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IRPA 7 Sydney, April 1988

April 1988, Sydney, Australia


 M1-236 175 kb 2012-11-06
 S3-31 172 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiobiological Arguments for a Linear Dose-Effect Relationship of Stochastic Effects at Low Doses (171 Kb)  H.P. Leenhouts and K.H. Chadwick
 S3-150 232 kb 2012-11-06
 Formation du Personnel pour l'Information du Public (231 Kb)  Lucien Bertron and Bernard Houpin
 S3-149 159 kb 2012-11-06
 The Role of Probabilistic Events in the Application of the Justification Criterion (158 Kb)  Robert Hock
 S3-148 502 kb 2012-11-06
 An Approach to Controlling Radiation Exposures of Probabilities Less Than One (502 Kb)  J.U. Ahmed and A.J. Gonzalez
 S3-147 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection in the Ministry of Nuclear Industry (197 Kb)  Pan Zhiqian, Li Zhenping and Mao Huanzhang
 S3-146 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Collective Doses in Sweden After the Chernobyl Accident : Calculation for Inhalation and External Irradiation (210 Kb)  R. Fink, K. Edvarson, B. Bjurman, L-E. De Geer and I. Vintersved
 S3-145 241 kb 2012-11-06
 Effects of 2450 MHZ Microwave Radiation on Meiosis and Reproduction in Male Mice (240 Kb)  E. Manikowska-Czerska, P. Czerski and W. M. Leach
 S3-144 204 kb 2012-11-06
 Activities of the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee of IRPA (204 Kb)  H.P. Jammet and A.S. Duchene
 S3-143 212 kb 2012-11-06
 Indoor Exposure to Natural Radiation in Denmark (211 Kb)  K. Ulbak, B. Stenum, A. Sorensen, B. Majborn, L. Botter-Jensen and S.P. Nielsen
 S3-142 212 kb 2012-11-06
 UK Standards for Exposure to Radon Daughters in Dwellings (212 Kb)  G.A.M. Webb and M.C. O'Riordan
 S3-141 196 kb 2012-11-06
 Two Important Factors Influencing Thyroid Internal Dose for Radioiodine (196 Kb)  Lei Kui, Zhang Zhonghou and Li Shijun
 S3-140 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment for the Vitrification of High-Level Radioactive Wastes (35 Kb)  Steven H. Brown
 S3-139 19 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetric Quantities for 300 keV Neutrons (18 Kb)  Soo-Yong Lee
 S3-138 129 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience with a Five Element Neutron Dosimeter (128 Kb)  A.S. Keverling Buisman
 S3-137 207 kb 2012-11-06
 ADDCOR : An Atmospheric Dispersion and Dosimetry Code for Operators and Regulators of Nuclear Facilities (207 Kb)  M.C.E. Petersen and G.H. Clark
 S3-136 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Concept and Validation Studies of the Real-time Reactor-Accident Consequences Assessment Model "ECOSYS" (175 Kb)  Herwig G. Paretzke, Peter Jacob, Heinz Mütler and Gerhard Prohl
 S3-135 199 kb 2012-11-06
 Evolution and Trends of the Concept of Dose Limits (199 Kb)  D. Beninson
 S3-134 156 kb 2012-11-06
 Concentration Factors of Stable Elements and Radionuclides in Po River Fish (155 Kb)  M. Achilli, A. Bozzani, G. Ciceri, L. Guzzi and G. Queirazza
 S3-133 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose to Man From the Consumption of Marine Seafoods: A Comparison of the Naturally-Occurring 210Po With Artifically-Produced Radionuclides (177 Kb)  R.J. Pentreath and D.J. Allington
 S3-132 252 kb 2012-11-06
 Reconstructing Fallout Exposures to the U.S. Population from Weapons Testing in Nevada During the 1950's (251 Kb)  H.L. Beck and P.W. Krey
 S3-131 67 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Environment in the Tunnel of a High-Energy Proton Accelerator at Energies Near 1 TeV (67 Kb)  Joseph B. McCaslin, Rai-Ko S. Sun, William P. Swanson, Alexander J. Elwyn, William S. Freeman, Hans Jostlein, Craig D. Moore,
 S3-130 128 kb 2012-11-06
 Equipment Requirements for High Energy Electron Accelerators Used in Radiotherapy for Effective Radiation Protection (128 Kb)  Leelamma Abraham and Jassim Al Mudaires
 S3-129 652 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Radioactivity and Man (652 Kb)  Wolfgang Jacobi
 S3-128 145 kb 2012-11-06
 Training of Non-Credentialed X-Ray Operators in Radiation Safety (145 Kb)  R. Warner, and H. Kocol
 S3-127 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Teaching Radiation Physics and Radiation Protection to Medical Students (176 Kb)  P. Holmberg
 S3-126 171 kb 2012-11-06
 Color Graphics Display of Low-High Energy Electron- Photon Transport using EGS4 (170 Kb)  R.J. Kloepping, C.J. Huntzinger, E. Benson and W.R. Nelson
 S3-125 289 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Training (289 Kb)  N.N. Gigli and C.A. Menossi
 S3-124 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Scientific Grounds for X-Ray Specialists Instruction in Radiation Hygiene (45 Kb)  V.D. Usoltsev, V.I. Kuzin and N.V. Tselikov
 S3-123 24 kb 2012-11-06
 Training and Radiation Protection at EDF (24 Kb)  C. Pruvot
 S3-122 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Training in the Remote-Piloting of Vehicules for Intervening in Hostile Environments (34 Kb)  Ph. Kissel
 S3-121 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience in Teaching Health Physics at Post Lauream Level at the University of Pisa (148 Kb)  A. Del Guerra and A. Stefanini
 S3-120 207 kb 2012-11-06
 Communication Strengths and Weaknesses of Radiation Protection Professionals in the United States and Canada (207 Kb)  R.H. Johnson, W. L. Petcovic and R.E. Alexander
 S3-119 187 kb 2012-11-06
 The Changing Emphases in Health Physics (186 Kb)  D.H. Denham and R.L. Kathren
 S3-118 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Education and Training for Emergency Procedures (190 Kb)  J.R.A. Lakey
 S3-117 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Nuclear Power Plant Consequences: Personnel Education (31 Kb)  L. Bertron and B. Houpin
 S3-116 194 kb 2012-11-06
 Thirty Years of Experience in Health Physics Education at Purdue University and Plans for the Future (194 Kb)  R. R. Landolt and P.L. Ziemer
 S3-115 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivity Removal and Transport Processes from Soil to Adriatic Sea Water Deriving from Chernobyl Fall-out Deposition (160 Kb)  G. Queirazza, S. Meloni, and G. Bonforte
 S3-114 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of Internal Contamination with Radioactive Cesium Released from the Chernobyl Accident and Enhanced Elimination by Prussian Blue (160 Kb)  Tang Ming-hua, Gong Yi-fen, Shen Chang-yao, Ye Chang-ging and Wu De-chang
 S3-113 124 kb 2012-11-06
