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IRPA 5 Jerusalem, March 1980

March 1980, Jerusalem, Israel


 B2-101 151 kb 2012-11-06
 J3-85 217 kb 2012-11-06
 A Review from the regulatory Position of the Control of Occupational Exposure Associated With the First 20 Years of the United Kingdom Commercial Nuclear Power Programme (217 Kb)  Emmerson B.W.
 J3-84 300 kb 2012-11-06
 Epidemiology, Occupational Hygiene & Health physics (299 Kb)  Bonnell J.A.
 J3-83 546 kb 2012-11-06
 Development and Trends in Radiological Protection and the Nea Programme in this Field (545 Kb)  Ilari 0. Wallauschek E.
 J3-82 202 kb 2012-11-06
 A Health and Research Organization to Meet Complex Needs of Developing Energy Technologies (201 Kb)  Griffith R.V.
 J3-81 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Principles Applied to conventional Industries Producing Deleterious Environmental Effects (152 Kb)  Tadmor J.
 J3-80 164 kb 2012-11-06
 Technology Transfer from Nuclear Radiological to Industrial Safety (164 Kb)  Gonen Y.G.
 J3-79 140 kb 2012-11-06
 An Analytical Approach to the Comparison of Chemical and Radiation hazards to Man (140 Kb)  Cebulska-Wasilewska A. Chadwick K.H. Leenhouts H.P.
 J3-78 165 kb 2012-11-06
 The Assessment of Radon and its Daughters in North Sea Gas Used in the United Kingdom (164 Kb)  Wilkins B.T.
 J3-77 122 kb 2012-11-06
 The Transfer of Sr-90, Cs-137, Co-60 and Mn-54 from Sooils to Plants - Results form Lysimeter Experiments. (122 Kb)  Führ F. Mittelstaedt W. Steffens W.
 J3-76 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of Small Scale Laboratory and Pot Experiments to Determine Realistic Transfer Factors for the Radionuclides 90Sr, 137Cs, 60Co and 54Mn. (152 Kb)  Führ F. Mittelstaedt W. Steffens W.
 J3-75 145 kb 2012-11-06
  The Radium Contamination in Southern Black Forest (145 Kb)  Kiefer H. Schüttelkopf H.
 J3-74 230 kb 2012-11-06
 Ra-226 Collective Dosimetry for Surface Waters in the Uranium Mining Regions of Poços De Caldas (229 Kb)  Baptista G.B. Montenegro E.C. Paschoa A.S. Sigaud G.M.
 J3-73 117 kb 2012-11-06
 Distribution of Uranium, 226ra, 210Pb and 210Po in the Ecological Cycle in Mountain Regions of Central Yugoslavia (117 Kb)  Bauman A. Horsic E. Kljajic R. Milosevic Z.
 J3-72 100 kb 2012-11-06
 Monitoring of Environmental Radon-222 in Selected Areas of Taiwan Province of the Republic of China (99 Kb)  Weng P.-S. Wu C.-F. Mei T.-Y. C.
 J3-71 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioecological Studies of Activation Products Released from a Nuclear Power Plant Into the Marine Environment (156 Kb)  Holm E. Mattsson S. Nilsson M.
 J3-70 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Mobility and Retention of 60Co in Soils in Coastal Areas (178 Kb)  Kudo A. Mahara Y.
 J3-69 126 kb 2012-11-06
  226Ra- and 222Rn-Content of Drinking Water (125 Kb)  Glaum F. Kiefer J. Porstendörfer J. Wicke A.
 J3-68 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies of Concentration and Transfer Factors of Natural and Artificial Actinide Elements in a Marine Environment. (148 Kb)  Holm E. Mattsson S. Persson B.R.R.
 J3-67 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Représentation géographique de diverses données dans une grille européenne (209 Kb)  Garnier A. Madelmont C. Sauvé A.
 J3-66 183 kb 2012-11-06
  Assessment of 210Po Exposure for the Italian Population (182 Kb)  Breuer F. Clemente G.F. Renzetti A. Santori G.
 J3-65 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Fate of Major Radionuclides in the Liquid Wastes released to Coastal Waters (204 Kb)  Bhat I.S. Chandramouli S. Iyer R.S. Verma P.C.
