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IRPA 3 Washington, September 1973

September 1973, Washington, United States


 B1-P3 452 kb 2012-11-06
 W3B-100 332 kb 2012-11-06
 Conductimetric Properties of Some Solid Tract Detectors and Hypothesis on the Track Formation Mechanism in These Irradiated and Etched Detectors (331 Kb)  Y. Martin-Borret, M. Bourdeaux, F. Roux and C. Brand
 W3B-99 248 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Technique in Environmental Neutron Spectroscopy (248 Kb)  M. Awschalom and L. Coulson
 W3B-98 406 kb 2012-11-06
 An Inexpensive Lightweight Environmental Survey Instrument (405 Kb)  I. M. G. Thompson and H. C. Orchard
 W3B-97 569 kb 2012-11-06
 High Energy Photon Detection by Fission - Track Registration (569 Kb)  H. Iida and T. Koshijima
 W3B-96 314 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Possibilities of Use of Silicon Detectors of Ionizing Radiations in Investigations of Radiation Shielding. (314 Kb)  A. A. Petushkov and V. A. Manchuk
 W3B-95 247 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of.Albedo Dosimeters and Nuclear Track Detectors for Neutron Monitoring (247 Kb)  E. Piesch and B. Burgkhardt
 W3B-94 564 kb 2012-11-06
 A Ruggedized Ultrasensitive Field Air Sampler for Differentially Determining Tritium Oxide and Gas in Ambient Air Atmosphere . (564 Kb)  R. Brown, H. E. Meyer, B. Robinson and W. E. Sheehan
 W3B-93 354 kb 2012-11-06
 Sampling for Tritiated Water Vapour. (353 Kb)  R. V. Osborne
 W3B-92 421 kb 2012-11-06
 Instruments and Methods for Day-to-Day Monitoring of Tritium and Carbon-14 in Production. (420 Kb)  M. I. Balonov, E. I. Dolguirev, A. S. Karasik and O. N. Prokofiev
 W3B-91 108 kb 2012-11-06
 A Study of the Translocation of Radiostrontium from Wounds and Therapy by Local Insolubilization . (108 Kb)  R. Ducousso, A. Causse and C. Pasquier
 W3B-90 371 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-Term Metabolism of 90 Sr i n Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta). (371 Kb)  P. W. Dur in, N. Jeung, M. H. Williams and M. W. Parrott
 W3B-89 362 kb 2012-11-06
 Metabolic Balances of 210Pb and 210 Po in Unexposed Men (362 Kb)  R. B. Holtzman, H. Spencer, F. H. Ilcewicz and L. Kramer
 W3B-88 263 kb 2012-11-06
 A Human Metabolic Model for 14C-Labelled Metabolites Useful in Dose Estimation (263 Kb)  S. R. Bernard
 W3B-87 223 kb 2012-11-06
 Gastro-Intestinal Absorption of Cerium in Suckling Mice (222 Kb)  Y. Feige, A. Naharin, E. Lubin and T. Sadeh
 W3B-86 372 kb 2012-11-06
 A Case Study of Human Contamination Due to Inhaled Thulium-170 Oxide (371 Kb)  A. Yabe, H. Yamagishi, H. Fukuda, Y. Takahashi, S. Mizushita and T. Hattori
 W3B-85 340 kb 2012-11-06
 Retention and Distribution of Inorganic Mercury (197Hg, 203Hg) in the Human Body after Single Inhalation. (340 Kb)  Y. Izumi, M. Fujita, A. Yabe and T. Hattori
 W3B-84 447 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of the Content and Kinetics of the Behaviour of Some Radionuclides in the Body of Man by the In Vivo Technique. (446 Kb)  A. D. Turkin, V. P. Stolyarov and Yu. Ja. Sokolov
 W3B-83 346 kb 2012-11-06
 Regularities in Metabolism of Radioactive Isotopes Upon Incidence on the Skin (346 Kb)  L. A. Ilyin
 W3B-82 502 kb 2012-11-06
 Interpretation of Experimental Data on Polonium-210 Metabolism for Computing Admissible Levels (501 Kb)  Yu. D. Parfenov
 W3B-81 443 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of a Specialized Analôg Computer for theModel of the Metabolism of Some Radionuclides. (442 Kb)  I. A. Likhtarev, G. V. Arkhangelskaya, A. I. Dobroskok, I. A. Zvonova, N. F. Korelina, G. P. Krasnoshyekova, V. S. Repin and A. P.
