. Zeevaert, P. Govaerts
 V3-104 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Side-effects of application of manure from AFCF treated animals (169 Kb)  C. Vandecasteele, M. Van Hees, S. De Brouwer, H. Vandenhove
 V3-103 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Role of different potassium concentrations on accumulation and excretion of radiocesium in a freshwater fish (153 Kb)  M.C. Carreiro, J.A.G. Corisco
 V3-102 106 kb 2012-11-06
 The German catalogue of countermeasures - A suitable and necessary tool in emergency situations (105 Kb)  S. Bittner, H. Braun, H. Korn, I. Strilek, H. Zindler
 V3-101 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelling external radiation doses in contaminated urban areas: Implications for development of decontamination strategies (176 Kb)  K.G. Andersson
 V3-100 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental remediation of soils with heterogenous radioactive contamination in Canada, characterization and verification methods (192 Kb)  B.A. McCallum, R.W. Pollock, A.J. Sinclair
 V3-99 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of Sapropell sediments as a countermeasure for contaminated soils (184 Kb)  M.J. Madruga, A. Cremers
 V3-98 70 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimal systems of countermeasures and universal algorythm of decontamination of radionuclides contaminated soils (69 Kb)  Y. Kutlakhmedov, A. Youve, N. Zezina, A. Micheev
 V3-97 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Chronic irradiation from incorporated radiocaesium could stimulate its uptake by plants (51 Kb)  O. Kostyuk, D. Grodzinsky, Y. Kutlakhmedov
 V3-96 59 kb 2012-11-06
 Can agricultural countermeasures lead to an increase in population dose? (59 Kb)  B. Yatsalo
 V3-95 194 kb 2012-11-06
 Management of contaminated agricultural environments following a major nuclear accident. An overview on possible short-term and long-term countermeasures (194 Kb)  H. LOnsjo
 V3-95 194 kb 2012-11-06
 Management of contaminated agricultural environments following a major nuclear accident. An overview on possible short-term and long-term countermeasures (194 Kb)  H. LOnsjo
 V3-94 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Decontamination strategies in contaminated settlements (191 Kb)  P. Hubert, V. Le Tallec, A. Jouve
 V3-93 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of ammoniumcyanoferrate in remedial measures in an area of elevated Cs-contamination in milk (191 Kb)  K. Mock, J. Zechner
 V3-92 74 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of the thyroid protection efficiency for Belarusian children after the Chernobyl accident (74 Kb)  J. Kenigsberg, E. Buglova
 V3-91 85 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of averted fatal cancer cases due to limitation of radiocaesium intake with milk for population of Belarus after the Chernobyl accident (84 Kb)  J. Kenigsberg, E. Buglova
 V3-90 206 kb 2012-11-06
 Emergency management in nuclear accident situations The disaster exercise 1995 "Northern Light" (206 Kb)  Schmitzer
 V3-89 181 kb 2012-11-06
 The national radioactivity monitoring network of the Netherlands (181 Kb)  S.T. van Tuinen, J.E.T. Moen
 V3-88 59 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation monitoring of environmental contamination around Mayak Atomic Facility and effective use of its results (58 Kb)  V.A. Yachmenyov
 V3-87 253 kb 2012-11-06
 The development of the prompt system of gamma radiation monitoring in FR Yugoslavia (253 Kb)  M. Orlic, S. Pavlovic, R. Pavlovic
 V3-86 23 kb 2012-11-06
 The measurement organization within the radiation monitoring network on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (22 Kb)  V.N. Pikalov, I.I. Matveenko, V.L. Samsonov
 V3-85 98 kb 2012-11-06
 The organization of monitoring system in the districts around the NPP to provide radiation countermeasures (98 Kb)  I.M. Skuratovich, I. Matveenko
 V3-84 99 kb 2012-11-06
 Some aspects on improvement of the organizational basis for public protection of those residing under the conditions of chronic "emergency" irradiation (99 Kb)  V. Ternov, I. Vasilyeva
 V3-82 105 kb 2012-11-06
 On the use of the normalized LEAST-squares method to reconstruct the source term from tracer experiments (105 Kb)  C.M. Rojas, A. Sohier
 V3-83 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Removing food protection countermeasures: the use of live monitoring to derestrict much of the Chernobyl-affected area in Cumbria (145 Kb)  M.G. Segal, K. Mondon, C.C. Morris
 V3-81 156 kb 2012-11-06
 The implementation of the IAEA accident response plan in Yugoslav practice (155 Kb)  M. Orlic, R. Pavlovic, S. Markovic, S. Pavlovic
 V3-80 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Some consideration on decision-making in a nuclear emergency (128 Kb)  Y. Nakashima, H. Wang
 V3-79 215 kb 2012-11-06
 Emergency management in Slovenia (215 Kb)  R. Martincic, M. Korun, A. Likar, B. Pucelj, B. Usenicnik
 V3-78 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Current management approaches in the event of radiological emergencies (171 Kb)  F. Steinhausler, M. Dreicer
 V3-77 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Strengthening the French emergency provisions dealing with post-accidental situations (51 Kb)  D. Rousseau
 V3-76 51 kb 2012-11-06
 The French contribution to the Kola exercise (50 Kb)  D. Rousseau, M. Giraud, M. Tirot, M. Dubois
 V3-75 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Off-site radiological emergency planning - justification and coordination (201 Kb)  A. Persson, J. Valentin
 V3-75 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Off-site radiological emergency planning - justification and coordination (201 Kb)  A. Persson, J. Valentin
 V3-74 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Developing emergency management resources (45 Kb)  D.H. Denham
 V3-73 262 kb 2012-11-06
 Chernobyl is not everywhere - a critical review of emergency preparedness 10 years after Chernobyl (262 Kb)  H. Brunner
 V3-72 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioecological study of fresh water ecosystems influenced by the operation of Nuclear Cycle Facilities in the Urals (131 Kb)  A.V. Trapeznikov
 V3-71 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioecological characteristics determining radiation exposure of the population around Mayak facility (49 Kb)  G.N. Romanov
 V3-70 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric basis for the risk analysis of thyroid cancer morbidity in the Bryansk region of Russia. (53 Kb)  I.A. Zvonova, M.1. Balonov
 V3-69 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Aspects of the radioactive contamination of food and humans in Romania, after the Chernobyl accident (114 Kb)  I. Chiosila, C. Milu
 V3-68 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Cs-137 and Sr-90 dietary intake and urinary excretion for children, after the Chernobyl Accident (179 Kb)  M. Toader, R.A. Vasilache, M.L. Toader, M.J. Vasilache
 V3-67 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience and results of cooperation in radiation protection between Sweden and East Europe countries (172 Kb)  J.O. Snihs
 V3-66 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of dose consequences from iodine-129 and other radionuclides by isotopic equilibrium analysis (44 Kb)  J.J. Cohen
 V3-65 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological consequences in the environment following a venting-procedure at PWR and BWR (45 Kb)  R. Metzke, P. Guglhbr, K.H. Lehmann, H. Meyer, S. Wohlhofler)
 V3-65 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological consequences in the environment following a venting-procedure at PWR and BWR (45 Kb)  R. Metzke, P. Guglhbr, K.H. Lehmann, H. Meyer, S. Wohlhofler)
 V3-64 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Findings of the first comprehensive radiological study of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (48 Kb)  S.L. Simon, J.C. Graham
 V3-63 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Follow up of the Chernobyl Cs-137 concentration in Belgium by means of in-situ Gamma spectrometry (124 Kb)  J. Uyttenhove, B. Van Waeyenberge, S. Pomme
 V3-62 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Analyzing Cs-137 and Cs-134 concentration in mosses samples in Campania region - Italy after the Chernobyl accident (137 Kb)  C. Fontana, M.L. Aebischer
 V3-61 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Potential transfer of radiocaesium to man from Swedish forest ecosystems (50 Kb)  K.J. Johanson
 V3-60 73 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivity during the first 5 years after the Chernobyl accident and committed effective doses (73 Kb)  C. Milu, R. Gheorghe, A. Sorescu, L. Pahomi
 V3-60 73 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivity during the first 5 years after the Chernobyl accident and committed effective doses (73 Kb)  C. Milu, R. Gheorghe, A. Sorescu, L. Pahomi
 V3-59 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigations to the distribution of Cs 137 and K 40 in a cow (157 Kb)  H. Rabitsch, E. Pichl, J. Pletz, G. Kahr
