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Highlights of the 10th congress of the IRPA


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14 - 19 May 2000
Hiroshima, Japan
Kenneth R. Kase, Chairman
International Congress Programme Committee

The following is a compilation of summaries of the salient points that were discussed by the authors and presenters of the papers in the Topical Sessions held at the IRPA 10 Congress. I am indebted to each of the authors of the papers, and especially to the co-chairs of each Topical Session for their summaries of the papers and discussions. The compilation below is an edited version of those summaries. The sessions have been grouped by topic. All references in brackets are to the author, number of the Topical Session and number of the paper or abstract, which can be found on the CD ROM of the Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association.

Exposure to Naturally-Occurring Radiation Sources

  • Public Exposures
  • Workplace Exposures

Radiation and the Environment

  • Managing Release and Disposal of Radioactive Material
  • Radioactive Materials in the Environment
  • Dose Assessment
  • Protection of Humans and Biota

Exposures in Medical Practice

  • Improvements in Diagnostic Techniques to Control Doses to Patients and Staff
  • Controlling Dose to Patients and Staff in Interventional Radiology

Genetic Predisposition and Implications for Radioprotection

Radiation Measurement and Dosimetry

  • New Models for Internal Dosimetry
  • New Techniques in External Dosimetry
  • Practical Issues in Occupational Dosimetry

Radiation Protection Criteria and Standards

  • Critical Issues and Alternative Approaches to Setting Radiation Protection Criteria
  • International Harmonization of Radiation Protection and Safety Standards

Radiation Accidents and Emergency Response

  • Lessons from Major Radiation Accidents
  • Advances in Emergency Response Systems to Nuclear Accidents

Recent Progress in Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Communication with the Public: Radiation Risk Perception in Context

Work Management: Motivation, Involvement, Awareness and Culture 

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