 W3B-80 387 kb 2012-11-06
 Metabolism of Lead-210 and Polonium-210in the Body (387 Kb)  A. I. Nizhnikov, A. L. Zel'din, M. S. Ibatullin, B. Ya. Litver, P. V. Ramzayev and M. N. Troitskaya
 W3B-79 306 kb 2012-11-06
 A Study of Inhaled Sodium-22 (306 Kb)  D. Bush
 W3B-78 521 kb 2012-11-06
 Informing the Public about Nuclear Energy. (520 Kb)  H. Kiefer, W. Koelzer and G. Stäblein
 W3B-78 521 kb 2012-11-06
 Informing the Public about Nuclear Energy. (520 Kb)  H. Kiefer, W. Koelzer and G. Stäblein
 W3B-77 444 kb 2012-11-06
 Public Confidence in Nuclear Power (444 Kb)  J: A. Bonnell and G. C. Dale
 W3B-76 827 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Information and Education for the Public: Mistakes and Lessons, Strategies and Tactics. (827 Kb)  H. Brunner
 W3B-75 683 kb 2012-11-06
 The Law and Law Level Radiation. (683 Kb)  C. F. Eason and N. Y. St. Denis
 W3B-74 570 kb 2012-11-06
 Project Training for Graduate Students in Health Physics. (570 Kb)  J. R. A. Lakey and A. V. Yorke
 W3B-73 687 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Training Courses at E.I.R. Würenlingen, Switzerland. (687 Kb)  R. Spiess and H. Brunner
 W3B-72 1197 kb 2012-11-06
 Protection Problems Involved with Non-Ionizing Radiation (1.2 Mb)  H. Jammet
 W3B-71 435 kb 2012-11-06
 Inhalation Hazards: They Could be Worse. (435 Kb)  R. G. Thomas
 W3B-70 254 kb 2012-11-06
 Deposition and Elimination of Iron Oxide Aerosol from the Lung of Rats: Comparison with ICRP Predictions for Man (254 Kb)  P. J. Hewitt
 W3B-69 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological Modeling for Predicting Retention Patterns of Inhaled Contaminants (340 Kb)  R. G. Cuddihy, W. C. Griffith and B. B. Boecker
 W3B-68 399 kb 2012-11-06
 A Method for Determining the Dissolution Characteristics of Accidentally Released Radioactive Aerosols (399 Kb)  G. M. Kanapilly, O. G. Raabe and H. A. Boyd
 W3B-67 275 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Commitment to the Lung from Inhalation of Radiocobalt in Power Reactor Operations. (275 Kb)  P. Kotrappa, S. D. Soman and B. Raghunath
 W3B-66 306 kb 2012-11-06
 HASL Cyclone as an Instrument for Measuring Aerosol Parameters for New Lung Model. (306 Kb)  P. Kotrappa, S. K. Dua, D. P. Bhanti and P. P. Joshi
 W3B-65 276 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effect of Breath-Holding on the Deposition of Half-Micron Aerosol Particles in the Human Lung. (275 Kb)  M. C. Subba Ramu
 W3B-64 362 kb 2012-11-06
 Inhalation Study of a Submicron Size Lead-212 Aerosol. (362 Kb)  A. Bianco, F. R. Gibb and P. E. Morrow
 W3B-63 303 kb 2012-11-06
 Validation of the Principal Radiobiological Characteristics of Thorium-232 and Its Decay Products and Hygienic Norms (MAAC and MAD) in the Atmosphere of Workrooms (302 Kb)  P. P. Lyarskiy, N. A. Pavlovskaya, Yu. T. Kapitanov, L.
 W3B-62 362 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive Aerosols as a Factor in Internal Irradiation when Using Radioactive Substances (362 Kb)  V. I. Bad'in, Z. G. Batova and G. M. Parkhomenko
 W3B-61 478 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection in a Nuclear Pharmacy. (478 Kb)  R. D. Ice and K. R. Hetzel
 W3B-60 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioprotection in a Nuclear Medicine Unit. (350 Kb)  A. Favino and G. F. Besseghini
 W3B-59 425 kb 2012-11-06
  Reducing Personnel Exposure in Nuclear Medicine. (424 Kb)  B. M. Branson, R. G. Hoops and R. J. Grant
 W3B-58 257 kb 2012-11-06
 Reduction of Radiation Exposure to Nuclear Medicine Personnel by the Use of New "Instant" Techniques for Preparation of Technetium Radiopharmaceuticals (256 Kb)  P. J. Rabbins, B. M. Branson and R. J. Grant
 W3B-57 275 kb 2012-11-06
 A Comprehensive Approach for the Evaluation of Comparative Dosimetry of Internally Administered Radiopharmaceuticals. (274 Kb)  P. Hosain and F. Hosain
 W3B-56 303 kb 2012-11-06
 Contamination of Air and Surroundings by Patients Treated with Large Quantities of Iodine 131 for Thyroid Carcinoma (302 Kb)  C. H. Marshall, R. Chandra and M. Bl um
 W3B-55 528 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of Internal Emitters in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Protection: At What Level (528 Kb)  A. Nagaratnam and A. R. Reddy
 W3B-54 405 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiobiological Significance of 125I Microdosimetry . (404 Kb)  A. R. Reddy and K. K. Nagpal
 W3B-53 581 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of Medical X-Ray Diagnostic Units in Iraq (581 Kb)  M. S. Abbas
 W3B-52 344 kb 2012-11-06
 Medical Irradiation of the Population in Romania during 1970 (343 Kb)  N. T. Racoveanu, C. Diaconescu, G. Modoran, C. Vasi lescu-Fulea, P. Plavosin and C. G. Milu
 W3B-51 355 kb 2012-11-06