 J3-64 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Correlation Between Concentrations of 210Pb in the Biologic Samples from Miners and Individual Levels of Exposure to Short Lived Radon-222 Daughter Products (144 Kb)  Grádinaru M.D. Mihail G.T. Weissbuch H.I.M.
 J3-63 142 kb 2012-11-06
 Excretion of Organic and Inorganic Tritiated Compounds in Cow's Milk After Ingestion of Tritium Oxide. (142 Kb)  Gerber G.B. Kirchmann R. Van den Hoek J.
 J3-62 217 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigattion of the Solubility of Yellowcake in the Lung of Uranium Mill Yellowcake Workers by Assay for Uranium in Urine and in vivo Photon Measurements of Internally Deposed Uranium Compounds (216 Kb)  Fisher D.R. Heid K.R. R
 J3-61 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Sustained-Release of Radioprotective Agents in Vitro (170 Kb)  Benita S. Donbrow M. Samuni A. Shani J.
 J3-60 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Para-hydroxybensoic Acid, A Hypoxic Radiosensitizer in Bacterial Cells (178 Kb)  Jacobs G.P. Sade N.
 J3-59 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Present State of Radio-Strontium Decorporation Research With Cryptand (222). (189 Kb)  Müller W.H.
 J3-58 119 kb 2012-11-06
  Etude expérimentale des cancers induits chez le rat par des particules à transfert linéïque d'énergie élévée (119 Kb)  Lafuma J.E. Morin M.E.
 J3-57 120 kb 2012-11-06
 Distribution of Plutonium and Americium in Human and Animal Tissues After Chronic Exposures (120 Kb)  Hakanen M. Jaakkola T. Keinonen M. Miettinen J.K. Mussalo H. Tähtinen P.
 J3-56 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiobiological and Radioecological Studies With the Unicellular Marine Algae Acetabularia, batophora and Dunaliella (189 Kb)  Bonotto S. Hoursiangou D. Kirchmann R. Lüttke A. Puiseux-Dao S. Strack S.
 J3-55 167 kb 2012-11-06
 Tumorigenic Responses from Single or Repeated Inhalation Exposures to Relatively Insoluble Aerosols of 144Ce (167 Kb)  Boecker B.B. Hahn F.F. Mauderly J.L. McClellan R.O.
 J3-54 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Dynamics of Cs-137 Distribution in the Muscle Tissue of Swine by Single and Repeated Contamination (169 Kb)  Begovic J. Mitrovic R. Stankovic S.
 J3-53 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Chemical Protection and Sensitization to Ionising Radiation : Molecular Investigations (177 Kb)  Badiello R.
 J3-52 127 kb 2012-11-06
 Characterization of Working Conditions for Handling Radionuclides. (126 Kb)  van der Feer Y.
 J3-51 217 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of Guidelines for Incorporation Monitoring Programs (216 Kb)  Irlweck K. Sorantin H. Steger F.
 J3-50 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Problems at Compact Cyclotrons for Medical and Other Use (153 Kb)  Friedrich W. Knieper J. Komnick K. Printz H. Sauermann P.F.
 J3-49 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Contribution à l'irradiation de l'Am 241 présent dans le plutonium. Risques radiologiques liés aux manipulations de l'Am 241. (139 Kb)  Pescayre G. Piton L.
 J3-48 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the Protection Factor of Half-Masks With Respirator Fitting Test Apparatus (173 Kb)  Ikezawa Y. Kokubu M. Matsui H. Murata M. Yoshida Y.
 J3-47 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Studies on the Radiation Burden Using 131 I for Thyroid Therapy (132 Kb)  Chomicki O.A. Krzesniak J.W.
 J3-46 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Experiences in Monitoring Airborne Radioactive Contamination in Jaeri (158 Kb)  Ikezawa Y. Okamoto T. Yabe A.
 J3-45 209 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Production Aspects of 123 I-Production (208 Kb)  Huyskens C.J. Van den Bosch
 J3-44 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Exposure of Personnel in a Reprocessing Plant (115 Kb)  Herrmann G.