 V3-58 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Weathering of radionuclides deposited in inhabited areas (172 Kb)  J. Roed, K.G. Andersson, O. Togawa
 V3-57 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Detailed radiological survey of the private farmsteads as a way of development of population individual dosimetry (46 Kb)  E.E. Petrov, A.N. Zabudko, I.P. Sadokhin
 V3-56 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-term uptake of Cesium-134,137 by the body of inhabitant of Russian territory contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl accident (52 Kb)  I.G. Travnikova, M.I. Balonov
 V3-55 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Actions undertaken by Electricite de France in Belarus: A community of interests for electricity producers (124 Kb)  J. Lallemand
 V3-54 159 kb 2012-11-06
 The retrospective estimation of radiation situation on the territory of Republic of Belarus in the first period after the Chernobyl NPP catastrophe (159 Kb)  M.G. Germenchuk, O.M. Zhukova, LI. Matveenko, E.D. Shagalova
 V3-53 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation and forecast of the radiation situation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus after the Chernobyl NPP catastrophe (160 Kb)  O. Zhukova, I. Matveenko, M.G. Germenchuk, E.D. Shagalova
 V3-52 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Data bank for the data at the early measurements of radioactive contamination in Belarus after Chernobyl NPP accident (135 Kb)  Y.V. Dubina, L.N. Guskina, A.I. Dodd, S.B. Kulich, N.V. lasnikova, V.S. Pustoshilova
 V3-50 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental measurements in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine from 1991 - 1993 (129 Kb)  K. Heinemann, R. Hille
 V3-49 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Incorporation of radiocesium by the population of regions in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine affected by the reactor accident in Chernobyl (137 Kb)  P. Hill, R. Hille
 V3-48 163 kb 2012-11-06
 The problem of inhalation dose estimation in Chernobyl NPP 30 km-radius zone (162 Kb)  A.K. Sukhoruchkin, S.V. Kazakov
 V3-47 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Coefficient of soil decontamination from Strontium-90 at the territory of east ural radioactive trace (EURT) (143 Kb)  A.V. Bazhenov, M.A. Izymov, P.V. Voloduev
 V3-46 274 kb 2012-11-06
 RESSAC A research facility for studying radionuclides behaviour within ecosystems (274 Kb)  F. Brechignac, C. Colle, J. Hugon, C. Madoz-Escande, P. Rongier
 V3-45 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Risk analysis in application to post-accident management (132 Kb)  V.F. Demin
 V3-44 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation dose structure for residents exposed due to Mayak plant operation and natural factors in the Urals region methods for optimization of radiation protection (148 Kb)  E. Kravtsova, N.V. Kolotygina, L.V. Pudovkina, O.S. Kr
 V3-43 199 kb 2012-11-06
 The theory of individual variability of osteotropic radionuclides metabolism (198 Kb)  N. Lyubashevsky, V.I. Starichenko, A.G. Golubev, E.A. Shishkina
 V3-42 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of Pb-210 low activity by gamma spectrometry (200 Kb)  I. Malatova, D. Drabova, J. Kropacek
 V3-41 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Non-lonizing and ionizing dosimetry in a space radiation environment with GaAs SIC LEDs (153 Kb)  A. Houdayer, A. Barry, P. Hinrichsen, A.C. Ng
 V3-40 59 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of antiradiation preparation for radiotherapy and regions of radiation accidents (59 Kb)  O.N. Chupakhin, L.N. Rasina
 V3-39 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Synthetic hydroxypatites as a possible EPR dosimeter (125 Kb)  A. Romanyukha, D. Regulla
 V3-38 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Alkaline-earth metal dithionates-based spin-resonance 8-Radiation dosimeters (129 Kb)  I.I. Ugolev, S.E. Bogushevich
 V3-37 54 kb 2012-11-06
 The technique of EPR-dosimetry with tooth enamel: achievments and problems. (53 Kb)  S. Sholom, V.V. Chumak
 V3-36 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Retrospective evaluation of the external component of individual doses for Techa riverside residents (173 Kb)  A.A. Romanyukha, M.O. Degteva, V.P. Kozheurov, A. Wieser, P. Jacob, M.I. Vorobiova, E.A. Ignatiev, E.A. Shishkina, A.A. Kosh
 V3-35 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation doses to population in the western districts of the Bryansk Region following the Chernobyl accident (49 Kb)  Y.O. Konstantinov, O.V. Lebedev, O.S. Moskalev
 V3-34 145 kb 2012-11-06
  Stochastic models for individual external dose reconstruction of the population evacuated after the Chernobyl accident (144 Kb)  R. Meckbach, V. Chumak, J. Pavlenko, I.A. Likhtarev
 V3-33 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Thyroid dose reconstruction for the evacuees from Prípjat (51 Kb)  G. Goulko, V.V. Chumak, K. Henrichs, P. Jacob, I.A. Kairo, LA. Likhtarev, B.G. Sobolev
 V3-32 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron measurements at large distances from the U.S. Army pulse radiation facility bare critical assembly (51 Kb)  P. Goldhagen, F. Hajnal, M. Reginatto, P. Shebell, G. Klemic, N. Azziz, C. Heimbach, M.A. Oviver, M.B. Stanka
 V3-31 176 kb 2012-11-06
 An overview of retrospective occupational dosimetry at BNFL (176 Kb)  A.V. Kite, R.W. Anderson
 V3-30 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Retrospective radiation dosimetry using optically stimulated luminescence on natural and synthetic materials (136 Kb)  L. Botter-Jensen, B.G. Markey, N. Agersnap Larsen
 V3-29 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Present challenges in retrospective dosimetry (53 Kb)  V.V. Chumak, I.A. Likhtarev
 V3-28 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Plutonium in hair of residents of Belarus (159 Kb)  A. Malenchenko, N. Bazhanova, I. Zhuk, E. Lomonosova, N. Kanash
 V3-27 277 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of cytogenetic risk in the process of non-destructive testing of welds (276 Kb)  A. Fucic, M. Novakovic, V. Garaj-Vrhovac, D. Kubelka
 V3-26 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of somatic cell mutation in Yugoslavian workers internally contaminated by radionuclides as a consequence of the Chernobyl accident (38 Kb)  Z. Zunic, S. Markovic, G. Joksic, S. Pavlovic, M. Orlic
 V3-25 193 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of age, sex and life style factors on the spontaneous and radiation induced micronuclei frequencies (193 Kb)  M. Di Giorgio, M. Nasazzi, M. Heredia
 V3-24 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation induced chromosome aberrations in cultured lymphocytes from 4 patients with skin radiation injuries (183 Kb)  T.V. Kondrashova, T.I. Ivanova, S.N. Katsalap
 V3-23 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Serum proteins in atomic industry workers (151 Kb)  V.I. Telnov
 V3-22 95 kb 2012-11-06
 Cytogenetic dosimetry of radiation damages in domestic animals (94 Kb)  R. Kljajic, Z. Zunic, G. Joksic, Z Zurovac Kuzmann, S. Kosarcic
 V3-21 49 kb 2012-11-06
 How to establish biodosimetric lab. (scientific basisand required equipment) (48 Kb)  A.A.M. Shaaban
 V3-20 146 kb 2012-11-06
 The frequency of dicentric chromosomes in relation to I-131 contamination (145 Kb)  D. Kubelka, A. Fucic
 V3-19 171 kb 2012-11-06
 The dicicentric elimination in lymphocytes of patients exposed in the time of the Chernobyl accident (171 Kb)  V.J. Nugis
 V3-18 178 kb 2012-11-06
 Chromosome aberration of accidentally exposured persons in France: review of cases (177 Kb)  P. Voisin, V. Durand, A. Le Roy, N. Paillole, I. Sorokine, V. Chambrette
 V3-17 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Cells with multiple micronuclei in cat scratch diseases (113 Kb)  O. Garcia, A. Lamadrid, J. Manzano
 V3-16 104 kb 2012-11-06
 Present state of biological dosimetry in Cuba (104 Kb)  O. Garcia, A. Lamadrid, J. Manzano, L. Morera, T. Mandina
 V3-15 59 kb 2012-11-06
 Induction of in-vivo blood chromosomes aberrations by low-level radiation from nuclear fallout (58 Kb)  H. Lettner, J. Pohl-Ruling, Ch. Atzmüller, W. Hofmann, A. Haas, D. Lloyd, A. Brogger, G. Obe, T. Schroeder, E.D. Leonard, A. L
 V3-14 101 kb 2012-11-06
 Persistence of unstable chromosome aberrations in medical staff occupationally exposed to ionising radiation (100 Kb)  V. Kasuba, S. Karmela, R. Ruzica
 V3-13 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Correlation of the LET-dependent TLD-response with biological effects in various radiation fields (173 Kb)  M. Noll, N. Vana, W. Schoner, M. Fugger, E. Bock, Ch. Wolff
 V3-12 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation induced chromosome aberrations and interphase DNA geometry (158 Kb)  N. Nasazzi, D. Otero, M. Di Giorgio
 V3-11 73 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological dosimetry applied fo treatments with iodine-131 in thyroid cancers (73 Kb)  C. Parmentier, M. Schlumberger, R. M'Kacher, Beron-Gaillard, A. Gaussen, J.D. Legal