  Sources of Unnecessary Irradiation During Fluoroscopy (354 Kb)  N. T. Racoveanu, G. Modoran and S. Suma
 W3B-50 283 kb 2012-11-06
 Medical Radiation Protection in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. (282 Kb)  G. Gomez-Crespo and D. R. E. Ernborg
 W3B-49 601 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Reduction by Electronic Radiography. (600 Kb)  D. Sashin, E. R. Heinz and E. J. Sternglass
 W3B-48 456 kb 2012-11-06
 Handy Device for Protection of the Testicles in X-Ray Examinations (455 Kb)  E. Lindholmer and O. Berg
 W3B-47 207 kb 2012-11-06
 Absorbed Dose to Selected Internai Organs from Typical Diagnostic Exposures. (206 Kb)  J. W. Poston and G. G. Warner
 W3B-46 295 kb 2012-11-06
 Nashville Dental X-Ray Study (294 Kb)  O. N. Johnson, C. L. Crabtree and S. J. Gibbs
 W3B-45 365 kb 2012-11-06
 Dental Technique Normalization: Development and Pilot Test. (365 Kb)  K. L. Travis, J. R. Stanton, J. E. H i ckey and B. M. Burnett
 W3B-44 405 kb 2012-11-06
 The Role of the Health Physicist in Reducing Medical Radiation. (404 Kb)  R. E. Gross, M. E. Marks, M. F. Audet and J. S. Benson
 W3B-43 241 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of Diagnostic X-Ray Contribution to the Annual Genetically Significant Dose Equivalent of Taiwan Urban Population (240 Kb)  P. S. Weng and C. Y. Huang
 W3B-42 273 kb 2012-11-06
 The Genetically Significant Dose Due to Medical X-Ray Examinations in The Netherlands. (273 Kb)  J. A. Koen and J. Weber
 W3B-41 394 kb 2012-11-06
  Nationwide Evaluation of X-Ray Trends (NEXT) (394 Kb)  J. O. Lubenau, C. M. Hardin, J. W. Shaver, I. P. Leggett, Jr., and L. Seabron
 W3B-40 362 kb 2012-11-06
 VADOSCA: A Simple Code for the Evaluation of Population Exposure due to Radioactive Discharges. (362 Kb)  L. Bramati, T. Marzullo, I. Rosa and G. Zara
 W3B-39 334 kb 2012-11-06
 Genetic Dose Limit for General Population, Dose Limit and Derived Concentration Guides for Members of the Public Compulsive Action Guides forEmergency Situations (334 Kb)  R. M. de Nulman and C. A. de la Rosa
 W3B-38 409 kb 2012-11-06
 An Evaluation of Nuclear Gas Stimulation in Terms of Potentiel Radiation Exposure to the Public (409 Kb)  P. S. Rohwer, C. J. Barton, R. E. Moore and S. V. Kaye
 W3B-37 389 kb 2012-11-06
 Individuai Risk, Collective Damage, and Nuclear Power Plants. (388 Kb)  M. Delpla
 W3B-36 374 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Tritium and the Dose to Man (374 Kb)  B. G. Bennett
 W3B-35 610 kb 2012-11-06
 Average Effluent Releases from U. S. Nuclear Power Reactors, Compared with Those from Fossil Fueled Plants, in Terms of Currently Applicable Envi ronmental Standards. (610 Kb)  A. P. Hull
 W3B-34 1148 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Danger to the Population During Operation of Atomic Power Stations in the USSR. (1.1 Mb)  N. G. Gusev, V. A. Belyayev, Yu. A. Zhakov, A. S. Zykova, A. N. Marey, G. A. Kuznetsova and G. A. Gunyakov
 W3B-33 280 kb 2012-11-06
 As Low As Practicable in Theory and Practice. (279 Kb)  G. H. Whipple
 W3B-32 225 kb 2012-11-06
 In Vivo Measurement of Uranium Contamination in the Lung. (224 Kb)  E. Riklis and N. Degani
 W3B-31 291 kb 2012-11-06
 Chestwall Tissue Measurements for Lung Counting Applications . (291 Kb)  F. K. Tomlinson, R. Brown, H. Anderson and B. Robinson
 W3B-30 293 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of Phoswich Detectors for Lung Counting Plutonium-238. (293 Kb)  F. K. Tomlinson, R. Brown, H. Anderson and B. Robinson
 W3B-29 490 kb 2012-11-06
 In-Vivo Monitoring of Nuclear Fuel Workers . (490 Kb)  C. Pomroy, J. Gordon and E. G. Letourneau
 W3B-28 380 kb 2012-11-06
 In Vivo Measurements following Exposure to 133Xe and Associated Dose Assessment Procedures (380 Kb)  F. Fry and G. Tyler
 W3B-27 318 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of Plutonium in Human Lungs with Thin Nal(TI) Detector Systems. (318 Kb)  R. C. Sharma, S. Somasundaram, T. Surendram, D. K. Kapur and S. P. Garg
 W3B-26 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Sensitive Radiometric Method for in vivo Study of Incorporated Nuclides of the Thorium Series (166 Kb)  A. A. Petushkov, M. R. Zel'tser and P. P. Lyarskiy
 W3B-25 368 kb 2012-11-06
 The Methods of Absolute Calibration of Equipment for Measurements of Pb-210, Pu-239 and Am-241 in Human Body (368 Kb)  E. Dolguirev, G. N. Kaidanovsky, N. V. Porozov and V. P. Shamov
 W3B-24 345 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization of Conditions for Gamma Spectrometric Measurements in Radiation Shielding (344 Kb)  O. V. Lebedev, V. M. Malykhin and V. Ye. Pestrikov
 W3B-23 408 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring of Low-Energy X-Ray Radionuclide Content in Human Body (408 Kb)  E. I. Dolguirev, G. N. Kaidanovsky, N. V. Porozov and V. M. Shamov