 Direct and Indirect Radiotoxicological Investigations on People coming from Eastern Europe after the Chernobyl Accident (124 Kb)  S. Bazzarri, V. Marchionni, F. Micci and C. Testa
 S3-112 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Chernobyl - A Retrospective Review Two Years after the Accident (188 Kb)  L.G. Kemeny
 S3-111 132 kb 2012-11-06
 The Contents of Radionuclides Ru-103 and Ru-106 in Food (131 Kb)  G. Djuric, D. Popovic and I. Djujic
 S3-110 115 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of Internal Dose Received by the Hungarian Population due to Cesium Radionuclides as a Consequence of the Chernobyl Accident (115 Kb)  A. Andrási, É. Beleznay, I. Fehér
 S3-109 123 kb 2012-11-06
 Health Effects of Chernobyl Accident Exposure (122 Kb)  Dj. Norvat, Z. Zunic, O. Milié, N. Radotié and I. Djujié
 S3-108 25 kb 2012-11-06
 The Radionuclides Levels in Human Body after the Chernobyl Accident (25 Kb)  I. Djujié, Dj. Bek-Uzarov, Z. Ubovié, D. Paligoric and G. Duric
 S3-107 22 kb 2012-11-06
 Naturally Occurring Radionuclides and Fission Products in Meat after the Chernobyl Accident (22 Kb)  I. Djujic, M. Stojanovic, G. Djuric and D. Popovic
 S3-106 241 kb 2012-11-06
 M.M. Gupta, A.R. Reddy and A. Nagaratnam The Impact of the Chernobyl Accident on Norway (240 Kb)  G. C. Christensen
 S3-105 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Bhopal and Chernobyl - A Comparison (36 Kb)  H. Kumar, H. Chandrasekhar, P. Ramaseshu
 S3-104 240 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Impact of the Reactor Accident at Chernobyl on the Hungarian Population (240 Kb)  L.B. Sztanyik, B. Kanyár, G.J. K~teles, I. Nikl, and D. Stítr
 S3-103 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Measured Transfer Factors in Milk and Meat after the Chernobyl Reactor Accident (160 Kb)  H. Bonka, J. Küppers, M. Maqua
 S3-102 55 kb 2012-11-06
 The Swiss Emergency Reference Levels and Their Application in the Chernobyl-Case (55 Kb)  P. Honegger, H. Loosli, U. Niederer, M. Zgraggen, and A. Zurkinden
 S3-101 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of Measurements in Europe Following the Accident of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant (139 Kb)  D. Robeau, A. Albergel and I. Wartenberg
 S3-100 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Constructional Design Principles on Radiation Protection nd Methods of Radiation Control at the Large Scale Plutonium Fuel Fabrication Facility of Fully Remote Operation (161 Kb)  A. Ryoji, O. Harumi, H. Yoshinori, S. Kenji
 S3-99 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience of Personnel Monitoring at the Plutonium Fuel Fabrication Facilities (168 Kb)  K. Miyabe, T. Momose, A. Yamato, M. Kinoshita
 S3-98 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Protection Procedures Related to the Handling of Different Uranium Compounds Enriched 20% in 235U (156 Kb)  M. Friedenthal, A. Marajofsky, A.M. La Gamma-Batistoni and H. Cardenas
 S3-97 0 kb 2012-11-06
 The Assessment of Radioactive Dose of Uranium Miners (236 Kb)  Zhou Zhumou
 S3-96 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Safeguards and Health Physics (22 Kb)  M. Oberhofer
 S3-95 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Personal Computer Integrated Programs - Effective Tools for Planning Comprehensive Radiological Surveys (256 Kb)  F.F. Haywood
 S3-94 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Characteristics of Internal and External Exposures to Workers by Job in Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (209 Kb)  J. Akaishi, T. Hattori, K. Kawai, H. Tachibana, K. Minami and S. Suga
 S3-93 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Systematics of Gamma-Ray Energy Spectra for Classification of Workplaces Around a Nuclear Facility (193 Kb)  I. Urabe and T. Tsujimoto
 S3-92 0 kb 2012-11-06
 The Current Status and Improvement on the Registration System for Radiation Workers at the Nuclear Facilities in Japan (36 Kb)  O. Saito and H. Ishikawa
 S3-91 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Reduction of Occupational Dose using the UKAEA SIMVIDOSE System (186 Kb)  R.G. Jackson and G.C. Meggitt
 S3-90 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience of Dose Reduction Procedure using Target Dose Management (186 Kb)  T. Hashimoto, M. Nishikawa and Y. Mitarai
 S3-89 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Exchange of Dose Data within Nuclear Activities in Finland and Sweden (200 Kb)  O. Vilkamo and L. Malmqvist
 S3-88 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Tails from Previous Exposures: A General Problem in Setting Reference Levels for the Assessment of Internal Contamination (166 Kb)  F. Breuer and L. Frittelli
 S3-87 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Solubility Classification of Yellowcake Produced by a Brazilian Uranium Mill (137 Kb)  E.S. Mansur and S.M. Carvalho
 S3-86 0 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of Premortem and Postmortem Estimates of Plutonium in the Skeleton and Liver of Six Individuals (204 Kb)  M.J. Sula, R.L. Kathren, D.E. Bihl and E.H. Carbaugh
 S3-85 195 kb 2012-11-06
 INDOS - An Internal Radiation Dosimetry Assessment Computer Code (194 Kb)  C.S. French, K.W. Skrable, G.E. Chabot and T.R. LaBone
 S3-84 146 kb 2012-11-06
 Comments on the Rat Lung as a Human Surrogate in Inhalation Studies (146 Kb)  L. Koblinger and W. Hofmann
 S3-83 183 kb 2012-11-06
 Intake Retention Functions and their Applications to Bioassay and the Estimation of Internal Radiation Doses (183 Kb)  K.W. Skrable, G.E. Chabot, C.S. French, and T.R. La Bone
 S3-82 252 kb 2012-11-06
 Human Tissue Studies of the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries: A Progress Report (252 Kb)  R.L. Kathren, M.J. Swint and R.H. Moore
 S3-81 202 kb 2012-11-06
 Interpretation of Internal Dose Calculations for Dose Record Keeping (202 Kb)  J.A.B. Gibson, R.K. Bull, M. Marshall and J.W. Smith
 S3-80 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactivité Naturelle et Artificielle du Mollusque Tridacna maxima en Polynésie Frangaise. Intérêt Dosimétrique (156 Kb)  C. Arnould, C. Badie and R. Ducousso
 S3-79 244 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of Iodine-131 Transfer to Cow's Milk and to Man Resulting from the Nevada Weapons Tests of the 1950's (243 Kb)  A. Bouville, M. Dreicer, H.L.Beck and B.W. Wachholz
 S3-78 214 kb 2012-11-06
