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Last Updated on 3/15/2013 7:36:18 PM

Sievert Award Committee

This committee is responsible for nominating people suitable for receiving the Rolf Sievert Award. The chairman of the Committee is the Vice-President of the Association. Approximatively three years before an International IRPA Congress, the President of the Committee invites all Presidents of all Associate Societies to submit their nominations to the Sievert Award. Nominations must be of people who have made outstanding contributions to Radiation Protection but who are not currently members or either the Executive Council or the Sievert Award Committee.


Chair: Roger Coates (UK)

Ken Kase (US)

Phil Metcalf (South Africa)

Jacques Lochard (France)

Rich Vetter (US)

Yoshiharu Yonekura (Japan)

Abel Gonzales (Argentina)