 J3-43 132 kb 2012-11-06
 Emergency Plant for a Uranium and Plutonium Handling Laboratory (132 Kb)  Hefner A. Müllner P. Sorantin H.
 J3-42 206 kb 2012-11-06
 the Control of Radioactivity in the Working Environment in the Factories for Production of Phosphate Fertilizers (205 Kb)  Ajdacic B.N. Gnjatovic S.S. Vujovic P.V.
 J3-41 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Present State of the Monitoring for Internal Contamination at Tokai Research Establishment, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (178 Kb)  Akaishi J. Fukuda H. Mizushita S.
 J3-35 259 kb 2012-11-06
 Flexibility in Radiation Protection Legislation - The Uk Approach (258 Kb)  Beaver P.F. Gill J.R.
 J3-40 230 kb 2012-11-06
 A Review of the Disposal of Miscellaneous Radioactive Wastes in the United Kingdom (230 Kb)  Hookway B.
 J3-39 202 kb 2012-11-06
 Adsorption of Dose Rate in Great Bitumen Blocks - Experimental Detection (202 Kb)  Patek P.R.M.
 J3-38 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Monitoring and Deep Ocean Disposal of Packaged Radioactive Waste (189 Kb)  Mitchell N.T. Preston A.
 J3-37 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Legal Provisions Concerning the Handling and Disposal of Radioactive waste in International and National Law (204 Kb)  Bischof W.
 J3-36 112 kb 2012-11-06
 Occupational Radiation Protection Legislation in Israel (111 Kb)  Donagi A Lemesch C. Schlesinger T. Tadmor J.
 J3-34 198 kb 2012-11-06
 Hazards from Radioactivity of Fly Ash of Greek Coal Power Plants (CPP) (198 Kb)  Charalambous S. Papastefanou C.
 J3-33 178 kb 2012-11-06
 Effect of the Foodchain in Radioactivities Released from Power Plants (177 Kb)  Okamoto K.
 J3-32 217 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of the Radiation Exposure from the Radioactive Material Released from the Stack of a 2000 Mwe Coal Fired Power Station (217 Kb)  Camplin W.C. Hallam J.
 J3-31 197 kb 2012-11-06
  The Identification of Critical Groups (196 Kb)  Hunt G.J. Shepherd J.G
 J3-30 410 kb 2012-11-06
 Recent Past and Near Future Activities of ICRP Committee 2 (409 Kb)  Thompson R.C.
 J3-29 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium - Is it Underestimated? (158 Kb)  Whitlock G.D.
 J3-28 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Decontamination and Modification of Liquid Scintillators (166 Kb)  Sachan S.R. Soman S.D.
 J3-27 187 kb 2012-11-06
 Minidosimetry of Alpha-Radiation from 239-Pu in the Skeleton (187 Kb)  Polig E.
 J3-26 183 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Technique for Neutron Monitoring in Stray Radiation Fields (182 Kb)  Burgkhardt B. Piesch E.K.A.
 J3-25 89 kb 2012-11-06
 Methods of I-129 Analysis for Environmental Monitoring (89 Kb)  Fukuda S. Kataqiri H. Kitahara Y. Nomura T.
 J3-24 122 kb 2012-11-06
 Atmospheric Dispersion Study With 85Kr and SF6 Gas (121 Kb)  Fukuda S. Kishimoto Y Kitahara Y. Narita 0.
 J3-23 153 kb 2012-11-06
 A Passive Monitor for Radon Using Electrochemical Track Etch Detector (153 Kb)  Hassib G.M. Massera G.E. Piesch E.K.A.
 J3-22 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Calibration of Radiation Instruments at SSDL Level in Israel (129 Kb)  Donagi A Kuszpet M.E. Schlesinger T.
 J3-21 118 kb 2012-11-06
 230TH Assay by Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis (118 Kb)  Church L.B. Desrosiers A.E. Kathren R.L.
 J3-20 130 kb 2012-11-06
 Beta Dosimetry With Barrier Detectors (130 Kb)  Dreesen K. Heinzelmann M. Schuren H.
 J3-19 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry of Criticality Accidents Using Activations of the Blood and Hair (173 Kb)  Hankins D.E.