 V3-10 135 kb 2012-11-06
 CAIRS-ALGADE personal alpha dosimeter (135 Kb)  B. Bjorndal, G. Cubbon, R. Moridi, C. Betrand
 V3-9 188 kb 2012-11-06
 Mitigation of radiation dose through deposition to indoor surfaces (187 Kb)  J. Roed, A.J.H. Goddard, J. McCurtain, C. Lange, M.A. Byrne
 V3-8 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of ion-exchange membran source to preparation of calibration source simulating filter paper for dust monitors (150 Kb)  T. Oishi, M. Yoshida, T. Mizugaki, T. Sugo
 V3-7 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Calculation of fluence-to-dose equivalent conversion coefficients for neutrons to be used for calibration of personal dosimeters (164 Kb)   M. Yoshizawa, Y. Yamaguchi
 V3-6 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Semiconductor detectors for determination of radionuclide contamination in the substances after the Chernobyl accident (126 Kb)  P.G. Litovchenko, L.I. Barabash, P.E. Berdnichenko, S.V. Berdnichenko, V.I. Kutz, T.I. Kibkalo, A.P. Litov
 V3-5 42 kb 2012-11-06
 Tests of surface contamination monitors in alpha and beta radiation standard fields at the calibration laboratory of Sao Paulo (42 Kb)  L.VE Caldas, M. Xavier
 V3-4 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Equipment and standards for surface contamination measurements (172 Kb)  M. Sahagia, A. Razdolescu, C. Ivan
 V3-3 118 kb 2012-11-06
 "Hot particles" in the lungs of people from the Chernobyl accident who died of acute radiation sickness" (118 Kb)  P.A. Vlasov, Y. Kvacheva)
 V3-2 145 kb 2012-11-06
 "Hot particle" intercomparison dosimetry" (145 Kb)  D.G.L. Kaurin, J.W. Baum, M.W. Charles, D.P.J. Darley, J.S. Durham, M.J. Scannell, C.G. Soares
 V3-1 206 kb 2012-11-06
 Body contamination monitors - State of the art and future development (205 Kb)  R. Gerlach
 V2-275 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Methodology of environmental impact study and optimization of releases (44 Kb)   J.C. Cariès
 V2-274 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Sorption/desorption phenomena in uranium mill tailings: Study of the distribution of radionuclides on pure solid phases and application to the modelling of source term (178 Kb)  S. Bassot, D. Stammose
 V2-273 187 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimating air quality close to radium bearing waste piles (186 Kb)  Y. Belot
 V2-272 104 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiocapacity: prognosis of pollution after nuclear accidents (104 Kb)  V.L. Korogodina, V.I. Korogodin, Y.A. Kutlachmedov
 V2-271 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Guidelines for an early evalution of a nuclear accident, calculated with the computer model PARK (183 Kb)  J. Gregor, J. Burkhardt, L. Kammerer, J. Peter
 V2-270 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Model validation: the use of human measurement data (153 Kb)  L. Prosser, K. Jones
 V2-269 104 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelling the dynamics of fish contamination by Chernobyl radiocaesium: an analytical solution based on potassium mass balance (104 Kb)  A. Koulikov, M. Meili
 V2-268 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Properties of deterministic models for prediction of radionuclide concentrations in river systems (153 Kb)  M. Tschurlovits, G. Winkler
 V2-267 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Mathematical modelling of radionuclide behaviour in the Vienne river during routine releases of the Civaux nuclear power plant (143 Kb)  F. Siclet, A. Hita, P. Ciffroy, P. Gosse
 V2-266 211 kb 2012-11-06
 Adaptability of the mathematical model in Cs-137 leach-rate and effective coefficent of diffusion determination from the mortar matrices (210 Kb)  A. Peric, R.S. Pavlovic, I.B. Plecas
 V2-265B 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements and modelling of Cs-137 migration into various types of soil (130 Kb)  E. Koblinger-Bokori, P. Szerbin, L. Koblinger, I. Vegvari
 V2-265A 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelling of the atmospheric transport of radioactive contamination from Chernobyl accident using ETA model (52 Kb)  B. Telenta, D. Antic, M. Sokcic-Kostic, M. Ninkovic
 V2-265 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Spatial distribution of an instantaneous point release of a finite amount of gas (145 Kb)  J.E. Majchrzak, N. Fruttero, D. Roel, E. Grassi, E. Ponce
 V2-264 206 kb 2012-11-06
 The mathematical modelling and experimental investigation transfer of radionuclides in boundary layers of the near-surface atmospheric layer in the Black Sea region and Belarus in 1986-1994 (206 Kb)  P.M. Kolesnikov, V.N. Eremeev
 V2-263 234 kb 2012-11-06
 The ecological problems in Belarus and Ukraine: Investigation and mathematical modelling of radionuclides in atmosphere soils and seas (234 Kb)  P. Kolesnikov, V.N. Eremeev
 V2-262 206 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of a dynamic model for evaluating radionuclide concentration in fungi (205 Kb)  W.R. Schell, 1. Linkov, B. Morel
 V2-261 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Human radiation dose resulting from forests contaminated by radionuclides: Generic model and applications to the Chernobyl ecosystems (183 Kb)  I. Linkov, W.R. Shell
 V2-260 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Probabilistic methods in radioecology: evident advantages and non-trivial problems (52 Kb)  B. Yatsalo, O.A. Mirzeabassov, I.V. Okhrimenko, I.A. Pichugina
 V2-259 62 kb 2012-11-06
 Computer DSS for assessment of countermeasure strategy in the long-term period of liquidation of the consequences of a nuclear accident (agrosphere) (62 Kb)  B. Yatsalo, O.A. Mirzeabassov, I.V. Okhrimenko, V.A. Kutkov, V.F. Demin,
 V2-258 197 kb 2012-11-06
 On-line validation of a prediction model in case of nuclear fallout (196 Kb)  K. Mück, M.H. Gerzabek, M. Suda, E. Henrich
 V2-257 168 kb 2012-11-06
 RADAL: a dynamic model for the transfer of radionuclides through agricultural food chains (167 Kb)  S.F. Jerez Vegueria, P.F. Jerez Vegueria, I. Frometa Suarez
 V2-256 99 kb 2012-11-06
 Computerized system to create radiational and hygienic passport of site and to research the prognosticated consequence sensitivity due to countermeasures (98 Kb)  A.A. Niggiyan, Y.N. Bragin, V.N. Gerashchenko, S.I. Yanov
 V2-255 51 kb 2012-11-06
 ASTRAL: A software for the estimation of accidental releases of radionuclides in the environment (50 Kb)  H. Maubert, P. Renaud, P. Fache, J.M. Metivier
 V2-254 100 kb 2012-11-06
 Interactive simulation of environmental consequences of nuclear accidents (100 Kb)  L. Koblinger, I. Nemeth, P.P. Szabo, A. Kerekes
 V2-253 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Probability safety assessment (PAS-Level-3) and emergency planning (116 Kb)  L. Sagi, L. Koblinger
 V2-252 229 kb 2012-11-06
 PC CREAM: a PC package to assess the consequences of radioactive discharges due to normal operations (229 Kb)  C.A. Fayers
 V2-251 60 kb 2012-11-06
 Apparatus for radio-ecological control of rooms condition (60 Kb)  V.G. Babich, V.N. Salnikov, A.A. Tikhonov
 V2-250 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Automatic station of environmental control (48 Kb)  V.Y. Tougaenko, J.A. Gerasinov, A.L. Magdesian, V.P. Poluektov, A.V. Serov
 V2-249 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Remote methods of radiation measurements and search of local radioactive sources in the Chernobyl area (49 Kb)  S.A. Choumov, N.M. Kozodaeva
 V2-248 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioecology of Vardar river basin (138 Kb)  T. Anovski, L. Cvetanovska-Nastevska, N. Jovanovski, Z. Bozinovski
 V2-247 174 kb 2012-11-06
 In-situ gammaspectrometry intercomparison exercise in Salzburg/Austria, nuclide specific exposure rate measurements (174 Kb)  F. Steger, E. Lovranich, E. Urbanich, S. Streit
 V2-246 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of gamma activity of heavy water at RB reactor (131 Kb)  M. Pesic, V. Gubenov, T. Milovanovic, S. Andic, S. Milovanovic
 V2-245 119 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis and assessment of the results of intercomparison runs on determination of Sr-90, Cs-137 and Pu-239/240 specific activity in soils sampled in the vicinity of Mayak (118 Kb)  O.S. Zvetkov, Y.A. Panteleev, V.P. Tishkov, V.I
 V2-244 209 kb 2012-11-06
 Status results of an annual campaign of continuous measurements of air radioactivity in Novozybkov (Briansk region) - recent data of a Russian - French study (209 Kb)  E. Petrov, A. Zaboudko, Y. Seldiakov, D. Fertman, M. Chemtob,
 V2-243 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Resuspension Cs-137 caused by pyroclasic flow at Mt. Fugen, Unzen Volcano, Japan (122 Kb)  K. Terai
 V2-242 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Accumulation of radionuclides under determined conditions in trouts and carps (131 Kb)  K. Hübel, J. Litzke
 V2-241 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive contamination of Adriatic marine organisms by fission products (35 Kb)  Z. Franic, G. Marovic, N. Lokobauer
