Executive Council


The Executive Council has the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of IRPA. The Council is composed of six ex officio members (officers) and six members who represent the General Assembly and are elected by and from the General Assembly. In selecting the members of the Council consideration is given to maintaining a balance in representation among the Associate Societies.


Executive Council 2016-2020
President Roger Coates SRP / UK
Vice-President Eduardo Gallego SEPR / Spain
Vice-President for Congress Affairs Jong Kyung Kim KARP / Korea
Executive Officer Bernard Le Guen SFRP / France
Treasurer Richard Toohey HPS / USA
Publications Director Christopher Clement CRPA / Canada
Council member Ana Maria Bomben SAR / Argentina
Council member Marie-Claire Cantone AIRP / Italy
Council member Alfred Hefner AARP / Austria
Council member Klaus Henrichs FS / Germany-Switzerland
Council member Sigurður Magnússon NSFS / Iceland
Council member Hiroko Yoshida JHPS / Japan