 Transfer of Iodine-131 from Deposition-to-Milk: Estimation of Pasture Intake (214 Kb)  M. Dreicer, A. Bourville and B.W. Wachholz
 S3-77 246 kb 2012-11-06
 Field Studies to Determine Acceptable Levels of Contamination at Former UK Nuclear Testing Sites, Maralinga and Emu in Australia (246 Kb)  D.R. Davy
 S3-76 169 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive Contamination at Maralinga (168 Kb)  P.A. Burns, M.B. Cooper, G.A. Williams and K.H. Lokan
 S3-75 223 kb 2012-11-06
 Bikini Atoll Ionizing Radiation Survey--May 1985-May 1986 (222 Kb)  K.L. Shingleton, J.L. Cate, M.G. Trent and W.L. Robison
 S3-74 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Reconstructing Fallout Exposures to the U.S. Population from Weapons Testing in Nevada During the 1950's (41 Kb)  H.L. Beck and P.W. Krey
 S3-73 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Assessment in Radioactive Material Transport (154 Kb)  L. Failla
 S3-72 173 kb 2012-11-06
 Design of Radiochemical Laboratories for Use in Pharmaceutical Research (173 Kb)  I. Ashton and J.M.G. Walker
 S3-71 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Dust Particle Size Determinations at an Open Cut Uranium Mine and Milling Operation (32 Kb)  R.F. Auty
 S3-70 170 kb 2012-11-06
 The Control of Emissions from Nuclear Power Reactors in Canada (169 Kb)  D.J. Gorman, B.C.J. Neil and R.M. Chatterjee
 S3-69 179 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive Contamination in the Bologna Sewage System due to Nuclear Medicine Examinations (179 Kb)  G. Testoni, T. Bernardi, 0. Tubertini, B. Bergamini and M. Marengo
 S3-68 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Typical Removal Efficiencies for Radioactive Iodine/Iodide for Charcoal and Silver Zeolite Cartridges Utilized in Radiation Protection Applications in Nuclear Energy Installations (34 Kb)  F.M. Gavila
 S3-67 46 kb 2012-11-06
 Accumulation of Radionuclides in Sewage Sludge (45 Kb)  I. Gans, H. Rühle, Th. Bünger and D. Beckmann
 S3-66 214 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Assessment of Mineral Sandmining in Australia (213 Kb)  G.C. Mason, S.B. Solomon, M.B. Cooper and M.A. Wilks
 S3-65 233 kb 2012-11-06
 Transuranic Waste Transportation Issues in the United States (232 Kb)  J.K. Channell, J.C. Rodgers and R.H. Neill
 S3-64 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioactive Contamination of Steel (177 Kb)  J.0. Lubenau and D.A. Nussbaumer
 S3-63 217 kb 2012-11-06
 Investigation of Aerial Dispersion of Radioactive Dust from an Open-Pit Uranium Mine (217 Kb)  H.B.L. Pettersson and J. Koperski
 S3-62 302 kb 2012-11-06
 Report of the International Radiation Protection Association Long-Range Planning Committee (302 Kb)  C.B. Meinhold
 S3-61 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Guide to Design a Monitoring Program According to ICRP (39 Kb)  G-M.A.A. Sordi
 S3-60 261 kb 2012-11-06
 The Use of Microprocessors at TRIUMF in the Control of Radiation Safety Interlock Systems (260 Kb)  L. King
 S3-59 133 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Considerations on Costs Intended for th
 S3-58 120 kb 2012-11-06
 A Multi-Compartment System Approach for Optimal Organization of Radiation Safety (119 Kb)  N.H. Shafrir and P. Dickstein
 S3-57 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Therapeutic X-Ray Apparatus in South Australia: Regulatory Requirements, Specification and Assessment of X-Ray Rooms (161 Kb)  G. Bibbo
 S3-56 44 kb 2012-11-06
 Qualite Assurance Applied to Radiological Protection (44 Kb)  J. Cluchet Shielding Requirements for Diagnostic and
 S3-55 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Experiences from the Practical Application of Alara Principle (139 Kb)  P. Markovic, Dj. Ristic and M. Ninkovic
 S3-54 194 kb 2012-11-06
 A System of Permanent Code for Radiation Workers (193 Kb)  R. Khatua, D.N. Srivastava and S. Somasundaram
 S3-53 192 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience with Alara Audits in the Non-Nuclear Power Industry (192 Kb)  J.R. Croft, A.P. Hudson and A.D. Wrixon
 S3-52 139 kb 2012-11-06
 Qualitative and Quantitative Decision Aiding Techniques Applicable in Radiation Protection (138 Kb)  J. P. Berthet
 S3-51 198 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosimetry Index: A Useful Concept in Operational Radiation Protection (197 Kb)  C. J. Huyskens
 S3-50 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Use of Cost Benefit Analysis in the Field of Industrial Radiography (210 Kb)  J.R. Croft, G.A.M. Webb, P. Tattersall, A. Sutherland and E. Spence
 S3-49 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Health Surveillance of Radiological Work (175 Kb)  H. Pauw, J.v.d. Vliet, and H. Zuidema
 S3-48 101 kb 2012-11-06
 A Modified Index for Monitoring of Radiation Protection Programmes with Special Reference to Nuclear Medicine Institute (100 Kb)  M.M. Gupta and A. Nagaratnam
 S3-47 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Comparison of U.S. and International Standards for Radiation Protection Instrumentation (160 Kb)  J.M. Selby, K.L. Swinth, and E.E. Hickey
 S3-46 89 kb 2012-11-06
 Organization and Operation of a Multihospital Deposit for Radioactive Wastes Deriving From Medical Use (88 Kb)  G. Guidarelli, A. Rossi and G. Vicini
 S3-45 187 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimisation de la Protection des Réacteurs de Fusion, Cas du Tritium (186 Kb)  F. Rancillac and H. Djerassi
 S3-44 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of Occupational Radiation Exposure in Reprocessing Plant of PNC, Tokai (140 Kb)  A. Makino, S. Muto, K. Miyabe, H. Ishiguro, M. Kinoshita and H. Sakamoto
 S3-43 181 kb 2012-11-06
 Estimation of Doses to Workers and the Public in the JPDR Decommissioning (180 Kb)  C. Nakamura, Y. Ashikagaya, J. Onodera, Y. Ikezawa, H. Matsui and T. Nûmakunai
 S3-42 99 kb 2012-11-06
 Liquid Effluents of a Nuclear Power Reactor (98 Kb)  T. Hashimoto, M. Nishikawa, T. Sato, K. Sono, S. Masuyama, H. Kuratani and M. Yoshioka
 S3-41 125 kb 2012-11-06
 Handling of Radioactive Liquid Waste (124 Kb)  Ancarani Rossiello LauraPhysical and Chemical Properties and Compositions of
 S3-40 34 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimization of Operations Involved in Assuming Responsibility for Low Activity Wastes in France (33 Kb)  Ph. Kissel
 S3-39 265 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Impact of Disposing of High Level Waste in a Granitic Repository in Argentina (265 Kb)  E. Palacios, A.A. Oliveira, A. Curti, G. Siraky, and C.E. Nollmann