 W3B-22 335 kb 2012-11-06
 An Instant Working Level Meter with Automatic Individual Radon Daughter Readout for Uranium Mines (334 Kb)  P. G. Groer, D. J. Keefe, W. P. McDowell and R. F. Selman
 W3B-21 248 kb 2012-11-06
 Distribution of Airborne Activity in a Uranium Mill Using Cobwebs. (247 Kb)  G. Jha and K. P. Eappen
 W3B-20 273 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon Emanation Studies in Jaduguda Uranium Mine (272 Kb)  A. H. Khan and M. Raghavayya
 W3B-19 342 kb 2012-11-06
 A Radon Daughter Monitor for Use in Mines (341 Kb)  A. C. James and J. C. Strong
 W3B-18 428 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the Radiation Factor at Enterprises in the Rare and Ferrous Metals Industry (428 Kb)  P. P. Lyarskiy, L. T. Yelovskaya, Yu. T. Kapitanov, Yu. P. Likhachev, S. Ya. Satarina and S. A. Khukhlayeva
 W3B-17 280 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-Term Measurements of Radon DaughterActivity in Mines (280 Kb)  B. Haider and W. Jacobi
 W3B-16 390 kb 2012-11-06
 New Data Concerning the Safety of Miners in Uranium Mines (390 Kb)  J. Prodel, P. Zettwoog, G. Madelaine and Y. Francois
 W3B-15 841 kb 2012-11-06
 The Approach to Radon Problems in Non-Uranium Mines in Sweden (840 Kb)  J. O. Snihs
 W3B-14 589 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of Galactic and Solar Radiation On-Board the Supersonic Transport Concorde (588 Kb)  H. Francois, R. P. Delahaye, P. Simon, G. Portal, H. Kaiser and P. Durney
 W3B-13 366 kb 2012-11-06
 Eye Exposure from Thoriated Optical Glasses (365 Kb)  R. C. McMiIlan and S. A. Horne
 W3B-12 1093 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation and Standardization of the Radioactivity of Construction Materials (1.1 Mb)  E. M. Krisyuk, E. P. Lisachenko, S. I. Tarasov, V. P. Shamov and N. I. Shalak
 W3B-11 382 kb 2012-11-06
 Nuclear Safety Organization in a University Research Faci I i ty (381 Kb)  P. Kissel and C. Renard
 W3B-10 341 kb 2012-11-06
 Retention of Iodine on Duct Surfaces . (340 Kb)  W. E. Grummitt
 W3B-9 496 kb 2012-11-06
 Cellulose Nitrate Plastic Film - Its Preparationand Applications in Health Physics. (495 Kb)  A. M. Bhagwat and S. D. Soman
 W3B-8 446 kb 2012-11-06
 Rodiological Safety Experience in Handling and Fabrication of Plutonium Fuel Elements. (446 Kb)  S. Janardhanan, T. N. Krishnamurthi and S. D. Soman
 W3B-7 391 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Preliminary Investigations on the Contribution of Muons to the Stray Radiation Level around the CERN 28 GeV Proton Synchrotron. (390 Kb)  M. Hofert and J. Baarli
 W3B-6 683 kb 2012-11-06
 Health Physics and Operational Experiences in a Treatment and Packaging Facility for Solid and Semi-Solid Wastes at E.I.R (683 Kb)  J. Schwammberger and H. Brunner
 W3B-5 227 kb 2012-11-06
 Ensuring Radiation Safety when Using Instruments with Radioisotopic Radiation Sources. (226 Kb)  N. V. Vershinin, D. A. Bodrova, V. V. Volkovitskaya, P. P. Lyarskiy and P. I. Moiseytsev
 W3B-4 302 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimating the Effect of the Absorbed Phase of Contamination of Protective Coatings and Means for Individual Shielding for Radiation Conditions i n Workrooms (301 Kb)  A. L. Kononovitch
 W3B-3 604 kb 2012-11-06
  Ensuring Radiation Safety when Using Large Isotopic Sources of Ionizing Radiation for Bringing about Radiation Processes. (603 Kb)  E. D. Chistov, A. V. Larichev, A. V. Terman and O. M. Zaraeyev
 W3B-2 226 kb 2012-11-06
 Special Problems in Radiation Safety and Sanitary-Dosimetri c Monitoring when Working with Transplutonium Elements . (225 Kb)  M. S. Yegorova, V. V. Kopayev, L. N. Korzhov and V. A. Sarychev
 W3B-1 2283 kb 2012-11-06
 Operational Health Physics during Dismantling of the Elk River Reactor (2.2 Mb)  D. McConnon
 W3A-119 624 kb 2012-11-06
 Facts, Fables and Follies in Medical Radiology (623 Kb)  R. H. Chamberlain
 W3A-118 500 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation and Dosimetry of Accidental Exposures to an X-Ray Analysis Beam. (500 Kb)  I. S. Leith and W. A. Cornelius
 W3A-117 437 kb 2012-11-06
 Clinical Course and Dosimetry of Acute Hand Injuries to Industrial Rodiographers from Multicurie Sealed Gamma Sources. (436 Kb)  E. L. Saenger, J. G. Kereiakes, N. Wald and G. E. Thoma
 W3A-116 208 kb 2012-11-06
 Large Radiation Exposure (207 Kb)  V. Bhushan
 W3A-115 538 kb 2012-11-06
 The Investigation and Reconstruction of a Severe Radiation Injury to an Industrial Radiographer in Scotland. (538 Kb)  N. T. Harrison, P. C. Escott, G. W. Dolphin, R. J. Purrott, J. L. Alexander and K. E. Halnan
 W3A-114 606 kb 2012-11-06
 Industrial Radiation Incidents in the United Kingdom (605 Kb)  C. D. Burgess and E. G. Weatherley
