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IRPA 11 Madrid, May 2004

Refresher Course Materials

 RC-1a Epidemiology Strengths Limitations and Interpretations Examples Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Workers.pdf 773 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-1b Influence of Gender and Age at Exposure on the Risk of Radiation-Induced Cancer.pdf 1276 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-2a Justification Optimization and Decision-Aiding in Existing Exposure Situations PPT.pdf 4021 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-3a Monte Carlo Simulations for In-Vivo Internal Dosimetry Including Phantom Development PPT.pdf 6898 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-3b External Dosimetry Operational Quantities and Their Measurement PPT.pdf 1954 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-4a Mammography Screening.pdf 1107 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-4b Radiation Protection in Cardiac and Interventional Procedures PPT.pdf 5798 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-5a Radiation Protection in NORM industries PPT.pdf 2578 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-5b Programmes for internal dose monitoring PPT.pdf 1159 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-6a Quality Assurance and the Evaluation of Uncertainties in Environmental Measurements PPT.pdf 1715 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-6b Practical Applications of Exemptions.pdf 715 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-7a The Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Radiation Overexposed People PPT.pdf 3062 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-7b Emergency and Post-Accidental Management PPT.pdf 974 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-8a Laser Radiation Safety.pdf 824 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-9a Lessons Learned in Stakeholder Involvement - The Villigen Workshop Series.pdf 550 kb 2012-12-02
 RC-9b Public Information Needs.pdf 688 kb 2012-12-02