 S3-38 207 kb 2012-11-06
 Management of Waste Containing Radioactive Materials and Chemical Agents (206 Kb)  A.A. Moghissi, K.A. Gablin, and A.L. Taboas
 S3-37 212 kb 2012-11-06
 Pre-Decommissioning Environmental Investigations at the Garigliano Nuclear Power Plant (212 Kb)  M. Cambiaghi, A. Garofalo, and G. Queirazza
 S3-36 224 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of Exemption Principles to Low-Level Waste Disposal and Recycle of Wastes from Nuclear Facilities (223 Kb)  W.E. Kennedy Jr., C.R. Hemming, F.R. O'Donnell and G.S. Linsley
 S3-35 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Policy and Cirteria for the Recycle and Reuse of Very Low Level Contaminated Materials From Maintenance Refurbishment and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities in the Federal Republic of Germany (173 Kb)  R. Górtz and R. Neider
 S3-34 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Protection Criteria for the Recycling of Materials From the Dismantling of Nuclear Installations (168 Kb)  A.M. Chapuis, G. Gouvras, and F. Luykx
 S3-33 148 kb 2012-11-06
 Proposed Technical Criteria for Stabilization of Wastes and Decommissioning and Decontamination at Facilities Used to Recover Hafnium, Zirconium, and Rare Earths From Source Material (147 Kb)  E. Y. Shum and W. T. Crow
 S3-32 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of Energy Metabolism and Mitoxantrone on Repair Processes Following X-Irradiation in CaNT Tumours (190 Kb)  D. Szeinfeld and S. Wynchank
 S3-30 28 kb 2012-11-06
 Late Effects of External Gamma Irradiation at Low Dose-Rate in the Foetus and Young Rat (27 Kb)  M. Morin, J. Boncorps, P. Briand and A. Canale
 S3-29 198 kb 2012-11-06
 Response of Maternal Immune Cells to Irradiation of Mouse Embryos (198 Kb)  E.M. Nicholls and B. Markovic
 S3-28 25 kb 2012-11-06
 Kinetics of Transplacental Transfer of Selenium (25 Kb)  J. Wang, and H. Cember
 S3-27 267 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of Dose-Time-Effect Surfaces for Somatic Late Effects after Low Dose Irradiation (266 Kb)  H.G. Paretzke, W. Jacobi, D. Chmelevsky, K. Henrichs, M. Gerken, F. Schindel
 S3-26 119 kb 2012-11-06
 Indian Life-Table and Radio-Carcinogenic Risk Estimates (119 Kb)  K.S.V. Nambi, V.K. Sundaram and S.D. Soman
 S3-25 207 kb 2012-11-06
 Essays de Décontamination après Inhalation par des Babouins du Complexe Plutonium-Tributylphosphate. Comparaison DTPA-LICAM(C) (206 Kb)  H. Metivier, C. Duserre, P. Gerasimo, P. Fritsch and R. Masse
 S3-24 30 kb 2012-11-06
 Chemical Radioprotection to Bone Marrow in Whole Body Gamma Irradiated Mice (30 Kb)  A. Ghose, S.K. Ganguly, J. Dey, T.B. Dey and K. K. Nagpal
 S3-23 51 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Preparation for Prevention and Treatment of X-Ray Dermatitis (51 Kb)  E.V. Ivanov, G. Ya. Dubur, T. V. Ponomareva, E.A. Bisenieks and G.N. Merkushev
 S3-22 50 kb 2012-11-06
 Metabolism and Genetic Action of Biogenic Tritium in Mammals (49 Kb)  M.I. Balonov, T.V. Zhesko, M.E. Chetchueva, M.D. Pomerantseva and L.K. Ramaya
 S3-21 198 kb 2012-11-06
 Tritium Metabolism in Animals and Estimation of the Accumulated Dose (198 Kb)  M. Saito and M.R. Ishida
 S3-20 33 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Radioprotective Means by Stimulating Body Defense Mechanism and Metallothionein Induction (32 Kb)  J. Matsubara, A. Ikeda and T. Kinoshita
 S3-19 146 kb 2012-11-06
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 Cellular Metabolism of Uranium and Thorium. A Study by Analytical Microscopy (28 Kb)  P. Galle and Ph. Hallegot
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 The Necessity of Revising of A-Bomb Survivors Data in Respect of Individual Sensitivity to Radiation (36 Kb)  T.M. Domanski
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 Radiation Effect on Human Diploid Cells (43 Kb)  Tang Pei, Wang Shoufang and Chang Shuxion
 S3-12 43 kb 2012-11-06
 Quantification of Radiation Transformation Frequencies (42 Kb)  C.B. Seymour and C. Mothersill
 S3-11 52 kb 2012-11-06
 Detection of Human Chromosome Kinetochores by Flow Cytometry: A New Tool for Biological Dosimetry? (51 Kb)  D. Grunwald, J. Prudhomme, J-C. Courvalin and G. Frelat
 S3-10 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Flow Cytometric Quantification of Peripheral Blood Reticulocytes after Rhodamine 123 Staining (38 Kb)  D. Grunwald, J. Prudhomme, P. Laroque, and G. Frelat
 S3-9 0 kb 2012-11-06
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 Biological Dosimetry in Australia (135 Kb)  J. K. Brown
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 Evolution of an Acute Radiation Syndrome in a Criticality Accident (180 Kb)  J. C. Giménez
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  Breast Cancer Risk in Scoliotic Women Exposed to Multiple Diagnostic X-Rays (43 Kb)  D.A. Hoffman, M. Morin, J.D. Boice, and J. Lonstein
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 A Comparison Between a Physical and a Mathematical. Model Used for the Determination of the Counting Efficiency in the Evaluation of 239-Pu and 241-Am Burden in Lungs and Liver (126 Kb)  M.A. Righetti, D. Hernandez and J. Diodati
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 Construction of a Heterogeneous Phantom for Internal Dosimetry Measurements (323 Kb)  Per Hedemann Jensen and Bente Lauridsen
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 Selection of Suitable Liquids and Solids for a Phantom for Internal Dosimetry Measurements (377 Kb)  Bente Lauridsen and Per Hedemann Jensen
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 Results of a Honey Monitoring Program in Italy After the Chernobyl Accident (150 Kb)  C. Omet, S. Piermattei, P. Ossola, S. Tofani, M. Fabretto and R. Padovani
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 Swedish Radiation Protection Research Following Chernobyl: Dispersion, Deposition, Migration, Uptake, Intake, Dose (23 Kb)  Vlf Baverstam and Leif Moberg
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 Weathering and Migration of Chernobyl Fallout in Sweden (24 Kb)  Olof Karlberg
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 Preliminary Dose Assessment in Turkey After the Chernobyl Accident (29 Kb)  M. Guven Yalcintas and David E. Fields
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 Health Hazards from Radiocaesium Following the Chernobyl Accident (205 Kb)  Michael J. Suess
