Commission on Publications

The objective of the Commission on Publications is to establish and manage the official publications of IRPA, including the IRPA website, other on-line tools, the IRPA Bulletin, and other communication routes such as Facebook and Twitter.


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Chair: Christopher Clement (Canada), IRPA Publications Director

Vice-chair: Bernard LeGuen (France), IRPA Executive Officer

Website Manager: P. Andrew Karam (USA)

Associate:  Chris Malcolmson (Canada)

Social Media Managers: Chris Malcolmson (Canada) - Twitter

    Sven Nagels (Germany) - Facebook

Bulletin Editor:  Chunsheng Li (Canada)

Associate:  Ali Shoushtarian (Canada)

Associate Societies Liaison: Adelene Gaw (Canada)

Proceedings Advisor: Haruyuki Ogino (Japan)

Media Reviewers:

German: Sven Nagels (Germany) 

Japanese: Hattori Takatoshi (Japan)

Korean: Young-Khi Lim (Korea)