 V2-240 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Semiconductor gamma-spectrometry system for airborne surveying of contamination of large areas (173 Kb)  D. Drabova, I. Bucina, R. Filgas
 V2-239 142 kb 2012-11-06
 The deposition and metabolism of methyl (125) iodide by crops (142 Kb)  C. Collins, A.E. Gravett, J.N.B. Bell
 V2-238 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Aerial platform equipped for nuclear emergency measurements (156 Kb)  E. Cisbani, S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, M. lodice, A. Mostarda, L. Pierangeli, G.M. Urcioli, A. Ambrosini, C. Berteotti, G. Stellato, U. Delprato
 V2-237 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Aerial measurements with helicopters to determine accidental releases from nuclear facilities (167 Kb)  I. Winkelmann, H. Buchröder, M. Thomas
 V2-236 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Up-to date state and dynamics of radioecological situation at the East-Ural radioactive trace in Sverdlovsk Oblast (123 Kb)  V.N. Chukanov, B.A. Korobitsin
 V2-235 158 kb 2012-11-06
 The radiation monitoring on the territory of Belarus (158 Kb)  I.I. Matveenko, V.N. Pikalov, V.L. Samsonov
 V2-234 111 kb 2012-11-06
 Contents of radionuclides in surface layer of uncultivated soils of a mountainous region (111 Kb)  D. Todorovic, D. Popovic, G. Duric
 V2-233 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of the contents of natural radionuclides in coal and ashes from Kosovian power plants (164 Kb)  F. Adrovic, D. Todotovic, M. Ninkovic, M. Prokic
 V2-232 40 kb 2012-11-06
 On the radioactivity of the main components of the Romanian diets (39 Kb)  O. Ferdes, T. Cojocaru
 V2-231 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of Sr-90 in natural samples  (46 Kb)  Z. Grahek, K. Kosutic, S. Lulic
 V2-229 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological monitoring in Slovenia (163 Kb)  R. Martincic, M. Korun, U. Miklavzic, B. Pucelj
 V2-228 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Study on the behavior of technetium-99 In soil environment (123 Kb)  S. Morita, H. Watanabe, Y. Akatsu, H. Ishiguro
 V2-227 46 kb 2012-11-06
 A technique for 1-129 measurement in soil samples using radlochemical and neutron activation analysis (45 Kb)  E.E. Petrov, A.N. Zabudko, LP Sadokhin, S.S. Prokhorov, V.A. Zybin
 V2-230 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-Time atmospheric H-3 and C-14 record in Croatia (134 Kb)  N. Horvatincic, I. Krajcar-Bronic, B. Obelic
 V2-226 174 kb 2012-11-06
 A method for the determination of vertical distribution profiles of radioactive contamination in soils (174 Kb)  J. Roed, O. Togawa
 V2-225 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of the behavior of Ag-110m In soil system (129 Kb)  G. Szabo, J. Guczi
 V2-224 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Decontamination of radioactive phosphogypsum (128 Kb)  V. Vintila Teodoru, F. Gheorghe, M. Cazana
 V2-223 94 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivity concentrations in soil in the Western province of Saudi Arabia (94 Kb)  S. Abdul-Majid, W. Abdulfarah, I. Kutbi
 V2-222 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Systematic approach to the organisation of measurement assurance in radioecology (115 Kb)  V.I. Fominykh, I.M. Khaikovich, A.M. Blumentaov, Y.V. Tarbeyev
 V2-221 47 kb 2012-11-06
 Short-term environmental measurements with the high sensitive thermoluminescent dosemeters (47 Kb)  M. Prokic
 V2-220 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Uranium mining and milling sites in Argentinia: Environmental radiological monitoring (1981 - 1994) (142 Kb)  A.M. Bomben, J.C. Gomez, A.R. Curti, A.A. Oliveira
 V2-219 46 kb 2012-11-06
 U-238, Th-232, Ra-226 and K-40 radioactivity levels in different types of fertilizers (45 Kb)  S. Abdul-Majid, I. Kutbi, W. Abulfaraj, M. BaSabrian
 V2-218 118 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioisotope and stable element partitioning coefficients in the Danube river (118 Kb)  N.D. Drndarski, N. Lavi
 V2-217 213 kb 2012-11-06
 Measured tritium in ground water related to atmospheric releases from Marcoule nuclear site (213 Kb)  F. Levy, A. Clech
 V2-216 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry and neutron activation analysis of rare earths in Cachoeira river (136 Kb)  A. H. Oliveira, G. Revel, G. Pinte, M.I. Severo, E. Oliveira
 V2-215 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Plutonium and americium in the Rhone sediments (190 Kb)  L. Foulquier, L. Jourd'Heuil, A. Lambrechts, M. Morello, P. Miara, M. Pally
 V2-214 281 kb 2012-11-06
 Cs-137 in sediments of the northern and middle Adriatic sea (280 Kb)  D. Barisic, S. Lulic, A. Vertacnik, N. Vdovic, M. Juracic
 V2-213 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Changes in liquid radioactive waste discharges from SellafieId to the Irish Sea: Monitoring of the environmental consequences and radiological implications (137 Kb)  G.J. Hunt, B.D. Smith, D.J. Swift
 V2-212 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive liquid discharges in relation with the phosphogypsum industry in European countries (171 Kb)  A. Despres
 V2-211 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium in Danube water around the Romanian CANDU Reactor of Cernavoda (36 Kb)  F. Baciu, A. Baciu, L. Popescu
 V2-210 122 kb 2012-11-06
 Emergency planning for the Romanian CANDU reactor of Cernavoda the environmental approach (122 Kb)  F. Baciu, A. Baciu, L. Popescu, M. Georgescu
 V2-209 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental radioactivity surveillance of the Romanian CANDU reactor of Cernavoda normal operation and accident scenarios (166 Kb)  F. Baciu, A. Baciu, M. Alexandrescu, M. Georgescu, L. Popescu, M. Antone, E. Suto, L. Dan
 V2-208 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental monitoring in Qinshan NPP (33 Kb)  J.J. Liu
 V2-207 184 kb 2012-11-06
 On-line low concentration stack activity release monitoring system for nuclear reactors (184 Kb)  P.V. Bhatnagar, S.P. Chaganty, R.K. Jakati, K.R. Gopalakrishnan
 V2-207 184 kb 2012-11-06
 On-line low concentration stack activity release monitoring system for nuclear reactors (184 Kb)  P.V. Bhatnagar, S.P. Chaganty, R.K. Jakati,
 V2-206 107 kb 2012-11-06
 The artificial radioactivity in Bechet-Dabuleni area, five years of survey (107 Kb)  E. Dobrescu, C. Milu, R. Gheorghe, F. Lida, D. Gruia
 V2-205 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental stray radiation monitoring at the NSRL (126 Kb)  Y. Li, J. Li, B. Shao
 V2-204 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Centralization of environment monitoring measurements (44 Kb)  Y. Testini
 V2-203 117 kb 2012-11-06
 The automatic radiation monitoring distributed system SRM-256C (116 Kb)  G.N. Stetsenko, Y.N. Rastsvetalov, A.A. Yanovich
 V2-202 63 kb 2012-11-06
 The KGE computer system (63 Kb)  P. Sagot, Y. Testini
 V2-201 141 kb 2012-11-06
 An assessment of the radiological significance of consuming wild foods collected near the Sellafieid nuclear fuel reprocessing plant (141 Kb)  M.J. Fulker, P. Leonard, K. McKay
 V2-200 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental measurements around French nuclear power plants (49 Kb)  A. Le Corre, T. Bourcier
 V2-199 204 kb 2012-11-06
 A regulatory programme to assess licensees' arrangements for monitoring the public impact of direct radiation from civil nuclear sites in the UK (203 Kb)  C.E. Temple
 V2-198 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental radioactivity monitoring in Latvia (134 Kb)  J. Berzins, J. Alksnis, I. Ljulko, T. Vasiljeva
 V2-197 53 kb 2012-11-06
 Mobile laboratory for measuring radioactivity in the environment (53 Kb)  Y. Testini
 V2-196 215 kb 2012-11-06
 An original method to measure the natural radioactivity in the outdoor environment by means of a mobile laboratory (215 Kb)  M.C. Robe, V. Labed, P. Richon, A. Beneito, D. Haristoy, S. Demongeot
 V2-195 49 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Gamma dose rate monitoring stations: Discussion on dose quantities, site location and calibration schemes (49 Kb)  V. Genrich
 V2-194 80 kb 2012-11-06
 Airborne spectrometric monitoring of the earth surface (79 Kb)  V.I. Fominykh, V.S. Danilov, V.V. Filimonov
 V2-193 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Airborne gamma-ray spectometry in environmental and accidental monitoring (45 Kb)  J. Kluson, A. Malusek, T. Cechak, P. Jurza
 V2-192 193 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination by in situ gamma spectrometry of outdoor and indoor dose rates in populated areas of Greece due to natural and artificial sources of radiation (193 Kb)  A. Clouvas, M. Antonopoulos-Domis, S. Xanthos
 V2-189 176 kb 2012-11-06
 International intercomparisons for radioactivity measurements of environmental samples during past decade (176 Kb)  Z. Huang, H. Ten, G. Liu, H. Song, L. Sha, Z. Wang
 V2-188 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Background radiation spectrum and its influence on low level activity measurements in the environmental samples (132 Kb)  D. Popovic, D. Todorovic, G. Duric, A. Radoicic
 V2-191 142 kb 2012-11-06