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 A Safe Infra-Red Nd:YAG Laser Fiberoptic Guide System (32 Kb)  lahoor M. Alvi
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 Rapid Monitoring of Personnel for Internal Contamination (147 Kb)  Clive H.C. Dray
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  Radioactivity and Fire : A Hard Challenge for the Risk Manager : An Unacceptable Risk (77 Kb)  A. Bazzan
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 Probability of Background Radiation Enhancement Accompanied with Rain (187 Kb)  Kazunobu Fujitaka and Siro Abe
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 Neutralization, Clustering and Attachment of Radon Progeny in Air (192 Kb)  Colin R. Phillips
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 Dose Assessment of Maintenance Workers and Significance of Radium-Impregnated Used Filters in the Phosphate Fertilizer Industry (37 Kb)  John M. Wetherill
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 Comparison of Atmospheric Radon Daughters Content Observed at Mountain Peak with Nearby Plain (152 Kb)  T. Nishikawa, S. Okabe and M. Aoki
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 Observation of the Diurnal Variation of the Short-Lived 222Rn Daughters Concentrations in the Atmosphere by a-Ray Spectrometry (166 Kb)  Toshio Kataoka, Eiji Yunoki, Kenshuh Michihiro, Hirokazu Sugiuama, Kazuyoshi Matsunaga, Hirokazu T
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 Radioactive Scale in Off-Shore Oil Installations (199 Kb)  Brian Heaton
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 Chemical and Radiometric Determination of Uranium and Thorium in Zircon Sands and Phosphorites After Separation by Extraction Chromatography (135 Kb)  C. Testa, D. Desideri and S. Bazzarri
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 S2-75 33 kb 2012-11-06
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 Accidental Release of UF6 At the Sequoyah Fuels Corporation Facility at Gore, Oklahoma, U.S.A. (192 Kb)  Edward Y. Shum
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 S2-63 611 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Postal Quality Assurance Program for Diagnostic Radiology Departments (611 Kb)  L.D. Brown
 S2-62 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Exit Spectra from the Patient in Diagnostic Radiology: Monte Carlo Simulation Studies (176 Kb)  R. Pani, R. Pellegrini, A. Soluri, L. Ballesio and F. Forzano
 S2-61 202 kb 2012-11-06
 Optimum X-Ray Energy in Diagnostic Radiology: Monte Carlo Simulation Studies (201 Kb)  R. Pani, P.L. Ballesio, R. Pellegrini, A. Soluri and R. Horn Orni
 S2-60 159 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection Surveys - As an Optimising Procedure in Diagnostic Radiology (159 Kb)  C.M. Vasisht and Y.Y. Bakir
 S2-59 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection in the Medical Field (33 Kb)  César F. Arias
 S2-58 147 kb 2012-11-06
 An Evaluation of the Victoreen "NERO" (Non- Invasive Evaluator of Radiation Outputs) (146 Kb)  G.A. Shah, J. Hagekyriakou and M.A. Chaudhri
 S2-57 33 kb 2012-11-06
 Performance Evaluation of DSA Units (33 Kb)  A. Servomaa and Y. Bjorkman
 S2-56 157 kb 2012-11-06
 Handbooks of Tissue Doses in Diagnostic Radiology (156 Kb)  Marvin Rosenstein
 S2-55 51 kb 2012-11-06
 Patient Exposures from Intra-Oral Dental Radio- graphic Examinations (51 Kb)  S. Y. Acram
 S2-54 151 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Distribution in Oral Radiography (150 Kb)  P.F. van der Stelt and A. Zwigt
 S2-53 205 kb 2012-11-06
 The Development and Operation of a Dental Monitoring Service Involving the Remote Determination of X-Ray Beam Parameters (204 Kb)  A. P. Hudson, J.M. Hewitt, J.R. Croft, and G.A.M. Webb
 S2-52 160 kb 2012-11-06
 Patient Exposure in General Dental Practice in The Netherlands (159 Kb)  X.L. Velders and H.A. Selling
 S2-51 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Absorbed Dose Per Unit Cumulated Activity for Selected Radionuclides in Organs of Pediatric Models (38 Kb)  Robert E. Simpson, Donald R. Hamilton, Mark Cristy, K.F. Eckerman and J.C. Ryan
 S2-50 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Internal Contamination in Nurses Attending Patients, That Received Therapeutic Amounts of Radio iodine-131 (177 Kb)  W. Termorshuizen and A.J.M. Gerritsen
 S2-49 39 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Shielding Design and Surveying of Radiodiagnostic and Radiotherapy Installations Based. on Several Computer Codes (38 Kb)  E. Ne'eman, S. Brenner and S. Faermann
 S2-48 141 kb 2012-11-06
 High Contrast Images for the Verification and Documentation of Treatment Fields During Teletherapy (140 Kb)  J. Schiltz, H.L. Kronholz and E. Schnepper
 S2-47 37 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effect of the Chernobyl Accident on the Number of Radiographic Examinations in Greece (36 Kb)  C Proukakis, E Georgiou, C Ntalles, M. Niagasas, M. Molfetas and S. Kyrkanidis
 S2-46 221 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Exposure During Cardiac Catheterization Procedures (220 Kb)  Pierre J.H. Kicken, Johan H.A. Janssen, Herman R. Michels and Chris J. Huyskens
 S2-45 45 kb 2012-11-06
 Assessment of Radiation Exposures in Bi-Plane C-Arm Pediatric Cardiac Studies (45 Kb)  Wei-Kom Chu
 S2-44 109 kb 2012-11-06
  Radiation Exposures to Patients During Cardiac Angiography and Coronary Angioplasty (109 Kb)  J. Hagekyriakou and M.A. Chaudhri
 S2-43 251 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Dose to the Child During Cardiac Catheterization (Axial Radiological Projections) (250 Kb)  G. Testoni, T. Bernardi, R. lannoli and B. Magnani
 S2-43 251 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Dose to the Child During Cardiac Catheterization (Axial Radiological Projections) (250 Kb)  G. Testoni, T. Bernardi, R. lannoli and B. Magnani
 S2-42 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of the Collective Radiation Dose to Certain Organs in Patients Undergoing X-Ray Examinations (41 Kb)  Marlon Raul l. Tecson
 S2-41 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Compositional Qualification of Radiation Protection in Neutron Radiotherapy Room with 50 MeV Cyclotron (36 Kb)  Seong Yul Yoo,Kyuong Hwan Koh and Chul Goo Cho
 S2-40 23 kb 2012-11-06
 Analysis of Radiation Exposure and Control in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (22 Kb)  Jerrold T. Bushberg, J. Anthony Seibert, J. Gargano and T. Murphy