 W3A-113 346 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effect of Natural Physiological Stresses and Artificial Hormonal Stresses on the Retention of Americium and Plutonium by Rat Bone (346 Kb)  J. G. Hollins, M. C. Storr and A. Durakovi c
 W3A-112 549 kb 2012-11-06
 Toxicology of Transportable Uranium: A Critical Contribution to Health Protection of Workers (548 Kb)  F. Breuer and E. Righi
 W3A-111 279 kb 2012-11-06
  Retention and Elimination of Berkelium-249, Californium-249 following Acute Accidental Inhalation (278 Kb)  J. Rundo and J. Sedlet
 W3A-110 276 kb 2012-11-06
 The Biological Disposition of Es(NO )3 in Rats after Intravenous, Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Administration. (276 Kb)  V. H. Smith
 W3A-109 305 kb 2012-11-06
 Solubility Changes of 238 Pu Oxide in Water Suspension and Effect on Biological Behavior after Inhalation by Beagle Dogs (305 Kb)  J. F. Park, D. L. Catt, K. D. Craig, R. J. Olson and V. H. Smith
 W3A-108 500 kb 2012-11-06
 Biomedical Follow-Up of the Manhattan Project Plutonium Workérs (500 Kb)  L. H. Hempelmann, W. H. Langham, G. L. Voelz and C. R. Richmond
 W3A-107 271 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose, Dose Equivalent, Effective Dose and Cell Survival from Negative Pions. (270 Kb)  H. A. Wright, R. N. Hamm and J. E. Turner
 W3A-106 504 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of Personnel Exposures in a High-Energy, High-Intensity Beta-Gamma Field (504 Kb)  B. L. O'Neal
 W3A-105 289 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Due to Practical Neutron Energy Distributions Incident on Concrete Shielding Walls (288 Kb)  J. M. Wyckoff and A. B. Chilton
 W3A-104 363 kb 2012-11-06
 Calculation of Surface Dose and Internal Organ Dose for Human Exposure to Weapon Neutrons (363 Kb)  R. A. Facey
 W3A-103 224 kb 2012-11-06
 Beta Dose from Cutaneous Contamination (224 Kb)  K. Unnikrishnan, R. K. Hukkoo, S. Bhati and S. Somasundaram
 W3A-102 269 kb 2012-11-06
  Determination of Absorbed Energy for Various Types of Medical Irradiations (268 Kb)  L. Bozoky and I. Feher
 W3A-101 292 kb 2012-11-06
 Correlation between Fast Neutron Dose Equivalents and In Vivo Activation Products (291 Kb)  T. Schlesinger and Y. Klopfer
 W3A-100 432 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Calculations in External Exposure to Inert Gases. (431 Kb)  R. Schaeffer
 W3A-99 241 kb 2012-11-06
 The Need for an Operational Radiation Dose Index System. (241 Kb)  S. J. Harris
 W3A-98 277 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of Spatial Distribution of Tissue Doses with the Aid of a Phantom-Mannequin (277 Kb)  L. N. Smirennyi, E. G. Litvinova, A. V. Khortsev
 W3A-97 240 kb 2012-11-06
  A Technique for Estimating Thyroid Doses from the Intake of Iodine-129 (240 Kb)  E. E. Oscarson
 W3A-96 435 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric Study of Residual Brain Contamination after the Injection of a Solution of Ytterbium-169 DTPA in the Cerebrospinal Fluid (435 Kb)  J. C. Zerbib, L. Imbert, M.Bonleu, H. Joffre, G. De Tovar, F. Beaufils, M. Collonge and R
 W3A-95 257 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose from Photon Emitters Distributed Uniformly in the Total Body as a Function of Age (257 Kb)  M. J. Hilyer, G. S. Hill and G. G. Warner
 W3A-94 221 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimates of Dose Rate to Gonads of Infants and Children from a Photon Emitter in Various Organs of the Body. (220 Kb)  W. S. Snyder
 W3A-93 297 kb 2012-11-06
   A Tabulation of Specific Effective Energies for Dose Calculations.  M. R. Ford and W. S. Snyder
 W3A-92 684 kb 2012-11-06
  Statistical Approach in Developing Mathematical Models for Evaluating Internai Irradiation (Not available for these Proceedings). (297 Kb)  V. I. Bad'in, A. P. Yermilov, U. Ya. Margulis and V. T. Khrushch
 W3A-91 509 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric Aspects of a Forthcoming. Reportof ICRP on Internai Emitters (509 Kb)  W. S. Snyder
 W3A-90 678 kb 2012-11-06
 The 1973 Sievert Lecture. (677 Kb)  B. Lindell
 W3A-89 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Rolf M. Sievert: The Pioneer in the Field of Radiation Protection. (191 Kb)  K. Z. Morgan
 W3A-88 229 kb 2012-11-06
 Compounds of TLDs and High-Melting Organics for Fast Neutron Personnel Dosimetry (228 Kb)  K. Becker, T. D. Thom and F. F. Haywood
 W3A-87 225 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Practical Applications of Sintered BeO as TL Dosimetry (225 Kb)  G. Benincasa, L. Ceravola and G. Scarpa
 W3A-86 584 kb 2012-11-06
 A TLD Personnel Monitoring System wi th Automatic Processing. (583 Kb)  L. Botter-Jensen, P. Christensen and B. Majborn
 W3A-85 240 kb 2012-11-06
 Annealing TLD's Exposed to High Levels of Neutron and Gamma Radiation (240 Kb)  G. W. R. Endres, F. N. Eichner and L. L. Nichais
 W3A-84 264 kb 2012-11-06