 J3-18 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron Spectra and Dose Equivalent Inside Reactor Containment (154 Kb)  Brackenbush L.W. Endres G.W.R. Faust L.G. Griffith R.V.
 J3-17 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Study and Measurement of the Atmospheric Pollution by 85Kr (170 Kb)  Buysse J. Eggermont G. Janssens A. Raes F.
 J3-16 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Efficacité de comptage de gels scintillants (144 Kb)  Bourdeaux M. Briand C. Chauvet-Deroudilhe M. Dell'Amico M.
 J3-15 135 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the Spectral Distribution of X-Ray Beams from Measurements on the Scattered Radiation (134 Kb)  Baraldi C. Casnati E.
 J3-14 121 kb 2012-11-06
 Decontamination of Tritlated Water Samples Prior to Tritium Assay (120 Kb)  Carmon B. Eliah Y. Levinson S.
 J3-13 142 kb 2012-11-06
 A Relatively Fast Assay of Sr-90 by Measuring the Cherenkov Effect From the Ingrowing Y-90 (142 Kb)  Eliah Y. Carmon B.
 J3-12 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Health Physics Aspects of the In-Vivo Analysis of Human Dental Enamel by Proton Activation. (144 Kb)  Bodart F. Ghoos L.
 J3-11 136 kb 2012-11-06
 A Procedure for Routine Radiation Protection Checking of Mammography Equipment (136 Kb)  Bengtsson L.G. Lundéhn I.
 J3-10 156 kb 2012-11-06
 A Simple Method for Collection of HTO from Air (156 Kb)  Auf der Maur A.N. Lauffenburger T.
 J3-9 216 kb 2012-11-06
 The Development of the American National Standard, ''Control of Radio-Active Surface Contamination on Materials, Equipment and Facilities to be Released for Uncontrolled Use'' (216 Kb)  Shapiro J.
 J3-8 203 kb 2012-11-06
 The Laboratory Appraisal of Ionisation Chamber Smoke Detectors (202 Kb)  Dixon D.W. Wilkins B.T.
 J3-7 133 kb 2012-11-06
 International Electrotechnical Commisssion (IEC) and Radiation Safety Requirements for Medical X-Equipment (132 Kb)  Bertheau H. Koivisto E.
 J3-6 290 kb 2012-11-06
 Setting Standards for Trivial Concentrations of Radioactivity (290 Kb)  Van As D.
 J3-5 207 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of the Principles of Justification and Optimisation to products Causing Public Exposure (207 Kb)  Fleishman A.B. Wrixon A.D.
 J3-4 109 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimisation de la protection et évaluation du risque. Le cas des accidents de transport de matières dangereuses. (108 Kb)  Meslin T.
 J3-3 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimisation et contrôle des rejets radioactifs des centrales à eau pressurisée du programme électronucléaire français (162 Kb)  Lochard J. Maccia C. Pages P.
 J3-2 197 kb 2012-11-06
 The Cost of Occupational Dose (197 Kb)  Clark M.J. Fleishman A.B.
 J3-1 368 kb 2012-11-06
 Justification and Optimization in Radiation Protection (368 Kb)  Beninson D.
 J2-87 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Beta Response of Tl Personnel and Environmental Surveillance Dose Meters (150 Kb)  Caldas L. Regulla D.F.
 J2-86 377 kb 2012-11-06
 Microwave/Radiofrequency Protection Standards: Concepts, Criteria and Applications (377 Kb)  Michaelson S.M.
 J2-85 155 kb 2012-11-06
 RBE of a-Particles vs. b-Particles in Bone Sarcoma Induction (155 Kb)  Finkel M.P. Mays C.W.
 J2-84 141 kb 2012-11-06
  Effects of Microwave Radiation on Endocrine System of Mouse (140 Kb)  Deschaux P. Fontanges R. Pellissier J.P. Santini R.
 J2-83 429 kb 2012-11-06
 Emergency Planning and Preparedness: Pre - and Post-Three Mile Island (428 Kb)  Collins H.E.
 J2-82 106 kb 2012-11-06
 Fast Neutron Dosimetry Using CaSo4: Dy Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (105 Kb)  Azorin N.J. Gutiérrez C.A. Rubio J.L. Salvi C.R.