 S2-39 183 kb 2012-11-06
 New Trends Affecting Swedish Patient Doses from Diagnostic Procedures (183 Kb)  J. Valentin, Per-Gote Blomgren, G. Hellstrom, P. Hofvander, J. Karlberg and W. Leitz
 S2-38 184 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of Risk-Benefit in Diagnostic Imaging (184 Kb)  J. Cormack
 S2-37 29 kb 2012-11-06
 Monte Carlo Calculation of Gamma Radiation Field Due to Iodine-131 Released to the Environment (29 Kb)  N. Fujinami, S. Esaka and S. Minato
 S2-36 26 kb 2012-11-06
 Determination of 127I and 129, in Environmental Samples by Neutron Activation Analysis (25 Kb)  M. Takeishi, A. Namiki, J. Ishida and Y. Kitahara
 S2-35 147 kb 2012-11-06
 Behaviour of Tritium in Environmental Samples Around Nuclear Facilities at Tokai-Mura (147 Kb)  J. Ishida, 0. Narita and Y. Kitahara
 S2-34 203 kb 2012-11-06
 Long-Term Observation of Tritium in Pine Needles Near Nuclear Facilities (203 Kb)  Y. Inoue, K.T. Miuamoto, T. Iwakura and S. Jin
 S2-33 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Experiments and Calculations on the Adsorption of Radioactive Elemental Iodine Gas on Aerosol (190 Kb)  H. Noguchi, M. Murata and H. Matsui
 S2-32 237 kb 2012-11-06
 Détermination Expérimentale de la Vitesse d'Oxydation du Tritium dans l'Atmosphère (236 Kb)  H. Clerc, J.P. CaTando, Ph. Paillard, R. Gros and B. Hircq
 S2-31 168 kb 2012-11-06
 Radionuclides Sorption Studies in Ezeiza Soils (168 Kb)  G. Siraky, C. Lewis, S. Hamlat and C. Nollmann
 S2-30 213 kb 2012-11-06
 Some Experience with Measurements of Stack Releases and their Correlation with Environmental Measurements (212 Kb)  J. Czarnecki
 S2-29 180 kb 2012-11-06
 Evaluation of the Radiological Impact Due to the Operation of Nuclear Power Stations in Argentina (179 Kb)  A.A. Oliveira, A.R. Curti and C.E. Nollmann
 S2-28 165 kb 2012-11-06
 Natural and Artificial Levels of Radioactivity in Soil of Campania Region (164 Kb)  G. Gialanella, M. Napolitano, V. Roca and P.R. Speranza
 S2-27 210 kb 2012-11-06
 Test of Existing Models on the Long-Term Radioactive Contamination of Foodstuffs Through Field Measurements on Wheat Crops (210 Kb)  G. Campos Venuti, G. Imbroglini, G. Mariutti, S. Risica and S. Simula
 S2-26 177 kb 2012-11-06
 Committee on Nuclear Safety Dispersion and Resuspension Factors of Radioactive Dusts Derived from Air Monitoring Data in JAERI (177 Kb)  H. Matsui, Y. Ikezawa, Y. Izumi, H. Tomii, J. Onodera, Y. Anazawa, H. Yamamoto and Y. Yoshida
 S2-25 140 kb 2012-11-06
 Simulation Model Predicting Contaminant Spread Due to Radionuclides Released from Nuclear Power Plants (140 Kb)  Kousuke Katsurayama and Fukui Prefectural
 S2-24 200 kb 2012-11-06
 Relevant Nuclides and Exposure Pathways for the Radiation Exposure in the Vicinity of the Reprocessing Plant at Wackersdorf, Federal Republic of Germany (200 Kb)  A. Weinig, A.D. Brenk, R. Gasteiger and H. Hauske
 S2-23 186 kb 2012-11-06
 Measured Deposition Velocities and Rainout Coefficients After the Chernobyl Accident Compared with Theoretical Models and Experimental Data (185 Kb)  H. Bonka, H.-G. Horn and M. Maqua
 S2-22 542 kb 2012-11-06
 Cellular and Subcellular Distribution of Uranium and Transuranic Radionuclides in Marine organisms (542 Kb)  C. Chassard-Bouchard and P. Galle
 S2-21 183 kb 2012-11-06
 The Transport and Deposition of Radionuclides Discharged into Creek Waters from the Ranger Uranium Mine (183 Kb)  A. Johnston, A.S. Murray, R. Marten and P. Martin
 S2-20 153 kb 2012-11-06
 Concentration Factors of Stable Elements and Radionuclides in Po River Fish (152 Kb)  M. Achilli, A. Bozzani, G. Ciceri, L. Guzzi and G. Queirazza
 S2-19 27 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of Parameter Uncertainty Analysis to the Accumulation of Cs-137 in Fish (27 Kb)  Sverker Evans
 S2-18 37 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose to Man from the Consumption of Marine Seafoods: A Comparison of Naturally-Occurrinq and Artificial Radionuclides in. Fish and Shellfish (36 Kb)  R.J. Pentreath
 S2-17 205 kb 2012-11-06
 The Use of Thermoluminescent Dosemeters in Measuring External Exposure of Potential Members of a Critical Group Near Sellafield to Verify Data from Habits Surveys (204 Kb)  D.R.Y. Leonard and G.J. Hunt
 S2-16 206 kb 2012-11-06
 Transfer Factors Across the Human Gut for Plutonium and Americium in Shellfish from Near Sellafield (206 Kb)  G.J. Hunt,, D.R.P. Leonard and M.B. Lovett
 S2-15 40 kb 2012-11-06
 Radioecological Pathway of Elementary Tritium Studied in the Laboratory and During Release Experiments (39 Kb)  H. Forstel
 S2-14 234 kb 2012-11-06
 Le Concept de Retour d'Expérience en Radioécologie - Application au Cas d'un Fleuve a Forte Implantation Nucléaire : Le Rhône (233 Kb)  L,. Foulquier, A. Grauby, A. Lambrechts and M. Pally
 S2-13 33 kb 2012-11-06
 A Plea for Consistent Criteria for Interpreting Radiological Environmental Data (33 Kb)  D.H. Denham and R.L. Kathren
 S2-12 195 kb 2012-11-06
 Contribution de la Radioécologie à la Radio-protection - Bilan de 30 Ans de Recherche - Evolution des Programmes Notamment dans le Domaine des Accidents (195 Kb)  A. Grauby
 S2-11 210 kb 2012-11-06
 The Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Some Plastic Detectors (209 Kb)  C.F. Wong and R. Fleming
 S2-10 178 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement Procedure for Electromagnetic Fields of Radar Systems, Using a Spectrum Analyzer Apparatus (178 Kb)  Anna Russo and Biagio Russo
 S2-9 131 kb 2012-11-06
 Methodology of Measurements and Evaluations of Electromagnetic Fields Around Radiotransmitter Devices (131 Kb)  Anna Russo and Renzo DeLia
 S2-8 211 kb 2012-11-06
 An Automated Dosimetry System for Microwave and Thermal Exposure of Biolog
 S2-7 189 kb 2012-11-06
 A Surface Acoustic Wave Electric Field Strength Meter for Environmental Studies of HV Transmission Lines (189 Kb)  M. Grandolfo, C. Ranghiasci, L. Raganella and E. Verona
 S2-6 21 kb 2012-11-06
 The Measurement of Body Currents Induced by Radio Frequency Fields (21 Kb)  S.G. Allen, R.P. Blackwell, C. Unsworth and J.A. Dennis
 S2-5 241 kb 2012-11-06
 Safety of the Patient During In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Examinations. Rationale for the INIRC/IRPA Guideline (241 Kb)  Przemyslam Czerski
 S2-4 231 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiofrequency Power Deposition During Magnetic Resonance Diagnostic Examinations (230 Kb)  M. Grandolfo and P. Vecchia