 A Universal Automatic TLD-Reader for Large-Scale Radiation Dosimetry. (264 Kb)  H. W. Julius, C. W. Verhoef and F. Busscher
 W3A-83 367 kb 2012-11-06
 A Thermoluminescent Personal Dosemeter Compatible with Automatic Processing and the Central Recording of Dose Histories . (367 Kb)  K. B. Shaw, T. O. Marshall and P.N. Casbolt
 W3A-82 272 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Technique for Improved Track Recognition in Nuclear Emulsion Film Dosimetry Using Soft (272 Kb)  V. Balasubrahmanyam and L. Szegedi
 W3A-81 449 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Iraq. (448 Kb)  M. S. Abbas
 W3A-80 251 kb 2012-11-06
 Excretion of Tritium in Workers PreparingLabelled Compounds. (251 Kb)  M. Houskova, A. Cajkova, E. Kunz and L. Namestek
 W3A-79 264 kb 2012-11-06
 The Rapid Determination of the Transuranium Elements by Extraction Chromatography in Urines Containing DTPA (264 Kb)  A. Delle Site, G. Sontori and C. Testa
 W3A-78 259 kb 2012-11-06
  Ionizing Radiation Records for Individuals. (259 Kb)  C. S. Cook
 W3A-77 829 kb 2012-11-06
 Progress in Personnel Neutron Dosimetry (829 Kb)  D. E. Hankins
 W3A-76 510 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational Exposure to X-Rays in Poland-Probabilistic Extrapolation to Life-Time Doses (509 Kb)  J. Jankowski, J. Liniecki and B. Krych
 W3A-75 331 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of the Adrenal Function in Subjects with Long-Term Low Level Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiations. (331 Kb)  H. I. Popescu and 1. Lancranjan
 W3A-74 369 kb 2012-11-06
  X-Ray Effects on the Embryo and Fetus: A Review of Experimental Findings (368 Kb)  R. Rugh and W. Leach
 W3A-73 217 kb 2012-11-06
 Trial Evaluation of the Long-Term Survey of Death Causes in the Population Living Near Radiation Rich Hot Spri. (216 Kb)  K. Maeda, S. Abe, Y. Kurokawa and Y. Minagawa
 W3A-72 457 kb 2012-11-06
 Physiological Investigations of the Central Nervous and Cardiovascular Systems in Persons Subjected to Long-Term Occupational Irradiation over a Period of Years (457 Kb)  V. K. Sel'tser, V. V. Gamper, G. N. Katsnel'son, N. V. Los
 W3A-71 231 kb 2012-11-06
 Early Haematological Detection of the Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation in Professionally or Medicinally Exposed Persons (231 Kb)  T. Predmerszky, O. Geszti, I. Elöd and I. Lovanyi
 W3A-70 495 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience in Using Clinical Data for Establishing the Masimum Admissible Levels of Occupational Irradiation. (495 Kb)  A. K. Gus'kova, Ye. A. Denisova, E. N. L'vovskaya, G. I. Kirsanova and I. A. Gribova
 W3A-69 282 kb 2012-11-06
 Recent Trends towards the Dose Hazard Référence in Standards for Different Nuclear Activities (282 Kb)  L. Failla
 W3A-68 539 kb 2012-11-06
 A Common Molecular Mechanism in Radiobiology Its Implications in Rodiological Protection. (539 Kb)  K. H. Chadwick and H. P. Leenhouts
 W3A-67 584 kb 2012-11-06
 A Theory of Radiation Risk Based on Microdosimetry (584 Kb)  R. D. Caldwell
 W3A-66 454 kb 2012-11-06
 The Risk of New Cancer in Women Rodiatedfor Breast Cancer (453 Kb)  L. A. Sagan and G. Linden
 W3A-65 381 kb 2012-11-06
 Concept of the Acceptable Risk as the Basis for Standardizing Radiation Exposures (381 Kb)  A. V. Terman and A. A. Moiseyev
 W3A-64 714 kb 2012-11-06
 Malignancy Risk to Humons from Total Body Gamma-Ray Irradiation (714 Kb)  C. W. Mays, R. D. Lloyd andJ. H. Marshall
 W3A-63 313 kb 2012-11-06
 Atmospheric Contamination Observed at the Chooz (Ardennes) Pressurized Water Plant. (313 Kb)  L. Bertron, P. Beau and J. J. Martin
 W3A-62 188 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of an Analytical Technique for Distributing Air Sampling Locations around Nuclear Facilities (188 Kb)  D. A. Waite
 W3A-61 315 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of the Tritium Level in the Environment of the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center. (314 Kb)  L. A. Konig and M. Winter
 W3A-60 268 kb 2012-11-06
  Long-Term Use of Various Solid-State Dosimeters for Environmental Monitoring of Nuclear Plants Experience and Results (267 Kb)  B. Burgkhardt, E. Piesch and M. Winter
 W3A-59 369 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring Technique for Radioiodinein Sodium Aerosol (368 Kb)  M. Naritomi, M. Murata and Y. Yoshida
 W3A-58 365 kb 2012-11-06
 New Low Level Environmental Radiation Monitoring around Nuclear Facilities Discriminating from Natural Radiation (364 Kb)  S. Moriuchi, K. Imai and I. Miyanaga
 W3A-57 294 kb 2012-11-06
 Adsorption of Fission Noble Gases on Charcoal (294 Kb)  A. S. Goldin, D. W. Underhill and H. A. Trindade
 W3A-56 367 kb 2012-11-06
 Trapping and Desorption of Iodine i n Graphite Gas Reactors . (367 Kb)  J. Barbier, G. Benezech, B. Cadet, J. Miribel and P. Sigli