 An improved method of in-situ measurement of Cs-137 concentration in soil ten years after Chernobyl (142 Kb)  M. Fülöp, P. Ragan
 V2-190 141 kb 2012-11-06
 A new alpha spectrometry for infinitely thick sources using Si detectors (141 Kb)  F. Shiraishi, Y. Takami, T. Hashimoto, C.H. Mesquita, M.M. Hamada, M.H.O. Sampa
 V2-187 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron spectrometry for protection dosimetry at very low levels (162 Kb)  A.G. Bardell, D.J. Thomas
 V2-186 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of laboratory and in situ evaluation of environmental TL dosimeters (166 Kb)  S. Deme, M. Osvay, I. Apathy, I. Feher
 V2-185 184 kb 2012-11-06
 New three-count technique for short-lived radon decay products in air (183 Kb)  T. Deyuan, L. Zhizhao
 V2-184 177 kb 2012-11-06
 The BGO alpha-beta-gamma liquid scintillation spectometer (177 Kb)  Y. Kalish
 V2-183 57 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of radioactivity investigations in the environment using portable devices (57 Kb)  D. Klein, P.M. Badot, A. Chambaudet
 V2-182 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of the average path of gamma-rays in the sample (150 Kb)  M. Korun, A. Likar, R. Martincic
 V2-181 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of real time spectrum measurement to radiation monitors (143 Kb)  K. Matsuno, M. Watana, T. Sakamaki
 V2-180 116 kb 2012-11-06
 A simple calibration method for thermoluminescence detectors used in environmental measurements (116 Kb)  L.P. Pashchenko
 V2-179 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Liquid scintillation cocktails comparison for tritium contamination measurements (160 Kb)  P. Belloni, L. Bertalot, A. lanni, F. Lucci, S. Sandri, R. Vasselli
 V2-178 176 kb 2012-11-06
 The determination and optimization of multiple measurements for activity calculations (175 Kb)  B. Scott
 V2-177 58 kb 2012-11-06
 An environmental dosimetry system utilizing hyper-sensitive material and hot air heating (57 Kb)  K.J. Velbeck, R.A. Tawil, J.E. Rotunda, M. Moscovitch
 V2-176 225 kb 2012-11-06
 Beta time-spectrometry with multichannel scaling a portable low level monitor for natural and artificial radionuclides in air, water and soils solids (224 Kb)  H. Von Philipsborn, Ch. Hoffmann
 V2-175 65 kb 2012-11-06
 High sensitivity dosimetrical system for environmental, natural radioactivity survey (64 Kb)  A. Stochioiu, C. Turcus, C. Craciun, D. Pop
 V2-174 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Separation of the industrial and the natural components of the ambient background by a statistical method (144 Kb)  L. Purghel, N. Valcov
 V2-173 73 kb 2012-11-06
 Plastic scintillator water monitor response for P-32 (73 Kb)  K. Nishizawa, Y. Ogata, H. Kojima, Y. Goto, T. Ohshima
 V2-172 209 kb 2012-11-06
 On the distinction of small extra doses from the natural background Design and testing of a sensitive TL-dosemete (208 Kb)  D. Samsom, A.J.J. Bos
 V2-171 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron measurements by in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry using Cadmium converters (156 Kb)  M. Korun, A. Likar, R. Martincic, B. Pucelj
 V2-170 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Assay variations of environmental samples caused by different constructions of standards (35 Kb)  G. Gilmore, A. Khan, M. Gensini
 V2-169 652 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization of measuring geometry of the Seibersdorf whole-body counter (651 Kb)  H. Jany, F. Steger, H. Aiginger, E. Lovranich, L. Riedlmayer
 V2-168 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Interpreting faecal analysis results for monitoring exposure to uranium (142 Kb)  P. Berard, M.L. Faure, B. Auriol, M. Estrabaud, C. Mazeyrat, E. Rongier
 V2-167 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Methodologic aspects for selecting molecules appropriate to decorporation treatment (162 Kb)  C. Montagne-Marcellin, M.H. Henge-Napoli, E. Ansoborlo
 V2-166 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Simplified excretion functions for recent recycling biokinetic models (150 Kb)  A. Khursheed
 V2-165 182 kb 2012-11-06
 The Auger electron effect in radiation dosimetry - a review. (181 Kb)  L. Persson
 V2-164 121 kb 2012-11-06
 Electron probe x-ray microanalysis of inhaled (U02, Pu02) mixed oxydes in alveolar macrophages observed in toto (120 Kb)  P. Massiot, P. Fritsch, H. Le Naour, G. Rateau, C. Lizon, I. L'Huillier
 V2-163 38 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium level in blood as a measure to determine the dose due to organically bound tritium (37 Kb)  M. Saito
 V2-162 169 kb 2012-11-06
 IAEA-RCA coordinated programme: compilation of anatomical, physiological and metabolic characteristics for a référence Asian man (168 Kb)  H. Kawamura, G. Tanaka, F. Miah, M.A. Rab Molla, J. Wang, H.S. Dang, C. Sunta, C. Soegiarto,
 V2-161 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Effective dose from intake of some radiologically significant radionuclides in Indian population (130 Kb)  S.C. Jain, M.M. Gupta, A.R. Reddy, A. Nagaratnam
 V2-160 107 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of thyroid monitoring system for radioiodine in thyroid gland (107 Kb)  H. Hangai, S. Mizushita
 V2-159 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Design and performance characteristics of a thyroid counter for radioiodine monitoring (151 Kb)  M. Sohrabi, N. Alirezazadeh, M. Aliabadi
 V2-158 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigations of secondary ion mass spectrometry in radiation protection dosimetry (174 Kb)  A. Amaral, C. Cossonnet, F. Escaig, D. Franck, P. Galle, P. Pihet
 V2-157 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of thorium excretion in urine by means of ICP-MS (147 Kb)  E. Werner, P. Roth, I. Wendler, P. Schramel
 V2-156 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Pooling techniques for bioassay screening (149 Kb)  L.C. Sun, J.W. Baum, E. Kaplan, A.R. Moorthy
 V2-155 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of actual level of Sr-90 and Cs-137 in urine as indicator for internal contamination of human body in the case of nuclear accident (117 Kb)  L. Albulescu
 V2-154 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessments of internal doses by ingestion of radioactive foodstuffs in Bangladesh (147 Kb)  S.A. Mollah
 V2-153 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Cs-137 and Sr-90 dietary intake and urinary excretion for children after the Chernobyl accident (32 Kb)  M. Toader, R.A. Vasilache, M.L. Toader, M.J. Vasilache
 V2-151 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Cs-137 transfer from mother to embryos in the first years after the Chernobyl accident (152 Kb)  M. Toader, R.A. Vasilache, M.L. Toader, M.J. Vasilache
 V2-150 92 kb 2012-11-06
 Does initial lung burden affect the alveolar lung clearance of inhaled 239PuO2 ? (91 Kb)  N. Ishigure, T. Nakano, H. Enomoto, H. Sato, J. Inaba
 V2-149 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Biokinetic modelling of skeletal labels from Pu-239 (169 Kb)  E. Polig
 V2-148 48 kb 2012-11-06
 PUMA - an improved computer code for assessing plutonium exposure (48 Kb)  A.E. Riddell
 V2-147 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Microdosimetry of hot particles in lung interstitium (45 Kb)  V.A. Kutkov
 V2-146 111 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of new chelating agent, CBMIDA and its analogues, on removal of plutonium in rats (111 Kb)  S. Fukuda, H. Iida, Y. Xie, W. Chen
 V2-145 103 kb 2012-11-06
 Chelating agent, DTPA, can not remove effectively Inhaled plutonium oxide in rats (102 Kb)  S. Fukuda, H. Iida, Y. Yamada, A. Koizumi, H. Sato, N. Ishigure, T. Nakano, H. Enomoto
 V2-144 132 kb 2012-11-06
 The measurement of Am-241 in the body with a double low energy germanium detector system (132 Kb)  J. Genicot, J.P. Culot, F. Hardeman, J.P. Alzetta, H. Vanmarcke
 V2-143 180 kb 2012-11-06
 The chemical form of Neptunium in the rat liver cells (179 Kb)  F. Paquet, B. Ramounet, H. Metivier, D.M. Taylor
 V2-142 114 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological behaviour of Np-237 after inhaltion of Np02 in the rat: preliminary results (113 Kb)  C. Lizon, P. Massiot, G. Rateau, H. Le Naour, F. Paquet, J.L. Poncy, P. Fritsch
 V2-141 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Reconstruction of the size of nuclear fuel particle aerosol by the investigation of a radionuclide behavior in body of the Chernobyl accident witnesses (164 Kb)  V.A. Kutkov
 V2-140 153 kb 2012-11-06
 In vitro solubility of Chernobyl nuclear fuel aerosol with respect to collective behavior of its radionuclides (152 Kb)  V.A. Kutkov, 0.l. Komaritskaya
 V2-139 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Impact of ICRP publication 68 (183 Kb)  M.W. Carter, D. A. Woods
 V2-138 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Implementation of the ICRP 66 respiratory tract model: example of occupational exposure to uranium oxides formed in a new laser enrichment process (194 Kb)  E. Ansoborlo, M.H. Henge-Napoli, N. Stradling, S. Hodgson, A. Hodgson, A.