 S2-3 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Time Varying Magnetic Fields and Dosimetric Principles (200 Kb)  Jürgen H. Bernhardt
 S2-2 27 kb 2012-11-06
 Considerations Involved in the Specification of Limits on Human Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields at Frequencies Below 300 GHz (27 Kb)  J.A. Dennis
 S2-1 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Electrogmagnetic Energy Deposition and Models of Human Thermoregulation (34 Kb)  Jan A.J. Stolwijk
 S1-186 163 kb 2012-11-06
 Hybrid Log-Normal Analysis of Worker Doses in Special Jobs at Research Reactors JRR-2 and JRR-3 (162 Kb)  S. Kumazawa, K. Matsushita, H. Yamatoto and Numakunai
 S1-185 231 kb 2012-11-06
 Reasons Why TVO Has One of the Lowest Collective Doses Among the World's Nuclear Power Plants (231 Kb)  Reijo 0. Sundelt
 S1-184 154 kb 2012-11-06
 Débits d'Exposition dans les Centrales REP EDR. Analyse et Tendances (154 Kb)  A. Brissaud, P. Ridoux, J-P. Berthet, C. Chevalier and S. Anthoni
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 Radiation Doses at ENEA Nuclear Research Sites (169 Kb)  M. Litido, D. Lattanzi and L. Lembo
 S1-182 229 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Reduction and Control at the Winfrith Reactor (228 Kb)  B.G. Chapman and T.E. Blackman
 S1-181 181 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiological Impact of Nuclear Power in Sweden - Principles and Trends (181 Kb)  B. Ake Persson and Jan Olof Snihs
 S1-180 41 kb 2012-11-06
 Radiation Protection in Nuclear Industry Production (41 Kb)  Zhou Zhumou
 S1-179 84 kb 2012-11-06
 Mobile Unit for Operative Interventions in Hazardous Situations of Contamination (84 Kb)  D. Galvan, G.F. Marcoaldi and A. Bazzan
 S1-178 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Instrumental Procedures to Characterize Radiological Impact on a Continuous Basis (35 Kb)  F. Sagastibelza Chivite, J.E. Otamendi Carrillo and M. Fernandez Garcia
 S1-177 35 kb 2012-11-06
 System Set Up by the C.E.A. Group for Monitoring Environmental Radioactivity in Real Time (34 Kb)  R. Prigent, Ph. Lebouleux and J. Matutano
 S1-176 44 kb 2012-11-06
 A Operational Network for Radioactive Contamination in Foodstuffs in The Netherlands (44 Kb)  P.H. Dignum
 S1-175 14 kb 2012-11-06
 The Use of the Helicopter as a Means of Tracing a Radioactive Plume (14 Kb)  
 S1-174 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Network of Radiation Monitors (NORM) at KEK andits Present Status (197 Kb)  M. Miyajima, S. Sasaki, K. Hozumi and K. Katch
 S1-173 174 kb 2012-11-06
 Development of a Monitoring Method in the Radiation Field Under the Ground (174 Kb)  Y. Nakashima, H. Ohta, T. Akazawa, K. Megumi, Doi and T. Ishiyama
 S1-172 28 kb 2012-11-06
 Quality Assurance of Environment : Radioactive Measurement in China (28 Kb)  Huang Zhijian, Li Xiaoge, He Zonghui, Li Yuanxin and Teng Huijie
 S1-171 150 kb 2012-11-06
 Actinide-in-Air Monitoring in the Presence of Radon and Thoron (149 Kb)  A. McWhan and G.C. Meggitt
 S1-170 199 kb 2012-11-06
 Measurement of Plutonium Isotopic Activity Ratio in Low Level Plutonium Samples (199 Kb)  T. Matsunami, A. Mizohata, T. Mamuro, T. Tsujimoto and Y. Katsurayama
 S1-169 190 kb 2012-11-06
 Improvement of Tritium Enrichment Electrolysis Cell for Environmental Monitoring (189 Kb)  S. Kimura
 S1-168 208 kb 2012-11-06
 First Results of Testing a Stepwise Rotated Aerosol Filter System for Environmental Monitoring (207 Kb)  K. Heinemann
 S1-167 197 kb 2012-11-06
 Application of Activated Carbon Fiber to a Filter Used for Airborne Radioiodine Sampling (196 Kb)  Shohei Kato, Mikio Murata, Yoshikazu Yoshida and Nobuo Ishizaki
 S1-166 147 kb 2012-11-06
 A New Type of Stack Gas Monitor Directly Indicating Exposures in Environment (147 Kb)  Kentaro Minami, Hiroyuki Murakami and Yoshikazu Yoshida
 S1-165 151 kb 2012-11-06
 In-Situ Measurement of Radioactive Gases Using Ge(Int) Spectrometory for Estimating the Gases Flow Rate (150 Kb)  T. Hashimoto, M. Nishikawa, T. Watari and Uchino
 S1-164 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Hironobu Hayakawa Remote Measuring System for Monitoring the Iodine Immission in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants (161 Kb)  M. Heinzelmann and M. Keller
 S1-163 191 kb 2012-11-06
 Computer-Controlled Continuous Measurement of Radioactive Aerosol Near Nuclear Power Plants (190 Kb)  Masaki Ohnishi, Yoshihiro Kosaka and
 S1-162 44 kb 2012-11-06
 A Computer Model on Consequences of Sudden Release of Radioactivity into the Environment (43 Kb)  M. Chandrasekhar, Hemant Kumar, P. Ramaseshu, M.M. Gupta and A.R. Reddy
 S1-161 25 kb 2012-11-06
 ADDCOR : An Atmospheric Dispersion and Dosimetry Code for Operators and Regulators (24 Kb)  M.C.E. Petersen and G.H. Clark
 S1-160 185 kb 2012-11-06
 New Developments in the Rapid Analysis of Off-Site Consequences of Airborne Radioactive Releases (184 Kb)  R.G. Jackson and G.C. Meggitt
 S1-159 107 kb 2012-11-06
 A Personal Computer Program for Radiological Impact Evaluation After Accidents (107 Kb)  V. V. Shirvaikar
 S1-158 130 kb 2012-11-06
 A Computer-Aid System for Off-Site Nuclear Emergency Situations Management (129 Kb)  D. Lattanzi, F. Lucci and S. Merolli
 S1-157 118 kb 2012-11-06
 Dose Estimation in Case of Loca Followed by Core Melt-down in the Argos PHWR-380 MWe (118 Kb)  Ing. Maria Cristina Conte
 S1-156 137 kb 2012-11-06
 Influence of Precipitation, Building and Plume Rise on the Doses Received by the Population in Case of Accidents in a PHWR-Power Plant (136 Kb)  Ing. Maria Cristina Conte
 S1-155 225 kb 2012-11-06
 L'Accident de Tchernobyl : Difficultés de la Comparaison des Modèles et des Mesures (224 Kb)  A. Despres
 S1-154 35 kb 2012-11-06
 Concept and Validation Studies of the Real-rime Reactor-Accident Consequences Assessment Model "ECOSYS" (35 Kb)  Herwig G. Paretzke, Peter Jacob, Heinz Müller and Gerhard Prohl
 S1-153 43 kb 2012-11-06
  Effects of 2450 MHz Exposure on Human Lymphocyte Transformation In Vitro (42 Kb)  E.C. Elson, E. Manikowska-Czerska, C.C. Davis and P. Czerski
 S1-152 176 kb 2012-11-06
 Levels of 50Hz Magnetic Fields in the Hume and office Environment in Australia (176 Kb)  T.J. Boal and K.H. Joyner
 S1-151 178 kb 2012-11-06
 I.P. Macfarlane RF Fields at Broadcast Transmitting Sites (178 Kb)  G.E. Hatfield
 S1-150 189 kb 2012-11-06
 Metallic Implants and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation (189 Kb)  K.H. Joyner, B.