 W3A-55 446 kb 2012-11-06
 A Review of the First Seven Years of Operational Health Physics at Dungeness 'A' (Magnox) Nuclear Power Station.  E. P. Goldfinch
 W3A-55 446 kb 2012-11-06
 Siting Evaluation of o Nuclear Power Plant in Southern Israel (446 Kb)  A. Donagi, Y. Feige, Y. Mamane and Y. Argaman
 W3A-54 431 kb 2012-11-06
 An Investigation of Radioactive Contamination Imposed upon a Big Nuclear Power Installation in the Periodical Examination (431 Kb)  M. Suzuki, M. Fojtik, S. Watanabe, S. Hongo, Y. Inoue, S. Ohno, Y. Haruyama, S. Yoshino and H. Okabayas
 W3A-53 318 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of Gaseous Radioactivity Release Rotes from an Operating Boiling Water Reactor. (317 Kb)  W. E. Keene, William M. Carey and Lewis Battist
 W3A-52 387 kb 2012-11-06
 Long Range Transport and Diffusion: An Approach to the Problem from the Health Protection Point of View.. (386 Kb)  P. Cagnetti and M. Pagliari
 W3A-51 386 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Problems on Magnox Reactors with Integral Boilers, with Particular Referenceta Personnel Entry into the Pressure Vessel (386 Kb)  H. C. Tresise
 W3A-50 333 kb 2012-11-06
 Research to Keep Nuclear Power Safe: The Experience of a Major Industry. (333 Kb)  B. M. Wheatley
 W3A-49 366 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Radiation from Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors in Normal Operation. (365 Kb)  F. H. Passant
 W3A-48 398 kb 2012-11-06
 Impact of Ten Years Liquid Waste Management Practices on Environmental Safety at Bradwell Power Station, U.K (398 Kb)  M. M. Wasson and N. T. Mitchell
 W3A-47 307 kb 2012-11-06
 A Model for the Evaluation of the Deep Ocean Disposal of Radioactive Waste . (307 Kb)  G. A. M. Webb and F. Morley
 W3A-46 224 kb 2012-11-06
 Climatological and Meteorological Considerations for Siting of Nuclear Installations in Hilly or Mountainous Environment. (223 Kb)  E. Nagel
 W3A-45 467 kb 2012-11-06
 The Safe Disposal of Liquid Radioactive Wastes from the United Kingdom Nuclear Power Programme: A Current View of the Environmental Situation (467 Kb)  N. T. Mitchell
 W3A-44 298 kb 2012-11-06
 Atomic Electric Power Stations as Sources of Carbon-14 Discharge (298 Kb)  V. P. Rublevskiy, A. S. Zykova and A. D. Turkin
 W3A-43 376 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurements of the Dispersion of Gaseous Radioactive Effluents from an Operating Boiling Water Reactor. (376 Kb)  W. M. Carey, L. Battist and W. E. Keene
 W3A-42 418 kb 2012-11-06
 An Investigation into the Reasons for a Lack of a Trophic Level Effect for 137Cs in Fundulus Heteroclitus and Its Food in the Hudson River Estuary (418 Kb)  J. Mauro and M. E. Wrenn
 W3A-41 399 kb 2012-11-06
 137Cs and 134Cs Distribution in Sediment, Water, and Biota of the Lower Hudson River and Their Dosimetric Implications for Man. (399 Kb) M. E. Wrenn, S. M. Jinks, N. Cohen and L. M. Hairr
 W3A-40 285 kb 2012-11-06
 High Radioactivity in Drinking Water and Ground Water in South Texas (285 Kb) M. C. Wukasch and L. M. Cook
 W3A-39 455 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of Geographical Differences in the Rate of Purification of the Chain Lichens-Reindeer Man from Cesium-137. (454 Kb)  M. N. Troitskaya, M. S. Ibatullin, B. Ya. Litver, A. A. Moiseyev, A. I. Nizhnikov, P. V. Ramzayev and L. A. T
 W3A-38 524 kb 2012-11-06
 Migration of Radioactive Nuclides under Différent Hydrogeological Conditions. (524 Kb)  A. S. Belitskiy, Ye. I. Orlova, Yu. A. hakov, R. A. Chelysheva and V. A. Smirennaya
 W3A-37 415 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation-Hygienic Evaluation of Geochemical Provinces with Increased Cesium-137 Migration (415 Kb)  A. N. Marey, R. M. Barkhudarov and N. Ya. Novikova
 W3A-36 334 kb 2012-11-06
 Distribution of Environmental Plutonium in the Trinity Site Ecosystem after 17 Years. (334 Kb)  T. E. Hakonson and L. J. Johnson
 W3A-35 424 kb 2012-11-06
 An Experimental and a Computational Program for Obtaining a Relationship between Quality Factor, Q, and Linear Energy Transfer, L (423 Kb)  J. Neufeld
 W3A-34 354 kb 2012-11-06
 SI Units in Ionizing Radiation (353 Kb)  A. Allisy
 W3A-33 200 kb 2012-11-06
  The "Index Quantities" of the ICRU. (200 Kb)  H. H. Rossi
 W3A-32 303 kb 2012-11-06
  The Dose Equivalent Equation. (303 Kb)  H. O. Wyckoff
 W3A-31 807 kb 2012-11-06
 Benefits and Risks to Nuclear Power in the United States of the "As Low As Practicable" Philosophy. (807 Kb)  M. I. Goldman
 W3A-30 331 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparative Toxicity of Inhaled Beta-Emitting Radionuclides in Beagle Dogs. (330 Kb)  R. O. McClellan, B. B. Boecker, F. F. Hahn, C. H. Hobbs, R. K. Jones and M. B. Snipes
 W3A-29 531 kb 2012-11-06