 V2-137 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Observation of some anomalies in the ICRP metabolic model of uranium (171 Kb)  H.S. Dang, V.R. Pullat
 V2-136 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Stochastical approach to the estimation of radionuclide body burdens (147 Kb)  B.S. Prister, L.I. Shpinar, I.I. Yaskovets, V.A. Girij
 V2-135 99 kb 2012-11-06
 Restrictions for application of effective dose in radiation safety (99 Kb)  V.A. Kutkov
 V2-134B 47 kb 2012-11-06
 A PBPK model for carbon for describing metabolim in humans for use in internal dosimetry (46 Kb)  J. Johnson, D.W. Whillans
 V2-134A 49 kb 2012-11-06
 CPHR-whole body counter unit: calibration results (48 Kb)  R. Cruz Suárez, G. Lopez Bejerano, C Nogueira Oliveira, P. Bastos Becker
 V2-134 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Windows" code for the interpretation of the radioactive bioassay measurements based on U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Comission data and the initial Intakeldose assessments using U.S.internal dosimetry codes on Europ. intercomparision data (148 
 V2-133 132 kb 2012-11-06
 A method to localize small activities in the human body by a whole-body counter (132 Kb)  G. Greifeneder, H. Aiginger, F. Steger, E. Unfried, L. Riedlmayer, H. Havlik, H. Bergmann
 V2-132 220 kb 2012-11-06
 The gamma camera as an emergency whole-body counter for contaminated persons (219 Kb)  E. Wallström, M. Alpsten, S. Mattsson
 V2-131 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Treatment of the X and gamma rays lung monitoring spectra obtained by using HP-Ge detectors in cases of exposures to uranium (189 Kb)  P. Berard, O. Pourret, J.P. Aussel, E. Rongier
 V2-130 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon influence in the estimation of background of whole-body counting (138 Kb)  N. Sugiura, T. Kosako, H. Eguchi
 V2-129 107 kb 2012-11-06
 The new whole-body counter at the NRIRR, Budapest (107 Kb)  A. Kerekes
 V2-128 146 kb 2012-11-06
 The Canadian National Calibration Reference Centre for in-vivo monitoring and the United States Department of Energy's international in-vivo intercomparison (146 Kb)  G. Kramer, R.M. Loesch, P.C. Olsen
 V2-127 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Direct internal dosimetry - a new way for routine incorporation monitoring of gamma-emitting radionuclides (183 Kb)  H. Doerfel
 V2-126 54 kb 2012-11-06
 The internal dosimetry intercomparison program of the U.S. department of energy (54 Kb)  R.M. Loesch, T.E. Hui, J.C. McDonald
 V2-125 150 kb 2012-11-06
 European intercomparison of in-vivo monitoring systems (149 Kb)  K. König, A. Schmitt-Hannig, M. Thieme
 V2-124 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigations on frequency distribution of whole-body retention parameters of caesium in humans (112 Kb)  A. Andrasi
 V2-123A 44 kb 2012-11-06
 The application of Monte Carlo and magnetic resonance image phantoms in establishing calibration factors for in vivo measurement systems (43 Kb)  D.P. Hickman, J. Clark, D.A. Kruchten, M. Firpo)
 V2-123 56 kb 2012-11-06
 In-utero exposure to plutonium: distribution and carcinogenesis studies (56 Kb)  P.G. Mountford-Lister, B.E. Lambert
 V2-122 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of age-specific radiation risks to patients with non-uniform dose distribution (165 Kb)  T. Komppa, A. Servomaa
 V2-121 159 kb 2012-11-06
 The dose rate as a modifier of biological effects in conditions of the combined action of radiation-chemical factors (159 Kb)  S. Sushko, T. Kuzmina, A. Malenchenko
 V2-120 15 kb 2012-11-06
 Biologiocal effects of the combined impact of low radiation doses & chemical agents (15 Kb)  I.V. Rolevich (Minsk, BELARUS)
 V2-119 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Monte Carlo simulation of Z > 2 ion track distribution in bone tissue (44 Kb)  A. Taymaz, A. Karaman, I. Kanat, G. Breiki
 V2-118 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of risk projection models for the comparison of mortality from radiation-induced breast cancer in various populations (116 Kb)  D. Hubert, T. Schneider
 V2-117 119 kb 2012-11-06
 A mathematical formulation of radiation risk (118 Kb)  K. Katoh
 V2-116 54 kb 2012-11-06
 The mathematical model for risk assessement (53 Kb)  I.B. Tokin, V.V. Kornikov, N.V. Khovanov
 V2-115 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Oh Wunderl-the inverse dose-rate effect is quelled by the effectiv threshold (171 Kb)  O.G. Raabe
 V2-114 151 kb 2012-11-06
 The explanation of B.L. Cohen's Radon data and the low-LET ARIP-data with the Random Coincidence Model (151 Kb)  H. Schollnberger, C.M. Fleck, M. Kottbauer, B.L. Cohen
 V2-113 153 kb 2012-11-06
 A molecularbiological model for the dose-effect relation fitting different epidemiological data (153 Kb)  C.M. Fleck, M. Kottbauer, H. Schollnberger
 V2-112 193 kb 2012-11-06
 An experimental model for risk assessment of combined exposure to radon and other airborne pollutants. (193 Kb)  G. Monchaux, J.P. Morlier, M. Morin, R. Maximilien
 V2-111A 48 kb 2012-11-06
 The theory of reliability as a basis for risk estimates of the health effects associated with radon and its progeny (48 Kb)  V. Koltover
 V2-111 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of carcinogenic risks from neutrons in man (55 Kb)  P. Grimwood, M.W. Charles
 V2-110 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Does the exposure from the Chernobyl accident associate with cancer deaths in Greece? (129 Kb)  C. Papastefanou
 V2-109 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Postchernobyl dose and risk assessments in Ukraine (55 Kb)  I.A. Likhtariov, L.N. Kovgan, V.S. Repin, B.G. Sobolev
 V2-108 180 kb 2012-11-06
 Are there risks from exposure to low level radiation? (179 Kb)  D.J. Higson
 V2-107 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Nuclear installations and childhood leukaemia - testing the hypothesis, exploring the implications - a review (175 Kb)  A.J.M. Slovak
 V2-106 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Childhood leukaemia and low-level radiation - are we underestimating the risk? (183 Kb)  R. Wakeford
 V2-105B 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Some issues at the epidemiological health state research of children living in Chelyabinsk-65 and Chelyabinsk-70 (44 Kb)  E. Kouropatenko, N. Koshurnikova
 V2-105A 59 kb 2012-11-06
 Epidemiological data on the basis of the registry of workers of Mayak Production Association (58 Kb)  N. Shilnikova, N.A. Koshurnikova, P.V. Okatenko, S.A. Romanov, E.K. Vasilenko
 V2-105 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Epidemiology evaluation of the radiation risk among residents of the Techa river area (51 Kb)  M. Kossenko
 V2-104 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of COSYMA in the design of epidemiological studies in case of radiological accidents (176 Kb)  H. Mansoux, P. Verger, A. Thomassin
 V2-103 178 kb 2012-11-06
 An estimate of the health status of the offspring of individuals subject to occupational external gamma-exposure (177 Kb)  N. Petrushkina, O.B. Musatkova
 V2-102 93 kb 2012-11-06
 The genetic consequens of external exposure (92 Kb)  P.W. Izhewskij
 V2-101 180 kb 2012-11-06
 The impact of the human genome project on risk assessment (179 Kb)  K. Doerffer, P. Unrau
 V2-100B 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of a radiological accident typology in the preparation of epidemiological plans (47 Kb)  P. Verger, H. Mansoux, A. Thomassin
 V2-100A 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Possible genetic consequences found in the residents of Belarus after the Chernobyl nuclear accident (33 Kb)  G. Lazjuk
 V2-100 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Condition of reproductive health as criterion of deterministic effects of low doses of radiation (49 Kb)  L.A. Buldakov, I.J. Vasilenko, S.I. Demin, A.M. Liaginskaya, M.M. Saurov
 V2-99 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Childhood leukemia in Romania and the Chernobyl accident (131 Kb)  R. Tulbure, C. May, E. Barbulescu
 V2-98 93 kb 2012-11-06
 Incidence of congenital abnormalities among the newborns from Bucharest after the nuclear accident from Chernobyl (92 Kb)  l. Marinescu, A. Popescu, R. Gheorghe
 V2-97A 49 kb 2012-11-06
 The Chernobyl radiation risks: Theoretical estimation and actual data (1986-1995) (49 Kb)  V. Ivanov, A. Tsyb
 V2-97 163 kb 2012-11-06
 The estimate reproductive health status of populations exposured In low doses in result of Chernobyl disaster (162 Kb)  A.M. Ljaginskaja, P.W. Izhewskij
 V2-96A 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of health impacts lin human chronic low dose, low dose rate gamma-irradiation exposure (50 Kb)  W. Chang, D. Wang, J.C. Wang, B.F Hwang, C.C. Chan, J.S. Hwang, J.D. Wang
 V2-96 219 kb 2012-11-06
 The importance of radiation and non-radiation-factors for the stomach cancer incidence in workers of the atomic plant Mayak (218 Kb)  G.V. Zhuntova, Z.B. Tokarskaya, N.D. Okladnikova, Z.D. Belyaeva, E.G. Drozhko
 V2-95A 31 kb 2012-11-06
 Risk evaluation in consequence of abnormal situation with iodine-131 (30 Kb)  J.C.G. Gaburo, G.M.A.A Sordi, M.P. Sanches, A. Sahyun
 V2-95 137 kb 2012-11-06
 The thyroid: medical surveillance of exposed workers (137 Kb)  M. Virgili, E. Strambi
 V2-94 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Reconstructing exposures to low doses of ionising radiation of the French Atomic Energy (CEA) workers (210 Kb)  M.A. Telle, D. Bergot, D.