 S1-149 185 kb 2012-11-06
 Exposure to Radiofrequency (RF) in Industry. Examples of Measurement and Improvement (185 Kb)  S. Orsini, T. Terrana and F. Merluzzi
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 Effects of RF Low Levels Electromagnetic Fields on Paramecium Primaurelia (174 Kb)  S. Tofani, B. Testa, G. Agnesod, L. Tariaglino and G.C. Bonazzota
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 Radiofrequency Radiation : Safe Working Practices in the Royal Australian Air Force (197 Kb)  K.H. Joyner and K.R. Stone
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 Effects of 2450 MHz Microwave Radiation on Meiosis and Reproduction in Male Mice (33 Kb)  E. Manikowska-Czerska, P. Czerski and W.M. Leach
 S1-145 15 kb 2012-11-06
 Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound (14 Kb)  Dietrich Harder and Karl Giese
 S1-144 188 kb 2012-11-06
 Activities at the Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection (NIRP) for the Control of Hazards from Non Ionizing Radiation (187 Kb)  Enn Kivisäkk
 S1-143 15 kb 2012-11-06
 Recombination Chamber as a Device for Direct Determination of Ambient Dose Equivalent of Mixed Radiation (15 Kb)  M. Zielczynski
 S1-142 162 kb 2012-11-06
 Depth Dose Profiles Resulting from Beta Emitters on the Skin Surface (162 Kb)  R.I. Scherpelz and W.D. Reece
 S1-141 228 kb 2012-11-06
 Relationship Between Q Defined in Terms of y For 1 Um Sites and Initial Radiation Damage (227 Kb)  L.A. Braby, W.E. Wilson and N.F. Metting
 S1-140  30 kb 2012-11-06
 Skin Dose Estimates from Radioactive Skin Contamination (29 Kb)  C.J. Tung, G.T. Peng and C.L. Tseng
 S1-139 32 kb 2012-11-06
 Intercomparison of Film Badge and Pocket Dosimeter for Tc-99m X-Rays (32 Kb)  E.J. Gandsman and D.L. North
 S1-138 216 kb 2012-11-06
 The U.S. Department of Energy Personnel Dosimetry Evaluation and Upgrade Program (216 Kb)  L.G. Faust, K.L. Swinth, C.M. Stroud and E.J. Vallario
 S1-137 152 kb 2012-11-06
 Experience in Personnel Beta Dosimetry in an Argentine Candu Reactor (152 Kb)  Carlos Alberto Salas
 S1-136 129 kb 2012-11-06
 What is the Best Annealing Treatment for LiF Dose-meters? Some Experimental Results (129 Kb)  C. Caporali, G. Scarpa and A.L. Mancino
 S1-135 239 kb 2012-11-06
 Automatic Phosphate Glass Dosimetry System Using Pulsed UV Laser Evaluation (239 Kb)  E. Piesch, B. Burgkhardt, M. Vilgis, T. Omori and T. lkegami
 S1-134 213 kb 2012-11-06
 A Feasibility Study for Dosimetry with Thermally Stimulated Exoelectron Emission (TSEE) in BeO (213 Kb)  C. Wernli and R. Zuk
 S1-133 161 kb 2012-11-06
 Dosemeter for Measuring Partial Body Dose and Additionally Determining the Type of Radiation (161 Kb)  M. Heinzelmann and M. Pagenkemper
 S1-132 140 kb 2012-11-06
 The Fading of Lif Chips Irradiated by UV-Protons (140 Kb)  B. Ben-Shahar and Y. Laichter
 S1-132 140 kb 2012-11-06
 The Fading of Lif Chips Irradiated by UV-Protons (140 Kb)  B. Ben-Shahar and Y. Laichter
 S1-131 216 kb 2012-11-06
 Study of Dosemeter Parameters for the Measurement of H (0.07) for Personal Beta Dosimetry (216 Kb)  P. Christensen and V. Vanamo
 S1-130 37 kb 2012-11-06
 The Adequacy of Current Methods of Skin Dose Assessment (37 Kb)  M.W. Charles, C. Hart and S. Holgate
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 Dosimétrie Personnelle en Suisse Rétrospective des Dix Dernieres Années (189 Kb)  B. Michaud, A. Auf der Maur, A. Donath, J. Dutrannois, H. Felber, H. Jossen, H. Lengweiler H. Lüthy, H. J. Pfeiffer, S. Prêtre, Th. Samual, J.-F
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 A. U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program for Personnel Dosimetry Systems (DOELAP) (248 Kb)  R.D. Carlson, T.F. Gesell, F.L. Kalbeitzer,P. L. Roberson, K. L. Jones, J.C. MacDonald and E.J. Vallario
 S1-127 201 kb 2012-11-06
 Results of the European Community's Beta Inter comparison Programme of Individual Dosemeters in 1986 (200 Kb)  T. Bigard, H. Sequin, H. Bbhm, J.-L. Chartier, Christensen, T.M. Francis and L. Lembo
 S1-126 223 kb 2012-11-06
 The Implications of ICRU Recommended Quantities for Individual Monitoring (222 Kb)  Siegfried R. Wagner
 S1-125 90 kb 2012-11-06
 Method of Calibration and analysis of track detectors (90 Kb)  A. Zorawski, M. Czerski
 S1-124 138 kb 2012-11-06
 The Computer System of Automatical Miscroscope Analysis of Miners' Individual Dosimeters (138 Kb)  A. Zorawski, M. Hawrynski and D. Kluszczynski
 S1-123 181 kb 2012-11-06
 Environmental Impact of Uranium Mining in the Vicinity of the Grand Canyong National Park (181 Kb)  John W. McKlveen
 S1-122 180 kb 2012-11-06
 Radon Measurements in Greece (180 Kb)  E. Georgiou, K. Ntalles, M. Molfetas, A. Athanassiadi and C. Proukakis
 S1-121 175 kb 2012-11-06
 Response of Continuous Working Level Monitors to Transient Radon Concentrations (175 Kb)  Helen Leung and Colin R. Phillips
 S1-120 43 kb 2012-11-06
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 Ions, Electric Fields and Radon Daughters : Effects of Filtration and Electrostatic Plateout (246 Kb)  Niels Jonassen
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 A Research in the Cleaner for Removal of Dust and Radon Daughters (164 Kb)  Wang Bingchuan, Chen Baoshou
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 S1-113 36 kb 2012-11-06
 Criteria for Introducing Individual Dosimetry for Miners Exposed to Radon Daughters in Non-Uranium Mines (36 Kb)  W. Chruscielewski, D. Kluszczynski and T. Domanski
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 Verification of the Predicted Levels of Environmental Radon, Originating from Multiple Large Area Sources (201 Kb)  D. van As and A. Grundling
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 Problems in Applying the Effective Dose Equivalent in Uranium Mining (33 Kb)  Wm. R. Bush
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 Safety in the Use of Non-Ionizing Radiation : A Few Sample Surveys (246 Kb)  R. N. Sachdev, G. Swarup and K. K. Rajan
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 Role of Probabilistic Events in the Application of the Justification Criterion (60 Kb)  R. Hock