 Modification of Some Biological Indicators Induced by Single and Repeated Administration of Tritiated Water (530 Kb)  V. Stanculescu and A. Ciubotaru-Bordeianu
 W3A-28 290 kb 2012-11-06
 Structural Aberrations in Bone Marrow Cells after Tritiated Water Administration in Rats (289 Kb)  I. Andreuta and N. T. Racoveanu
 W3A-27 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of Puric and Pyrimidic Compounds in Urine of Rabbits and Rats after Irradiation (157 Kb)  Ch. Valle, G. Pepin, F. Duprey and L. Breuil
 W3A-26 309 kb 2012-11-06
 Quantification of Post-Irradiation Leukocyte Data Relative to Estimating Effective Exposure (309 Kb)  G. M. Angleton, C. D. Robinette, P. B. Carter and L. F. Wailly
 W3A-25 343 kb 2012-11-06
 Characteristics of the Combined Effect of Radioactive Substances (Iodine-131, Promethium 147) and External Radiation on the Body (342 Kb)  L. N. Burykina, R. L. Orlyanskaya, V. L. Ponomareva, L. A. Vasil'yeva, K. A. Veselovskaya, Sh. Z
 W3A-24 433 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological Effects Observed with Combined Exposure to Radiations. (433 Kb)  V. S. Kalistratova, I. S. Katsapov and V. I. Trifonov
 W3A-23 467 kb 2012-11-06
 Remote After Effects Associated with Damage by Transuranium Elements (467 Kb)  Yu. I. Moskalev, E. I. Rudnitskaya, L. A. Buldakov, A. P. Nifatov and L. G. Filippova
 W3A-22 684 kb 2012-11-06
 Change in Mean Lifetime of Rats in Dependence on Frequency of Development of Osteosarcomas Induced by Strontium-90 (in russian). (684 Kb)  V. L. Shvedov and A.I. Milovidova
 W3A-21 481 kb 2012-11-06
 Remote After Effects following External Beta Irradiation (481 Kb)  Yu. I. Moskalev, V. I. Shelesnova
 W3A-20 388 kb 2012-11-06
 R. Ye. Livshits, and V. M. Shubik Comparison of the Biological Effect of Strontium-90, Cesium-137, Iodine-131 and External Irradiation (388 Kb)  N. A. Zapol'skaya, V. V. Borisova, L. Ya. Zhorno, L. N. Lavrent'ev, E. D. Pavlitskaya,
 W3A-19 487 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of Incorporated Radionuclides on Immunity (487 Kb)  M. A. Nevstruyeva, V. A. Kolotvin,
 W3A-18 240 kb 2012-11-06
 Joint Effect of Strontium-90 and Chemicals Used in Agriculture on the Rat Organism. (240 Kb)  I. Ye. Mukhin, N. M. Borovikova, and L. I. Nagovi tsyna
 W3A-17 573 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of Fluorination of Drinking Water and a Calcium-Augmented Diet on the Radiotolerance of Animais during External Gamma Irradiation (573 Kb)  V. A. Knizhnikov and V. A. Grozovskaya
 W3A-16 1186 kb 2012-11-06
 Materials on the Toxicology of Californium-252 (1.2 Mb)  G. A. Zalikin, Yu. I. Moskalev, A. I. Semenov, Ye. S. Zhorova, V. N. Strel'tsova, I. K. Petrovich and V. I. Trifonov
 W3A-15 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Computer-Assisted Laser Hazard Calculations and a Critical Analysis of the Prediction Equations (188 Kb)  W. A. Cornelius and I. S. Leith
 W3A-14 337 kb 2012-11-06
 A Calibration Facility for Microwave Monitors-Design and Operating Experience (336 Kb)  I. S. Leith
 W3A-13 366 kb 2012-11-06
 Ultraviolet Radiation Dosimetry Utilizing Thermoluminescence (366 Kb)  A. Dhar, L. A. DeWerd and T. G. Stoebe
 W3A-12 186 kb 2012-11-06
 Progress in the Reduction of Microwave Exposure from Microwave Ovens Used in Commercial Food Vending Operations. (185 Kb)  M. C. Wukasch and J. F. Thiel
 W3A-11 337 kb 2012-11-06
 Public Health and Control of Non-Ionizing Radiation in Japan (337 Kb)  H. lido and T. Koshijima
 W3A-10 521 kb 2012-11-06
 Combined Effect of Ionizing Radiation and a Superhigh-Frequency Field on the Body (520 Kb)  A. N. Liberman, I. E. Bronstein, V. J. Orobei, M. S. Sakovskaia, A. P. Tchesnokova, V. M. Shubik and R. I. Bikkulov
 W3A-9A 334 kb 2012-11-06
 Control and Use of Lasers in N.Y.S. Industry (334 Kb)  F. J. Bradley and S. N. Roberto
 W3A-9 175 kb 2012-11-06
 Pitfalls in the Assessment of Microwave Radiation as a Hazard (175 Kb)  R. L. Carpenter, E. S. Ferri and G. J. Hagan
 W3A-8 668 kb 2012-11-06
 A Programme on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (667 Kb)  M. J. Suess
 W3A-7 1036 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological Effects and Exposure Standards for Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Energies (1 Mb)  S. M. Michaelson
 W3A-6 378 kb 2012-11-06
 Somatic Effects (378 Kb)  A. C. Upton
 W3A-5 395 kb 2012-11-06
  Genetic Effects (395 Kb)  J. F. Crow
 W3A-4 393 kb 2012-11-06
 General Review and Implications. (393 Kb)  C. L. Comar
 W3A-3 935 kb 2012-11-06
 Perspectives on Radiation Risks (935 Kb)  Ralph E. Lapp
 W3A-2 401 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Perspective in the United States of America (400 Kb)  Ralph Nader
 W3A-1 416 kb 2012-11-06
 The U. S. Congress and Radiation Protection (415 Kb)  Melvin Price