 J2-81 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessement of Biological Effects Resulting from Large Scale Applications of Coal Power Plant Wastes in Building Technology in poland (196 Kb)  Geisler J. Pensko J.
 J2-80 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Lung Doses from Radon in Dwelllings and Influencing Factors (128 Kb)  Stranden E.
 J2-79 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Hazards of Radon Daughters to the General Public (176 Kb)  Johnson J.R. Marko A.M. Myers D. K.
 J2-78 229 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of Cancer Incidence for Anglos in the period 1969-1971 in Areas of Cencus Tract With Measured Concentrations of Plutonium Soil Contamination Downwind from the Rocky Flats Plant in the Denver Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (229&n
 J2-77 143 kb 2012-11-06
 Two Decades of Research in the Brazilian Areas of High Natural Radioactivity (142 Kb)  Barcinski M. Costa Ribeiro C. Cullen T.L. Eisenbud M. Paschoa A.S. Penna Franca E.
 J2-76 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Natural Background as an Indicator of Radiation-Induced Cancer (173 Kb)  Cohen J.J.
 J2-75 214 kb 2012-11-06
 Protecting Front-Line Survey and Rescue Teams During Emergencies (213 Kb)  Tresise H.C.
 J2-74 187 kb 2012-11-06
 Discussion of an Environmental Dose Methodology to Obtain Compliance With Dose Limits in the Case of Postulated Accidents (186 Kb)  Brenk H.D. Vogt K.J.
 J2-73 173 kb 2012-11-06
 An Application of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to restrict the Damage Caused By an Accidental Release of Radioactive Material to the Environment (172 Kb)  Frittelli L. Tamburrano A.
 J2-72 158 kb 2012-11-06
 On the Extent of Emergency Actions for the Protection of the Public After Accidental Activity Releases from Nuclear Power Plants (158 Kb)  Bayer A. Burkart K. Hobschmann W.G. Vogt S.
 J2-71 151 kb 2012-11-06
 ''Intelligent'' Radiation Instruments (151 Kb)  Ward A.
 J2-70 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Spectra, Differential Albedo and Shielding Data for Bremsstrahlung Scattered from Common Shielding Materials (160 Kb)  Freundt W. Jost P. Weise H.-P.
 J2-69 170 kb 2012-11-06
 Nuclear Shielding Analyses for an Intense Neutron Source Facility (169 Kb)  Celnik J.
 J2-68 88 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of Informatic for Radiation Control Panels (88 Kb)  Cochinal R. Grimont B. Mai V.
 J2-67 117 kb 2012-11-06
 A Microprocessor Based Area Monitor System for Neutron and Gamma Radiation (117 Kb)  Heusser G. Wilhelm R.
 J2-66 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Avantages présentés par l'introduction industrielles de l'informatique dans la surveillance centralisée des niveaux de rayonnements (190 Kb)  Leblanc P. Vialettes H.
 J2-65 96 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of Absorbed Dose-Rate in Skin for Low-Level Beta-Rays (95 Kb)  Fukuda S. Kishimoto Y Kitahara Y. Shinohara K.
 J2-64 138 kb 2012-11-06
 A Personal Tritium Monitor (137 Kb)  Osborne R.V. Coveart A.S.
 J2-63 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Secondary Standard Dosimetry System With Automatic Dose/Rate Calculation (152 Kb)  Bernhart J. Duftschmid K.E. Hizo J. Klösch W. Zsdanszky K. Stehno G.
 J2-62 196 kb 2012-11-06
 Insidious Ocular Effects of Laser Radiation (196 Kb)  Brennan D.H.
 J2-61 192 kb 2012-11-06
 A Recommended Permissible Environmental Standar for Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation (192 Kb)  Solon L.R.
 J2-60 207 kb 2012-11-06
 The Evolution of Non Ionizing Radiation Protection Standards in Norway (206 Kb)  Aamlid H. Saxebbl G.
 J2-59 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Electromagnetic Pollution of the Environment (146 Kb)  Argiero L. Rossi G.
 J2-58 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Radiation Protection Implications of the Three Mile Island Incident (197 Kb)  Ilberg D.