 V2-93 137 kb 2012-11-06
 German contribution to the international epidemiological study to the risk of workers in the nuclear industry (136 Kb)  M. Blettner, G. Seitz, F. Fehringer
 V2-92 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Epidemiological studies using the National Dose Registry of Canada (156 Kb)  J.P. Ashmore
 V2-91 249 kb 2012-11-06
 Documentation of ocupational accidents and deseases by ionising radiation in Germany (249 Kb)  G. Seitz, F. Fehringer
 V2-90 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of influence of radioactive factor on cancer risk among industrial city dwellers (143 Kb)  E.V. Polzik, S.V. Kuzmin, B.A. Katsnelson, V.S. Kazantsev
 V2-89 158 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose and risk assessment from radon in the Ural (157 Kb)  M.V. Zhukovsky, I.V. Yarmoshenko
 V2-88 119 kb 2012-11-06
 Deceases by respiratory cancer among uranium miners (119 Kb)  D. Dinca, G.L. Szabo, P. lonasu, V. Lupea
 V2-87 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Histological types of lung cancer in uranium miners (116 Kb)  T. Müller, L. Tomasek, V. Placek
 V2-85 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Consitution of a group of Czech and French uranium miners in order to estimate lung cancer risk linked to low chronic exposure to radon decay products (173 Kb)  M. Tirmarche, L. Tomasek
 V2-86 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor exposure to Radon-Cohort Study (137 Kb)  T. Müller, L. Tomasek, E. Kunz, V. Placek, I. Burian, A. Heribanova, J. Matzner
 V2-84 168 kb 2012-11-06
 The influence of radiation and non-radiation factors for lung cancer risk in workers of atomic plant Mayak (168 Kb)  Z.B. Tokarskaya, N.D. Okladnikova, Z.D. Belyaeva, E.G. Drozhko
 V2-83 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Lung cancer risk from radon: modifiers of exposure - effect relationship (123 Kb)  L. Tomasek
 V2-82 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Cross sections for production of Be-7, Na-22, and Na-24 in thin targets of C, Mg, Al, Si, and SIM by bombardement with monoenergetic protons at 30 to 67,5 MeV (146 Kb)  C.D. Gans
 V2-81A 50 kb 2012-11-06
 A new method for monitoring of mixed radiation in natural environment (50 Kb)  S. Pszona
 V2-81 149 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-term variation of atmospheric beryllium-7 in Taiwan (149 Kb)  Y.M. Lin, C.C. Liu, C.J. Chen
 V2-80 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Be-7 concentrations in garden and wild vegetables in Japan (125 Kb)  N. lto, I. Kunugiyam, Y. Furukawa
 V2-80 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Be-7 concentrations in garden and wild vegetables in Japan (125 Kb)  N. lto, I. Kunugiyam, Y. Furukawa
 V2-79 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Natural neutron equivalent dose in Middle-Europe Region (179 Kb)  D. Nikodemova, M. Florek, J. Masarik, I. Szarka
 V2-78 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of cosmic-ray neutron doses in Taiwan (155 Kb)  S.H. Jiang, J.J. Yeh, J.H. Liang, J.R. Chen, J.P. Wang, R.J. Hsu
 V2-77 99 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of cosmic ray intensity at sea level between Tokyo bay and Indian Ocean (98 Kb)  M. Furukawa, K. Fujitaka, M. Okano
 V2-76 105 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of cosmic-ray doses in commercial airline cabins (105 Kb)  M. Okano, K. Fujitaka, K. Izumo
 V2-75 223 kb 2012-11-06
 Commercial airline crews - a new group of occupational radiation workers (222 Kb)  L.D. Brown
 V2-74 193 kb 2012-11-06
 Aircrew radiation exposure assessment for Yugoslav airlines (192 Kb)  D. Antic, Z. Patrovic
 V2-73A 256 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of absorbed dose and average LET in the space station MIR and on space shuttles (255 Kb)  N. Vana, W. Schoner, M. Fugger, Y. Akatov, V. Shurshakov
 V2-73 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Contribution of secondary high LET particles to the energy transfer from high energy protons (136 Kb)  V.E. Dudkin, F. Spurny
 V2-72 186 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of the average LET and the equivalent dose in aircrafts using the HTR-method (186 Kb)  M. Noll, N. Vana, W. Schoner, M. Fugger, H. Brandl
 V2-71 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Air crew radiation exposure measuring system (ACREM) (167 Kb)  P. Beck, K. Duftschmid, A. Grobkopf, K. Hornung, Ch. Schmitzer, Ch. Strachotinsky, N. Winker
 V2-70 70 kb 2012-11-06
 Cosmic radiation doses in commercial air travel (69 Kb)  C. Chung, C.Y. Chen
 V2-69A 55 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of the cosmic radiation field in a jet aircraft at commercial aviation altitudes (55 Kb)  P. Goldhagen, A. Cavallo, W. Van Steveninck, M. Reginatto, P. Shebell, F. Hajnal, T. Cousins, T.A. Jones, B.E. Hoffarth, J.R. Br
 V2-69 180 kb 2012-11-06
 The evolution of earth's background radiation level over geologic time (179 Kb)  A. Karam, S.A. Leslie
 V2-68 148 kb 2012-11-06
 A fast and very sensitive LSC procedure to determine Pb-210 in environmental samples (147 Kb)  R. Kulzer, R. Schupfner, A. Muller-Broich
 V2-67 88 kb 2012-11-06
 Working levels in the coal fired power plant in Croatia (88 Kb)  J. Kovac
 V2-66 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive polluting potential of coal-fired power plants from Romania (150 Kb)  G.N. Sandor, T. Peic, R. Peic
 V2-65 138 kb 2012-11-06
 New data on natural radioactivity of some Romanian fresh water sources (137 Kb)  E. Botezatu, L. Clain
 V2-64 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure of the population in the vicinity of coal-fired power plants (131 Kb)  R. Kljajic, Z. Masic, RM Mitrovic, Z. Zunic, M. Kovacevic
 V2-63A 34 kb 2012-11-06
 Study on environmental radiation level and dose of residents (34 Kb)  H.Y. Chen
 V2-63 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivity in Hokutolite from Peito Hot Spring, Taiwan (146 Kb)  N. Momoshima, J. Nita, Y. Maeda, S. Sugihara, I. Shinno, N. Matsuoka, C.W. Huang
 V2-62 189 kb 2012-11-06
 A territory-wide survey of indoor gamma dose rate and its relation to indoor radon level in Hong Kong (189 Kb)  M.Y.W. Tso, J.K.C. Leung, C.W. Ho
 V2-61 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose measurement and its problems on the High Background Radiation Area (HBRA) in China (108 Kb)  H. Morishima, T. Koga, K. Tatsumi, S. Nakai, T. Sugahara, Y. Yuan, X. Qiu, L. Wei
 V2-60 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure of population due to careless handling with radioactive raw materials in the Urals (153 Kb)  I.V. Yarmoshenko, A.A. Ekidin, A.V. Vozhakov
 V2-59 141 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of concentrations of selected radionuclides in surface soil in the state of Kuwait (140 Kb)  F. Bou Rabee, H. Bern
 V2-58 105 kb 2012-11-06
 Natural radionuclide concentrations of cements in Izmir and dose assessments (105 Kb)  A. Tanbay, G. Yener
 V2-57 133 kb 2012-11-06
 The natural radioactivity of some foodstuff from Moldova (133 Kb)  E. Botezatu, G. Botezatu, L. Clain, O. Capitanu
 V2-56 108 kb 2012-11-06
 The presence of Ra-226 in thermal springs of Croatia and health risk from mineral water consumption (108 Kb)  G. Marovic, J. Sencar
 V2-55 138 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure potential from coal-fired power plants in Romania (137 Kb)  E. Botezatu, C. Grecea, G. Botezatu, O. Capitanu, G. Sandor, T. Peic
 V2-54 120 kb 2012-11-06
 The additional exposure due to the use of uncommon building materials in Romania (119 Kb)  R. Gheorghe, C. Milu, G. Modoran, E. Gheorghe, E. Dobrescu
 V2-53 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor exposure to gamma radiation in Italy (173 Kb)  F. Bochicchio, G.C. Venuti, F. Monteventi, C. Nuccetelli, S. Risica, S. Piermattei, L. Tommasino, G. Torri
 V2-52 249 kb 2012-11-06
 Series isotopes at different soil depths and disequilibrium over various geology and soil classifications along transacts in selected parts of Ireland (249 Kb)  A. Hayes, I. McAulay
 V2-51 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Characteristics of radiation field in living surroundings and in natural environments (143 Kb)  Y. Hiruta, T. Tanji, M. Okino, T. Nagato, S. Mochizuki
 V2-50 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of weather on the ambient gamma radiation levels in Hong Kong (171 Kb)  M.C. Wong, H.Y. Mok, W.M. Leung, K.K. Yeung, H.K. Lam
 V2-49 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Populational exposure to Pb-210 and Po-210 in tw
 V2-48 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Variations of Rn-222 concentration in the Bratislava air (140 Kb)  K. Holy, R. Böhm, A. Polaskova, O. Hola
