Radiation Protection Strategy and Practice Committee

The objective of the Radiation Protection Strategy and Practice Committee is to lead and focus IRPA's interactions with the principal International Organisations and the Associate Societies in order to ensure that the experience of radiation protection practitioners is effectively applied in the development of the System of Protection, and to ensure that the practitioners are informed of current issues and outcomes.


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Chair: Renate Czarwinski (Germany), IRPA President

Vice-chair: Roger Coates (UK), IRPA Vice-President

Bernard LeGuen (France), ICRP Executive Officer

Keiichi Akahane (Japan)

Marcos Antônio Do Amaral (Brasil)

Marie Claire Cantone (Italy)

Takeshi Iimoto (Japan)

Seung-Young Jeong (Korea)

Sheila Liddle (UK)

Tamás Pázmándi (Hungary)

Uma Rajappa (Australia)

Manuel Rodriguez (Spain)

Brant Ulsh (USA)

Jerri Walters (USA)

Kotaro Yamasoto (Japan)