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Last Updated on 8/31/2017 12:55:15 PM

ICNIRP - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection


ICNIRP is an independent scientific organisation responsible for providing guidance and advice on the health hazards of non-ionizing radiation exposure. ICNIRP develops international guidelines on limits of exposure to non-ionizing radiations which are independent and science based. It provides science based guidance and recommendations on protection from non-ionizing radiation exposure and establishes principles of non-ionizing radiation protection for formulating international and national protection programmes. It is the recognised non-governmental organisation in non-ionizing radiation for the World Health Organisation, the International Labour Organisation and the Commission of the European Union.

ICNIRP maintains a close liaison and working relationship with all international bodies engaged in the field of non-ionizing radiation protection and represents radiation protection professionals world-wide through its close collaboration with IRPA and its national societies. The historical link between IRPA and ICNIRP is very strong as ICNIRP came into being as a result of an IRPA initiative and during its early years was a sub-committee of IRPA before becoming an independent Commission in 1992. IRPA continues to provide a small amount of funding to ICNIRP.

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ICNIRP endeavours to communicate its views, advice and recommendations as widely as possible and to consult on these with radiation protection and other medical and science professionals world-wide.