 J2-57 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Protective Action Guides: Theory and Application Lessons from the Three Mile Island Accident (190 Kb)  Shleien B.
 J2-56 358 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Consequences of the Three Mile Island Accident (357 Kb)  Battist L. Peterson Jr. H.T.
 J2-55 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Quatre observations de traitement chirurgical de blessures contaminées par des radionucléides (174 Kb)  Briot F. Henry P. Lalu P. Mercier J. Sarbach J. Tourte J.
 J2-54 231 kb 2012-11-06
 Are We at Risk from Low level Radiation - DNA Repair Capacity as a Probe of Potential Damage and Recovery (230 Kb)  Riklis E.
 J2-53 203 kb 2012-11-06
 An Approach to the Derivation of Radionuclide Intake Limits for Members of the Public (202 Kb)  Thompson R.C.
 J2-52 433 kb 2012-11-06
 Biological Effects of Inhaled Radionuclides: Summary of ICRP Report 31 (432 Kb)  Bair W.J.
 J2-51 249 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium Control Field Study at and ' Open-Concept' Candu (PHWR) Station (248 Kb)  Maan M.A. Sennema L.J. Vivian G.A.
 J2-50 196 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium Control at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly (195 Kb)  Jalbert R.A.
 J2-49 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Rupture Accident in a BWR FFGAS Charccal Treatment System (171 Kb)  Laraia M.
 J2-48 294 kb 2012-11-06
 Surveying and Assessing the hazards Associated With the Processing of Uranium (294 Kb)  Kruger J.
 J2-47 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Enquête sur la qualité d'exploitation des détecteurs gamma au germanium (123 Kb)  Zerbib J.C.
 J2-46 111 kb 2012-11-06
 Classification of Lif-Dosimeters Using the Ratio of Peak Heights (110 Kb)  Aiginger H. Vana N.J. Wachter W.
 J2-45 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Electrochemical Etching CR-39 Foils for Personnel Fast Neutron Dosimetry (156 Kb)  Fisher J.C. Griffith R.V. Tommasino L. Zapparoli G.
 J2-44 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric Applications of Cellular Electrophysiological Changes Under High- And Low-Let Irradiaiton in Health Physics (150 Kb)  Eckl P. Hofmann W. Pohl-Ruling J. Steinhausler F.
 J2-43 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Tsee Dosimeter for Gamma-Rays and Fast Neutrons Using Ceramic BeO (162 Kb)  Ohtani S.
 J2-42 166 kb 2012-11-06
 Recent Development of Fluoro-Glass Dosimeter in Japan (165 Kb)  Omori T. Nishiwaki Y.
 J2-41 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Spark Counting Technique With an Aluminium Oxide Film (136 Kb)  Kawai H. Koga T. Morishima H. Nishiwaki Y. Niwa T.
 J2-40 193 kb 2012-11-06
 A microcomputer Controlled Thermoluminescence Dosimetry System (192 Kb)  Huyskens C.J. Kicken P.J.H.
 J2-39 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Calibration and Application of the Multisphere Technique in Neutron Spectrometry and Dosimetry (168 Kb)  Huyskens C.J. Jacobs G.J.H.
 J2-38 194 kb 2012-11-06
  Microdosimetric Approach For Lung Dose Assessments (193 Kb)  Bernroider G. Hofmann W. Pohl E. Steinhausler F.
 J2-37 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Neutron Sensitivity of Geiger-Müller Photon Dosemeters for Neutron Energies Between 100 KeV and 19 MeV (145 Kb)  Guldbakke S. Jahr R. Lesiecki H. Schôlermann H.
 J2-36 182 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of a Personnel Neutron Dosimeter/Spectrometer (182 Kb)  Fisher J.C. Griffith R.V. Tommasino L. Zapparoli G.
 J2-35 200 kb 2012-11-06
 Polyurethane as a Base for a Family of Tissue Equivalent Materials (199 Kb)  Griffith R.V.
 J2-34 98 kb 2012-11-06
 Arrangement of a TLD System to Measure the Dose to Patients Undergoing Irradiation (97 Kb)  Bacci C. Furetta C. Pellegrini R.
 J2-33 160 kb 2012-11-06
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