 V2-47B 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Characteristics o fthe radon decay products found in the atmosphere above a radium-bearing waste pile (36 Kb)  S. Raviart, P. Richon, D. Haristoy, M.C. Robe, Y. Belot
 V2-47A 49 kb 2012-11-06
 The apparatus for continuously measuring size distribution of radon progeny (48 Kb)  T. Ichiji, T. Hattori, K. Ishida, M. Shimo
 V2-47 184 kb 2012-11-06
 A laboratory for studying Radon mitigation methods in high-rise office buildings in Hong Kong (184 Kb)  J.K.C. Leung, L.C. Hung, M.Y.W. Tso
 V2-46A 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Production and properties of Carnaubawax aerosols for radon reference chambers (38 Kb)  A. Paul, U. Keyser
 V2-46 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Diffusion of radon daughters in laminar tube flow (144 Kb)  J. Malet, N. Montassier, D. Boulaud, A. Renoux
 V2-45 181 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of passive type radon detectors to find fissures in banks caused by the southern Hyogo prefectual earthquake in Japan (181 Kb)  J. Saegusa, K. Yamasaki, T. Tsujimoto, H. Morishima, M. Shimo, A. Murakami, T. Hasegawa
 V2-44A 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Equilibrium factor of radon in a house and Influencing factors (45 Kb)  H. Kojima
 V2-44 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Recent progress in sampling and measurement of radon and thoron decay products (203 Kb)  M. Pohl, H. Von Philipsborn
 V2-43 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of the potential alpha energy concentration in air by separate registration of the radon decay product Po-214 using nuclear track etched detectors (147 Kb)  B. Dörschel, B. Burgkhardt, T. Kubsch, A. Kupschus, E. Pies
 V2-42 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Detection efficiency of a radon detector (LR115, cellulose nitrate) (152 Kb)  H. Marah, M. Fromm, R. Barillon, A. Chambaudet, A. Sabir
 V2-41 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Behavior of radon and its progeny at working place (178 Kb)  S. Tokonami, M. Matsumoto, M. Furukawa, K. Fujimoto, K. Fujitaka, R. Kurosawa
 V2-40 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Simultaneous and automatic determination of Rn-222 daughters and Pb-212 concentrations in the atmosphere using two scintillation counters (156 Kb)  T. Kataoka, E. Yunoki, E. Michihiro, H. Sugiyama, M. Shimizu, T. Mori, O. Tsukamoto
 V2-39A 47 kb 2012-11-06
 A method for assessment of environmental radon daughter exposure using active radon daughter monitors (47 Kb)  J. Hondros
 V2-39 136 kb 2012-11-06
 Time-integrated measurement of potential alpha energy (PAE) due to short lived decay products (SLDP) of radon 220 and 222 in the environment (136 Kb)  S. Bernhard, C. Gibaud, J.F. Pineau, F. Sarradin, Y. Vauzelle
 V2-38 195 kb 2012-11-06
 The national standard for Rn-222 activity measurements developed at ENEA in Italy (194 Kb)  P. De Felice, G. Sciocchetti, P. Baldassini, E. Soldano, G. Cotellessa
 V2-37 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Stochastic model of Rn-daughter deposition clearance in human bronchial airways (150 Kb)  W. Hofmann, L.
 V2-36C 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Ventilation model for elevated radon decay product levels indoors (52 Kb)  R. Rolle, H. Lettner, W. Hofmann
 V2-36B 48 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon measurements in the environment (47 Kb)  D. Klein, R. Barillon, C. Devillard
 V2-36A 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Calibration and quality assurance for the measurement of Radon (138 Kb)  V. Genrich
 V2-36 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies of Pb-212 storm (170 Kb)  E. Yunoki, T. Kataoka, K. Michihiro, H. Sugiyama, M. Shimizu, T. Mori
 V2-35A 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of RN-220 decay product concentrations in German dwellings (37 Kb)  J. Peter
 V2-35 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation exposure of the Moldavian population from radon and thoron progeny (163 Kb)  0. lacob, C. Grecea, L. Clain
 V2-34A 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative measurements of high outdoor radon levels in different mine environments in Slovenia (50 Kb)  M.J. Krizman, J.E. Peter, P. Stegner
 V2-34 70 kb 2012-11-06
 Seasonal variation of radon gas concentrations in kindergardens of Serpukhov Moscow Region (69 Kb)  S. Sukhych, T. Eremeeva, V. Fominych, G. Krupny, A. Kuznetsov, J. Rastsvetalov
 V2-33 81 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor radon concentration and gamma dose in Hungarian dwellings (80 Kb)  I. Nikl
 V2-32 126 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor radon measurements in dwellings of Garhwal Himalaya, Northern India (125 Kb)  R.C. Ramola
 V2-31 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon measurements in the Shenzhen Region (136 Kb)  T. Ren, Z. Liu, Y. Cai, B. Shang, L. Tang
 V2-30 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon-222 concentration in water and the exposure of the public (150 Kb)  T. Ren, B. Shang, Q. Yu, H. Guo
 V2-29 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon exposure of passengers in the Prague Metro (201 Kb)  J. Sabol
 V2-28 134 kb 2012-11-06
 A portable apparatus for continuously measuring of Rn-222 exhalation from ground (133 Kb)  0. Ariyada, T. Tanji, M. Okino, S. Mochizuki
 V2-27 144 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor radon levels in a public school and some dwellings in the village of Teiá, Catalonia (Spain) (143 Kb)  C. Baixeras, L. Font, F. Fernandez, C. Domingo
 V2-26 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon survey in Kuwait houses (116 Kb)  H. Bern, T. Domanski, Y.Y. Bakir, S. AI-Zenki
 V2-25 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon measurements in the cave Vilencia (165 Kb)  P. Jovanovic
 V2-24 81 kb 2012-11-06
 Some influencing parameters of the radon and thoron daughters concentrations in dwellings (81 Kb)  C. Milu, R. Gheorghe
 V2-23 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Modelization of the radon emenation from natural sources the soil (40 Kb)  A. Sabir, H. Marah, D. Klein, L. Hlou, A. Chambaudet
 V2-22 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Building and environmental factors associated with elevated radon levels in kindergardens in Slovenia (153 Kb)  J. Vaupotic, I. Kobal, H. Nichelson, B.C. Kross
 V2-21 73 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon concentrations in Taipei Metropolitan Railway Station (73 Kb)  P.S. Weng, C.H. Hsu
 V2-20 74 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of Rn-222 concentrations in dwellings in an area of high natural radioactivity (73 Kb)  G. Yaprak, S. Kinaci
 V2-19 116 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation conditions from radon dwellings of various purpose (116 Kb)  F.I. Zuevich
 V2-18 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of radon doses of the population of Karelia and Cola peninsula (164 Kb)  F.I. Zuevich, A.V. Lazatev
 V2-17B 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of radon concentration and population dose in underground construction of China (37 Kb)  H.Y. Chen, Y.H. Jin
 V2-17A 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of radon activity level and dose of residents in Changchun City area (38 Kb)  H.Y. Chen, X.G. Li, Y. Li
 V2-17 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of Rn-222 and Rn-220 exhalation rates by means of alpha spectroscopy (132 Kb)  T. Chu
 V2-16 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Integrating measurement of radon In dwellings in some regions from Romania (124 Kb)  C. Cosma, D. Ristoiu, T. Vaida, A. Poffijn, J. Miles
 V2-15 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon determination in groundwater under controlled conditions (167 Kb)  K. Freyer, H.-C. Treutler, J. Dehnert
 V2-14 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor radon survey in Japan (167 Kb)  K. Fujimoto, S. Kobayashi, M. Uchiyama, M. Doi, Y. Nakamura
 V2-13 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Human exposure assessment from radon in water - comparison of experimental and theoretical data (146 Kb)  J. Hulka, J. Vlacek, E. Bilkova, L. Moucka, J. Thomas
 V2-12 82 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon and reproductive health of populations living in the regions of uranium miners on Nord Caucasus (81 Kb)  P.W. Izhewskij, A.M. Ljaginskaja
 V2-11 179 kb 2012-11-06
 The radon survey and its contribution to the radiation exposure (178 Kb)  M. Ildiko, N. Muntean
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 V2-5 137 kb 2012-11-06
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